How To Remove Tape-in Hair Extensions!

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How to Remove Tape

Three Methods:

Removing tape without damming the surface underneath may be easier said than done, but learning to approach the job properly will allow you to remove tape from glass and other hard surfaces, as well as skin, without a big headache. Learn the proper technique for the job, and some products that will help loosen the tape effectively, making it easier on you.


Removing Tape from Glass and Hard Surfaces

  1. Figure out what kind of tape you're removing.Different types of tape will be able to be peeled off quickly and easily without much extra effort, while more sticky or hefty types of tape will be more difficult to remove. Figuring out what you're working with will help you to plan the removal job properly:
    • If you're removing Scotch tape, you should be able to remove the tape quickly without leaving much residue that will need to be removed. Use your fingernail or a knife to remove the tape, then wipe the surface down with a clean cloth.
    • If you're removing masking tape, it's likely that some sticky residue will be left over on the glass, though the tape itself should be fairly easy to remove. It's likely that you'll need a small amount of acetone or commercial Goo Gone to get the glass cleaned up.
    • If you're removing duct tape, it's likely that you'll need to spend some time scraping the tape off vigorously, using a putty knife, scraper, or some other kind of knife. You'll also need to spend some time with isopropyl alcohol, paint thinner, or some other kind of cleaner.
  2. Wet the surface gently.Before removing the tape, it can help to soften the tape, as long as the surface will not be damaged by the water. Soak the surface by wetting a sponge or towel with warm water and pressing it on top of the surface. Wait for a minute or so before starting to pick at the tape. If it doesn't come off, wet the sponge or towel once more and wait for another minute before trying again.
    • If the surface is not easily damaged, rip the piece of tape off to save time and clean up the residue afterward. However, this is not recommended for wooden or painted surfaces for the paint could come off.
  3. Use a spoon or other scraping device.After softening the tape with warm water, you can start scraping the tape off. Depending on the surface you're trying to remove the tape from, you might use something gentle, like the edge of a spoon, or something more serious like a putty knife.
    • Start at the corner, working the scraper gently under the edge and pulling the tape back at the same time with your other hand. Continue working it under until the tape comes off completely.
  4. Remove the remaining adhesive.After you've removed the tape, get to work cleaning up the surface. Depending on the surface and the tape, there are lots of household cleaners, some more aggressive than others, that you can use to wet the residue and try to scrape, or wipe it off.In ascending order of strength, here's a list of cleaners that some people have had success with:
    • Warm soapy water
    • Baby oil, vegetable oil, or Crisco
    • Mineral oil
    • Vinegar
    • Acetone fingernail polish remover
    • Denatured alcohol
    • WD-40
    • Lighter fluid
    • Lacquer thinner
    • Paint thinner
    • Turpentine
    • Goo Gone

Removing Tape from Paper

  1. Heat the tape with a hair dryer.Wetting tape on paper won't work, because you'll soften the paper far more than you'll soften the tape. Removing the tape without doing anything, on the other hand, will likely tear up the paper and mess it up. If you're trying to remove the tape clean, it'll be difficult, so it's important to try to soften the tape in other ways.
    • To start with, try using a heating gun close above the tape, moving it back and forth over the tape to help loosen it. At the very least, this can help to curl the edges of Scotch tape and get it up slightly easier.
  2. Use a knife or other scraping device.Try to use a sharp knife to scrape underneath the tape slowly, very carefully pulling the tape off as you work. It's much better to use some kind of scraping device with paper to try to separate the paper very carefully and keep it from tearing.
  3. Remove the remaining adhesive.It is possible to use a very small amount of alcohol, which will evaporate very quickly without damaging the paper. Use a Q-Tip or cotton swap to wipe a very small amount of tape just at the corners.

Removing Tape from Skin

  1. Wet the edges of medical tape.If you're using medical tape to keep gauze or other protective wrapping on your body, it helps to gently wet the edges of the tape to make it easier to remove. The water will help dampen the tape and make it easier for it to come off. Then, slowly pick at the tape while it's in the water until it eventually peels off.
    • Don't soak a serious wound in water to help get the tape off. It's usually important to keep wounds as dry as possible as you're trying to heal them, making it important that you only use a small amount of water to help ease off medical tape.
  2. Remove the tape quickly.Gradual pulling makes it a lot more painful. Instead, dab it gently with water and pull it off as quickly as possible. One second of quick pain is better than ten seconds of wincing and whimpering while you carefully rip it. Plus, the soapy water should help to soften it and remove it much more quickly.
  3. If it's especially painful, use a small amount of Vaseline.Carefully lift up a small piece of the tape, dabbing a cotton ball in a little Vaseline, then wiping a little under the lifted piece of tape to help soften the adhesive. Slowly lift up more of the tape using the cotton bud and more vaseline. Continue doing until all the tape is removed.
  4. Clean up the remaining residue.Medical tape will often leave some gunk stuck to your skin and your hairs, and the best way to remove it is by rubbing it vigorously with warm soapy water. Stay clear of the wound, if there is one, or leave the wound covered while you clean up the area affected by the tape.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    I have medical tape stuck to my skin and body hair. Any suggestions, beyond soap and water?
    Top Answerer
    Use baby oil. Your skin will absorb the oil and this will help release the glue. Be patient if you have dry skin, and keep adding oil and rubbing gently to ease off the adhesive.
  • Question
    My doctor told me to tape my eye shut every night because my eyelid doesn't close completely. Is there a tape and removal method that might work without destroying my skin?
    Top Answerer
    For comfort, use an eye mask or a broad headband to cover your eyes instead of tape. Bargain band aid strips tend not to adhere as tightly. Baby oil can help ease off any adhesive material.
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