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1. A Man of the Earth

Chris O’Dubhraic is an environmental engineer who lives in Colorado Springs, Colo. The area in which he lives is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and plenty of wildlife. He lives an active lifestyle, loves the outdoors and is a vegetarian.

Colorado O’Dubhraic

He lives alone in a beautiful home in the Broadmoor area of the city, a home that is modern and equipped with Nest home security cameras. These devices would eventually capture one of the biggest and most frightening surprises of his life.

2. Jetlag

In early July 2017, Chris O’Dubhraic had just returned home from a three-and-a-half-month-long business trip. Coming from East Asia, he was incredibly jetlagged by the time difference. Despite his tired state, he still went to Costco to stock his empty fridge.

Chris O'Dubhraic bear Colorado

Due to the jet lag, he was hardly able to stay awake past 5:00 PM and went to sleep fairly early that night. It was supposed to be a peaceful night just like all the others.

3. An unsuspecting victim

While the unsuspecting and jet-lagged man was deep asleep in his home, a hungry neighbor was on the prowl for food. This black bear would do something unheard of, placing both the resident and the bear in mortal danger.

angry black bear

Even though Teddy bears are common sleeping companions, the real ones have the potential to kill as well. They have incredible strength, with the ability to move large rocks, destroy cabins and carry large animal carcasses. The city of Colorado Springs was accustomed to dealing with bears, but they had never seen something like this.

4. The break-in

Sometime during the night a bear who had grown accustomed to snacking in and around houses, got hungry and was on the search for food. This smarter-than-average bear found an unlocked window and snuck into O’Dubhraic’s home. The window, according to O’Dubhraic, was unlocked because it got damaged in a recent storm.



Once inside the home, the 375-pound black bear started to make his rounds. Meticulously checking each room, one by one. Read on to find out if O’Dubhraic would be the bear’s nighttime snack.

5. When a black bear gets hungry

Black bears are highly intelligent creatures and masters of adaptation with few predators to threaten them. For animals size, they have no other match. They are powerful enough to instantly kill any animals that threatens them, such as deer, moose, and elk, with just a single blow.

black bear

Their biggest threat to survival is starvation and with so much strength, almost nothing can get in their way. When they wake and are hungry, they will search for a meal by any means possible, including intruding into peoples’ homes. Chris was about to find that out in the most horrifying way possible.

6. Six-hour rampage

The late-night furry intruder proceeded to search the home looking for food, entering every room with an open door, including two bedrooms, and wreaking havoc in the sleeping O’Dubhraic’s house. The two bedrooms were luckily empty at the time of the black bear’s search. The animal ransacked the home for six straight hours during that night.



Security cameras caught the bear rummaging through the fridge, opening cabinets and drawers and feasting on everything edible he could find. But what else was he up to?

7. The raid goes on

The massive bear made a huge amount of noise. Within the first hour of the black bear’s break-in, he succeeded in opening the refrigerator which after a few minutes began to screech, letting the owner know that the door had been left open.



But did the loud alarm wake O’Dubhraic? Did he manage to stop the bear from tearing his home apart? Or did he sleep unharmed, unaware of the drama that was going on inside his house?

8. The feast

Video surveillance shows the bear opening the refrigerator and rummaging through cabinets and drawers in his search for a snack. Munching on all the food he could find in the process. The black bear had a feast on strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pineapples and organic apple oatmeal, all recent purchases Chris O’Dubhraic had just made after his return from his long business trip in East Asia.



Due to his jet lag, the home owner could barely stay awake after 5 p.m. and went to sleep early. But that also meant that he would wake in the early a.m. hours. Read on to find out if O’Dubhraic would wake up to a giant black bear still in his house.

9. Poor hunters, big eaters

Bears are naturally shy animals, but when food is so readily available in and around people’s homes, exceptions can be made. These animals are constantly on the hunt for food and can spend up to eight hours a day searching for it. As they are naturally poor hunters, they will never turn down an easy meal. The image of Yogi Bear should come to mind, so guard your pic-a-nic baskets!


Black bears learn to adapt to humans. In the wild, it would avoid humans at all costs, but knowing that cities contain a virtually unlimited food supply, the bears just can’t resist. Even if that means getting a bit too close.

