Beach wedding guest dresses casual 2018

With bright blue skies and sun-warmed temperatures, summer is the perfect backdrop for weddings, so it’s likely you’ll receive an invite for a beach wedding at some point. There’s something so romantic yet stunningly simple about exchanging vows beach wedding guest dresses casual 2018 on a sandy beach next to crashing ocean waves or alongside a peaceful rippling lake—it’s a no-brainer really—until it comes to beach wedding attire, that is.

If you’ve been to past nuptials, you may have already taken tips from The Knot on what to wear to a wedding. But what to wear to a beach wedding, which tends to be more casual than one hosted at a church or indoor venue, for example, can leave you stumped. Tailored suits and pretty gowns might look a tad overdone and may be uncomfortable in the summer heat. While your typical shore style might be shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits, beach wedding attire is a whole different look—you’ll need to take into account how formal the wedding will be, and you’ll need to mind the elements: sun, sand, water and wind. Lighter colors and fabrics are advisable, and it’s even okay to go sockless or wear sandals, but unless otherwise indicated by the bride and groom, your best bet is to skip the t-shirts and flip-flops and be sure you’re tastefully dressed for the occasion.

Completely lost at sea on what to wear to a beach wedding? Let us toss you a life preserver. From casual to formal, we’ll help you figure out what to wear to a beach wedding with our round up of the best beach wedding attire for your seaside soirees this summer.

Beach Wedding Attire in this Article:

A day of fun in the sun is ahead, and in order to look your best you need to feel your best. That means choosing beach wedding guest dresses that are not only cool but also comfortable, and pair well with a pashmina or cardigan for those ocean breezes. Summer breezes can also kick up short, flirty skirts, so consider midi and maxi lengths instead of minis. Since you’ll likely be walking in sand (no easy feat in high heels!), pair dressy wedges or flat sandals with beach wedding guest dresses. Just steer clear of rubber flip-flops unless handed out by the bride and groom. Tip: Remember to keep your skin protected, since the sun may be glaring down with little to no shade. In addition to wearing sunscreen—a must!—you may want to bring along a parasol (just be sure not to block other guests’ views of the vows) or choose a beach wedding guest dress with sheer, lightweight sleeves to prevent skin from getting scorched.

Keep in mind that even formal beach wedding attire is a bit more casual than what you might wear to a chic city wedding venue or country club affair. When thinking about what to wear to a beach wedding, know that will be less dressy; a sundress you might wear to a nice restaurant or on a first date in the summertime is a great choice, and you’ll want to look for lightweight, non-clingy fabrics to stay cool and unwrinkled. Need some options? Say “I do” to any of these beach wedding guest dresses for the shore celebration.

Casual Beach Wedding Attire

You’ve got a wide variety of choices when it comes to deciding what to wear to a casual beach wedding. We’ve rounded up a selection of simple yet tasteful dresses that will make you feel right at home on the beach.

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