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We all wonder what tools and tricks it takes to make celebrities perfect their look. Everyone deserves glowing skin, dazzling nails, and hair that blows gracefully in the wind just like the stars in the Hollywood Hills. Whether it’s getting ready for a red carpet event, or simply heading out the door on an average Monday, every star has his or her secret weapon. From products to beauty routines, we have compiled some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity that you’re going to want to steal. Adding them to your daily beauty regimen will have you look like you just stepped off of a movie set – and we could all use a little more of that in our lives, right?

101. “I’ve done a lot of damage to my skin in the past, which makes me appreciate a great sunscreen now.” –, who uses.

100. “Makeup artist Linda Cantello taught me this tip: If you make a mistake with your mascara, dip a cotton ball into some foundation to remove it and conceal at the same time.” –

99. loves Products. “It’s really gentle for sensitive skin and oil-free. And it doesn’t leave any greasy residue!”

98. “There are tricks I’ve learned from makeup artists on shoots. They put on the red lipstick, then blot it with a tissue, then they put powder over the tissue and sort of press it onto your lips. Then re-apply. It turns it into a stain that lasts much longer.” –

97. “This look is less harsh and very spring-appropriate. I like — use the Gilded Rose as a light shadow and apply Black Foil as your liner with a thin-tip brush.” –

96. Referring to eyes, suggests, “to reduce puffiness, slice up a few refrigerated potatoes, soak them in water for a moment or two and then place them over your lids for 15 minutes. Works like a charm.”

Taylor Swift


95. uses to keep her skin hydrated and looking healthy.

94.  Jennifer Lopez uses not only on herself, but on her twins, Max and Emme.

93. Bronze Goddess, uses in terre amber to brighten her cheeks. “I like that it’s more brown, with twinkles in it.”

92. “ makes amazing sunscreen!” –

91. indulges in products for her skin. “I have to be really picky about what I use, because my face is really oily in some places and then really dry in some places…my dermatologist recommended this one to me.”

90. ‘s secret to her banging bod? “I love swimming, [and doing] anything in the ocean…that’s very, very good for your body.”

89. When referring to her fit physique, says, “I guess it’s just exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex–yes, sex.”

88. Alison Sweeney is not opposed to reverting to childhood games to lose weight.  She loves the Nintendo Wii! “It definitely challenges you, so if anyone says, ‘Working out isn’t tough,’ then they don’t know what they’re talking about because it’s the hardest things you could ever do.”

87. “I do yoga and Bio Think, a Pilates program where you’re getting a massage while you stretch. I do a kickboxing workout that is so intense, a lot of guys can’t take it because they can’t keep up.” –

86. “The beauty product I can’t live without is. It’s geared towards an older audience, but I find that if I start working on my skin now, it can’t do me any harm!”  –

85. “I use, I just like the way it smells and the way it makes my hair look. If I’m not working, I usually just let it air dry.” –

84.  On the Rachael Ray ShowRuPaul, drag queen extraordinaire, suggests to apply your fake lashes a little differently than normal. “If you clip them into four different pieces it makes it easier to apply the lashes. Most people cant put the whole strip on at once. Sometimes its hard to do one strip at once.”

83. “I use to take my makeup off” –

82.  Neutrogena Brand Ambassador : “I use the s, because they come in all these different colors and they feel good. They don’t dry your lips out.”

81. When asked if she could only use one beauty product, quickly replied: “My collagen mascara!  I wear fake eyelashes—that’s been my beauty tip since my pageant days.”

80.  Ashley Benson swears by and

79: To stay fit, states, “I do yoga whenever I can, and I do like feeling fit and healthy.”

78. “I prefer a set, like a roller set, or I’ll use a combination of rollers, like Velcro rollers on top and a hot roller on the bottom.” – referring to curling her hair.

77.  “Probably the top three things would be: moisturize, sleep and work on the eyebrows. Those are the three things I try to focus on in my daily life!” –

76. Actress swears by. “I’m a bucket of allergies, so this sodium lauryl sulfate-free toothpaste is my favorite.”

75. told People magazine, “I know that for a teenager, it doesn’t matter how many people are looking at you, you don’t want acne on your face. I’m in the limelight all the time. I’m constantly doing interviews, constantly doing photo shoots and, you know, I’m determined to keep myself clear. Using Proactiv will help that.”

74. “When another friend introduced me to the I was instantly in love” – Kim Kardashian

73. uses her favorite sunless tanner, :  “It doesn’t leave your face greasy, and there’s no bad smell to it like other spray tans.”

72.  “I use the, that pink sponge. It’s my favorite thing. You have to get it wet, put it under warm water and then squeeze it out really well and then it just makes your foundation go on really dewy and nice. I love it!” –

71. “I rarely wear nail polish because I hate how it doesn’t go with everything you wear. But this cool gray color () is super-neutral and goes with everything.” –

70. Red lipstick – No1 in the Rimmel range – is ‘ top beauty secret: “It’s the ultimate shade. I wouldn’t wear it during the day, but at night, or if it’s a do, then it’s good. Lipstick is the classic, iconic makeup, isn’t it? You think of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, and it’s always about the lips.”

69.  believes “Mascara, moisturizer, lip balm, clean skin, and good brows” are the most important part of every beauty look.

