Amber tamblyn wedding dress

The Wedding

Lila McCann

Written By: Spyder

Codes: MFF, Oral, Anal, Cons

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and is intended for adults only. The responsibility to continue to read falls solely on your shoulders. Do so at own risk.

It has been a short time since her divorce from Michael, her former tow timing, and wife-beating loser of an ex. Lila McCann had hoped to take her time moving on to another relationship, but love happens fast as Lila found out. A new man entered her life and wham bam she was hooked once again.
This time she wanted to take longer when it came to long-term situation. Well, two months later she is engaged and setting a wedding date to George, a former high school classmate of hers is now to be her husband.

By this time Lila makes plans to finally inform Gary of her plans and hopes he doesn’t minds her moving so quickly into another marriage. Since it is her life, she should be able to make the mistakes without being scolded for it, after all her mother does that all to often anyhow. She is also thinking that she needs one more fling before the big day and finds the police officer that arrested Michael for rape and many other charges that was included.

The night before her big day, Rick is shown a hot sexual time by our hot country star and before he knows what is happening, Lila sucks his cock at the door while it remains open. Deep throating him was not the plan, but hey you take what is there and she takes his cock until her cums down her throat. With the sticky goo running from her mouth and chin, Lila lies on the floor, opens her thighs and waits for Rick to enter her pussy. He obliges her only after eating her bushy twat for a few moments.

Ready to explode once again, she squeals as Rick plunges deep inside her and wants his load to fill her. In and out, back and forth until her climaxes are many. Rick turns her on her stomach, arches her ass in the air and drives her well-fucked asshole. She moans and he smiles as the hardness of his prick pops her ass wider and wider. Another climax and Lila begs him to enter her cunt from that position. Doing it doggy style wasn’t how Rick envisioned taking Lila, but it pleased as she takes him all night long.

Next morning, Lila is picked up by her mom and taken to the tent in the park where the wedding is to happen. George is already awaiting the chance to speak the phrase that he wanted to say to her. Lila is having serious thoughts about the marriage and paces as her mother helps her dress. They talk back and forth as her mom tells her that it isn’t too late to stop the proceedings for a little while. Lila insists that it is all-fine and to let her have a few moments to herself. Lila is alone, as outside, Gary is talking with her mom. He is told that Lila is second-guessing her decisions to get married so quickly after her divorce and if there were any way he can stop her it would be welcome.

Gary goes away to think for a short time, but when her arrives back at the park, Lila is nearly on her way to say her I do’s. Face to face with George, Lila realizes her mistake is taking place and wants out without too much hoopla. Gary swings into action, he drives to the tent in a Limo, sweeps the hot singer of her feet, places her in the limo and drives off. As she is whisked away, Lila drops a note in front of the stunned George and says it would never have worked. Lila’s mom shows surprise, but knows that she is with the one who treats her fairest and gives her the love she needs even if they live together.

Gary drives to the nearest airport, where he has chartered a plane to fly them to Hawaii. Once on the plane, Lila trashes the wedding own and stands naked before the man who wants her more than she knows and slowly unzips his pants. She licks the head of his dick and kisses it as his balls are being squeezed by her gentle touch. He moans as Lila sucks every inch of his throbbing manhood. Seeing her ass, Gary lifts her up, slides his fingers into her ass and pussy, fingering the heavenly holes that are so pleasing to him. He slaps her cheeks as she swallows his load, and while he strips, Lila removes the bra that hold her huge tits close. She lies on the seat as the female pilot tells them to buckle up, as they are about to taxi down the runway.

Once in the air, they undo the belts, return to what they started on the ground. The pilot has joined them and she is pleased to see her friend Jessica Andrews has finally become a pilot. Jessica was already nude tamblyn and squats over Lila’s face as Gary eats her hot box. The ladies climax as Gary chooses to unload in both pussies once he has fucked them long and hard. From one sexy lover to the other, Gary plunges in deep hearing yelps of delight as the g-spot has been touched over and over again. Jessica informs the two that she has to return to the cockpit, but not before blowing Gary again. Once gone out of view, Lila rides the long dick of Gary until a load of jism fills her cunt. They separate and do their belts for the landing in Honolulu airport, both knowing that their lives have changed with the exit from the park in Los Angeles.

The end

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