10. Scene of the crime

Chris O’Dubhraic woke from his slumber around 5:30 a.m. to a scene of destruction and complete mayhem. Hearing the refrigerator alarm, he headed straight to the kitchen. Seeing the paw prints and scratches throughout his home, he immediately called 911. Cautiously surveying the damage, O’Dubhraic could only count himself lucky that he wasn’t woken up by a giant black bear staring him in the face and that he remained unharmed.



That’s when he heard a rustling noise from within the house. Stricken with fear, he slowly realized what had happened. A bear had been in his home during the night, or worse… the bear might still be in the house.

11. Unwelcome Guests

O’Dubhraic said that the sounds of rustling sent a shiver up his spine, not knowing whether the bear might still be lurking in the house or perhaps if he made himself a bed for the night in one of the many rooms. Cautiously, O’Dubhraic began searching the house, looking for signs that the bear was still inside, knowing, deep down, that if he runs into the bear it will certainly feel threatened with no route for escape.



Much to O’Dubhraic’s fortune, the bear was no longer in the house by the time he woke up. Still uncertain as to where the noise came from O’Dubhraic waited for Parks and Wildlife to arrive. Was the bear nearby? Was he eventually caught?

12. The destruction

The destruction left in the bear’s wake was “catastrophic.” The amount of damage to Chris O’Dubhraic was estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. The 375-pound bear managed to pull the pantry door off its hinges, destroy the kitchen trash compactor and claw cabinet doors and drawers to shreds. ‘It takes an enormous amount of strength, something I could never do,’ O’Dubhraic said, referring to his trash compactor.



The bear also urinated multiple times throughout the house. Marking his territory was an ominous sign that he would certainly be returning to O’Dubhraic’s house. The homeowner was understandably concerned, not knowing when the next visit would be.

13. The Assessment

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers arrived at the scene to assess the situation. They quickly realized the severity of the incident, knowing that it was a miracle the sleeping homeowner was not injured. “This was a smart bear, a dangerous bear, so it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt. We’re lucky it didn’t happen last night,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife public information officer Bill Vogrin said.



Based on the bear’s markings, behavior and unusually-large size, the officers identified that this was the same bear who had trapped a woman named Denielle Backstorm in her garage just a few weeks before. But where was it hiding?

14. Garage Ambush

Just a few blocks away from his latest snack spot, the 375-pound bear had weeks earlier wandered into one woman’s garage, trapping her in her vehicle. The woman, Denielle Backstrom, told that she had just opened her garage door to park after dropping her children off at the zoo when the bear slowly sauntered into the garage, unfazed by the vehicle.



According to Backstrom, she didn’t think anyone would believe her about having an actual live bear so close in her garage. Though terrified, she tried to film the entire thing.

15. Bears

When black bears find easy access to food, you can bet they will be back again. According to some reports, this black bear had been spotted foraging for food in town for at least the past four years, perhaps longer. The hungry bear definitely grew more and more confident of its foraging skills, searching for food in trash cans, garages, restaurants and as you will soon find out, even in people’s houses.


The story quickly spread through the neighborhood and residents were on high alert. After so many incidents with the same bear, it was sure to come back again. Residents could feel the tension, like the bear was watching from the bushes just off the beaten path, just biding his time. The community was restless, not knowing whether the next encounter would leave someone injured, or worse.

16. A junk food fix

One witness stated that the bear frequently seen in Colorado Springs was “so fat from eating human food it couldn’t climb a tree.” Having switched his diet from nuts and berries to processed human foods with sugars and carbs he quickly became overweight. This 375-pound black bear had also been spotted in a Colorado Springs neighborhood eating ice cream and M&Ms that it had swiped from a resident’s freezer.


Due to heightened contact with humans, this American black bear was becoming increasingly fat and lazy. Having eaten all that junk food, it’s easy to understand why. He wasn’t going to let his excess weight stop him, though.

17. The close call

In the video, the huge bear can be seen peeking into Backstrom’s car window with his nose smashed against the glass. Backstrom, for her part, remained quite calm considering the situation, though she did shout “shoo, bear!” and honked her car-horn in an attempt to scare it away. Backstrom then attempted to reverse out of the garage, only to be blocked by the bear from behind. Not wanting to harm the bear or start a confrontation with the dangerous animal, she was running out of options.



She finally managed to inch the bear back enough, using the size of her SUV to her advantage as the bear backed away due to its large size, to close the garage door, leaving the bear waiting just outside.

