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@shubhu3 (17809) • New Delhi, India 14h

We all have different tastes towards having coffee. Some like black coffee(which I have never tasted), normal one or different flavours added into coffee. Strong and light coffee both are good and like for me it depends upon my...


light vs strong

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(1713) • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 14h

Is breakfast really important to you? Many times because of hurry to work or have stayed up late, get up late, I skipped breakfast. Have you ever had a similar situation? "When you have headaches, hypoglycemia, fainting when not...


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(134166) • Bunbury, Australia 5h

When my mother died, I ended up with a lot of her bits and pieces including this ‘thing’. Does anyone know what it is or what it if for? It is like a giant set of tweezers and I think it might be to stretch the fingers of gloves...

western australia

mystery item


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(82296) • Banks, Oregon 14h

Coming in at the letter R on my favorite things by the letter series is R Rain, being from Oregon we usually get a lot of it, but I have always loved it since I was a kid, people thought I was crazy, because I used to go out and,...


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(82805) • Philippines 11h

Today, Sunday, I am again the Officer on Duty of the mall after more than two months. Normally, I don't like it, because the centralized air-conditioner is switched off, so it's a bit hot inside my cubicle in the office. I am...

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(58318) • United States 16h

Today I escaped the normal and went for a long country ride. Hours away. For something to do we stopped at the houses for sale, looked inside the windows, sometimes we would call and listen to how much they wanted for it,...

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(1966) • United States 23h

Sharing a song with you today. Phil Collins has a distinct voice in my opinion. The 1981 song In the Air Tonight is very recognizable and has always been a favorite. It has been played on many television and movie sets as well....





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(1966) • United States 23h

Did you know that today, October 13th is National Train Your Brain Day? I know it's getting kind of silly with every day being celebrated as something, no matter where you are. But I have not heard of this one before. Actually...




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(26153) • United States 1h

Yesterday my mama lost her feet. Yes, you heard me correctly. Not one foot, but both. I told her that they were in her shoes, but she didn’t believe me. I had to take one of her shoes off to prove that her feet were still...

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(14041) • Pikeville, North Carolina 8h

This morning I woke up before Pee O'Clock with a splitting headache, sore neck, aching shoulders, and a general feeling of malaise. I took an Aleve and an imbibing a cup of hot coffee in the hopes of alleviating these symptoms....

throbbing head

splitting headache

bad start to a day

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(93434) • Guangzhou, China 15h

I like to watch movies from any countries although most of them are still Hollywood movies. But lately I heard that an Indian movie called 102 Not Out is great. I watched it and actually I sheded tears when I watched it. It did...

102 not out

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(36160) • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 19h

Seventy years ago today the first LP album was released, ON the radio there is a talk of our first album that was our own. (of course, there is an idiot who always called who rattles on and on wanting to talk about...

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(15484) • United States 13 Oct

For fans of the most highly revered JRR Tolkien, it will be surprising to know that Oxford once snubbed him and he had to sell some of his works to an American university in 1957. I have sat in one of the very pubs he used to sit...

jrr tolkien



marquette university

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(14970) • Philippines 5h

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening mylotters I went to church this morning and then my husband and me went to buy something to eat at a store that`s opened every sunday. Guess what! The Christmas...

christmas spirit


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(318) • Indonesia 12h

Hi, everyone I woke up really late today. When I looked at the clock, it showed 10.16 a.m. I went to sleep so late last night, thats why. It's a lazy Sunday for me. I just had some crackers and tea for my breakfast. I will go...

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(72) 23h

I signed up for MyLot yesterday and I like it. I have a question about earnings that I can't find an answer for. Hopefully someone can help. MyLot allows you to share your posts on Facebook and Twitter. If you do, do you earn...






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(52463) • United States 23h

The harvest festival was fun, and a good time for all. I bought homemade tacos from a mother and daughter for lunch..they were authentic and spicy. Also, I bought some pumpkin earrings, as well as some flavored vinegar from some...

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(82296) • Banks, Oregon 8h

Coming in at the letter S on my favorite things by the letter series is one of my favorite meats, right up there with fried chicken it's Steak. I like mine medium well, but will eat any steak but raw, my favorite cuts of steak are...



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(134166) • Bunbury, Australia 10h

I just used the word ‘wincing’ in a comment and as these things do, it brought to mind something I can write about. My husband’s name is Vincent but mostly he gets Vince or Vin. Vincent is mostly reserved for when he is in...



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(82296) • Banks, Oregon 20h

Hey, everyone and, I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I am back with another letter, in my favorite things by the letter series and, in at Q is Queen songs, few songs make you feel like you can conqueror the world more...



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