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Oh wow how I love this perfume. If you love the true scent of real Tuberose and Jasmine flowers, you will find that smell here. It is the most perfect natural version of these exceptional blooms. I tested this scent with the real flowers and it captures them perfectly!

I am tired of perfumes that say they have jasmine and tuberose and you can barely detect those flowers.

I have had other tuberose with jasmine scents that were beautiful, but this is the best version yet. It captures the highest quality of those flowers that I have ever smelled. It invokes the pure delight of those flowers so well, without the too dominant powder element that often accompanies perfumes with tuberose and jasmine.

This perfume also has a gentle hint of Rangoon creeper with its clothes beautiful unique flowers and a very light hint of musk and woods, but these elements are only softly in the background to round out the fragrance.

This perfume is vibrant yet simple, full of character yet classic. The perfume itself has very quickly climbed into the top of my favorite perfumes. I predict that this one will stand the test of time and I will always keep a bottle.

The box is absolutely gorgeous and is very artistic. It's the first box that I would even keep out just to look at it. At first I wasn't sure about the bottle because it looked plastic in the pictures, but it is actually high quality and it feels ceramic. The spray mechanism is of a much higher quality than most perfumes- you can really control how much you spray. The movie is gorgeous- showing how nature and flowers can set us free. The advertising inspires us to embrace the feminine. This perfume is wild, natural and sensual.

This scent makes me feel so good when I wear it. I get a lot of compliments on it as well. It really stands out from other perfumes and is distinctly different from what is commonly worn currently. It puts so many other perfumes to shame. It is of superior quality.

Well done Gucci! This is your best perfume yet! I will forever be a big fan of this scent. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us authentic Tuberose and Jasmine! I have been seriously missing Bloom in my perfume wardrobe!


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