18. The report

After the frightening incident, Backstrom reported the encounter to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which officialy declared the bear “dangerous,” a declaration that means the animal will be euthanized after being caught. Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Bill Vogrin explained that the bear had become so habituated to humans that officers couldn’t risk it endangering others. “That’s our last resort. We hate having to do that,” Vogrin said.



“But human health and safety are our primary concern, and when they become dangerous, we’re left with no choice,” Vogrin added. And as you’ll soon find out, he had good reason to make that statement.

19. The honey trap

Colorado Parks and Wildlife set-out to capture the bear. Officers set a trap near Backstrom’s house, hoping it was still within the vicinity. To entice the munchie-craving sugar lover, the trap was baited with some foods he surely couldn’t resist, such as donuts, icing, syrup and dog food. Who could resist that combination?



As the days went by, however, and there was no sign of the infamous black bear. Many residents felt it was like the calm before the storm. The intelligent bear managed to avoid the trap, but the residents knew he wasn’t far away.

20. The neighbor

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers teamed up with US Department of Agriculture wildlife service officers to track down the bear. Growing more and more comfortable around humans by the day, it was only a matter of time before the bear came face to face with an innocent bystander. The authorities knew that the next encounter with humans was likely to be fatal, perhaps for the human.



The increased danger to human life was a risk these officers could not take. As the bear was labeled a “danger” to society, if and when he was caught by authorities, he would be euthanized immediately. Due to his behavior, he would continue to be a threat to humans. No matter where he was relocated.

21. A tragic end

The 375-pound black bear was located around 10 a.m. in O’Dubhraic’s neighbor’s yard, right next to the scene of the nighttime raid. Authorities already close by swiftly arrived at the location and surrounded the animal. The giant bear was tragically shot and killed, putting an end to his nighttime mischief and snack thievery. Public outcry against the killing was fierce and highly vocal. Many felt that authorities had a multitude of options at their disposal and that they chose the simplest method of dealing with the bear and saving them extra work.


‘The bear turned and came roaring through the scrub oak,’ Vogrin said, adding that, ‘It was one shot — a very safe, clean, efficient shot so there was no risk to neighboring houses.’

22. Old habits die hard

“We could have scared it back in the woods and taught it that humans are to be feared and homes avoided,” spokesman Vogrin said. “Instead it learned humans are not to be feared and homes are a source of food. Euthanizing could have been avoided had they been alerted of the bear’s behaviors earlier. The same bear had been seen for at least four years around neighborhoods in the area.”


Vogrin stressed that should you see a wild animal in the city where it doesn’t belong, to call wildlife services immediately. The animal can be caught and then reintroduced into the wild where they belong before they learn bad behavior.

23. Learned Habits

“Our biologist believes it had learned the cues of the sound of a garage door opening,” said Vogrin. “It had learned that the sound of a garage door opening meant dinner.” Backstrom has received some hateful comments online, blaming her for the bear’s death sentence. Vogrin, however, said that she was not to blame and she made the right decision by calling the authorities.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The real mistake, according to Vogrin, was that no one reported the bear earlier as he had certainly been roaming the neighborhood for years. “This woman is not to blame, but someone in her neighborhood sure is,” Vogrin said. “People need to help us keep wild animals wild.”

24. Smarter than your average bear

The cartoon depiction of Winnie the Pooh sticking his hand in the honey pot is not far from the truth. Both brown and black bears are known to raid beehives, eating not just the honey but also the bees and larvae inside.



Black bears slowly wake from their winter hibernation in April, the adult males are generally first to emerge from their dens. And when these big boys wake, they are hungry. Colorado Parks and Wildlife estimate that there are around 17,000 to 20,000 black bears in the state, the majority of which can be found west of Interstate 25 which cuts through Colorado vertically, connecting most of the state’s major cities.

25. No stranger to bears

Colorado Springs is no stranger to bear incidents. In September, an injured and malnourished bear cub wandered into a Pizzeria and was caught munching on cinnabread icing. He proceeded to fall asleep on a storage rack. The cub was rescued and transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation facility and released back into the wild after his leg healed.


Recently, Colorado has seen a rise in unprovoked bear attacks. One camper woke to a 400-pound chomping on his head. He was lucky to survive the attack. On July 5, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported four black bears had been killed in one day. Two of the bears were shot by homeowners after they entered homes and two were euthanized by state officials after killing livestock.

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Source: , dailymail

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