68. “I love this —every girl likes to do her nails, but it can be so stinky. This is such a simple smart solution.” –

67. Recent face of Chanel, Keira Knightley adores

66. “I just rinse my face with cold water — I don’t believe in overzealous cleansing — and then I apply, a bit of foundation and mascara and I’m out the door.” –

65. is ‘s favorite product.  She simply states, “it takes all the gunk off!”

64.  For problem areas, supermodel praises “I kept putting it on, and my pimple went away. I was like, This is great. It doesn’t burn your skin.”

63. regularly uses : “My moisturizing secret weapon. After a bath, I slather it on my skin and put a little bit in my hair for a subtle sheen.”

62. “‘s mascara is insane–I don’t need false lashes when I wear it.” –

61. “I love. Its super light and pretty.” –

60. “I think the quality of your skin is genetic, but if you eat right and exercise, that helps keep the elasticity in your skin and that youthful, healthy glow.” – Halle Berry

59. “If you really want your hair to look good, just don’t wash it for a day. That’s my secret.” –

58. “My change of season regimen is all about getting lighter and more au natural in the makeup and hair department, while throwing a few other warm-weather picks in the mix: bright polish shades, sun-kissed body lotion, and moisturizers with a high SPF.” –

57. “I’ve found that works great with my skin. I use their face wash and lotion.” –

56. Learn to accept your “flaws.” , known for her bushy eyebrows, states. “Now I embrace them. I’ve realized the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.”

55. “Kevin Murphy has a really, really great hair mask. There are times where my hair just looks like a crispy French fry, and I sleep with it on. You put that on and you don’t have to do anything — you can use any type of conditioner. Just put that on and sleep with it on and that really helps.” –

54. “ in fig can be mixed with anything. I’ve used this … for god knows how many years”  –

53. “I don’t use any hair products because I have this fear of putting too much mousse in it or something and my hair ending up feeling crunchy.” –

52. Although it may seem like an odd beauty product, Oprah considers to be one of her favorite beauty regimens.  These gloves are used to sooth and moisturize hands.

51. “I apply after I wash my face with gentle cleanser every night. I have finally found something that really works.” –

50. Ashley Olsen has stressed that unless she gets a full night of sleep, it shows.

49. is an item that Mary-Kate Olsen always brings with her wherever she goes.

48. “I like to dilute my cover-up with a little eye cream during the warmer months. It makes this traditionally heavier makeup a bit lighter and sheerer, which is ideal for summer” –

47. “The secret for me has been making up my mind to want to do it…just knowing this is what I wanted and going for it.” – Jennifer Hudson on weight loss (on the Dr. Oz Show)

46.  uses for several beauty regimes. “It’s a healing ointment, but I use it to remove eye makeup, as a lip moisturizer and on my eyelids.”

45.  One product that, aka the, cannot live without is Cetaphil, just like AnnaLynne McCord! Medine states, “Nothing’s worse than oily skin.”

44.  Want a healthy glow just like Elle MacPherson, the cast of Glee, and contestants of American Idol?  These are just some stars that use.

43.  maintains her Fergalicious look by using “Moroccan Argon Oil for hair (Avon). I put it up in a bun with the product in.  It’s good for the hair because it makes it so shiny. I take it out of the bun and then I have nice beach waves.”

42. ” I will never get a regular manicure again if I don’t have to because the gels are just an amazing invention. A regular one lasts two or three days; with the gels you can bang your hands against anything. And those Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips are genius. All of my dancers are using them—amazing designs.” –

41. recently tweeted that she loves.

40. “I go through a lot of damage everyday with my hair getting ready filming the show. It’s blow drying, straightening, all that stuff isn’t good even as girls we really love it.  It’s important to find good products that will be good for your hair and what’s so great about the new line is that it allows you to do all your favorite things and it takes care of the damage.”  – Lea Michele

39. “I don’t know if these are beauty secrets, but what I do to feel my best is just exercise regularly, laugh and play often, and make love every moment I can. Oh, yeah, and lots of water” –

38. Moisturizer seems to be ’s fountain of youth at age 49.  “I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. No matter how late it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturize my face. I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup.”

37. “I don’t use makeup remover — I simply wash my face with and it removes absolutely everything.” –.

36. Rock of Ages star, has two go-to items “hairspray from, and face wipes. Even the guys in my band steal those!”

Miranda Kerr

Joseph Marzullo/

35. Model, uses household utensils for beauty products. “You can curl your eyelashes with a spoon if you don’t have an eyelash curler.”

34.  Style icon, always refers back to simplicity when getting ready. “Red nails (she loves in Lacquered), a sleek ponytail and either a smoky eye or bold lips” (Her go-to shade is Topshop Make Up Lipstick in Mischief).

33.  Minka Kelly has admitted to taking half-hour power naps in the middle of the day.  Is this how she looks like a fresh, glowing goddess every second of the day?

32.  Audrey Hepburn has been documented stating, “for beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.”  We’re not sure if this is true, but for those who want to follow in the footsteps of this glamazon, why not try it out!?

31.  “Use an eyelash curler before you put the (false) eyelashes on, that will support the lash.” – RuPaul on the Rachael Ray Show.

30.  It is said that Marilyn Monroe “washed her face with Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, then slathered a couple of layers of on as a moisturizing base.”

29. “”I like the, because it’s easy to get all the gunk off the brush and build [your lashes] up.” – (Fun fact: Her lashes are blonde on the tips!)

28. “The key to a beautiful look starts with beautiful clear skin, which is the foundation for any great look. My favorite face wash is the because it keeps my skin clear so I never have to worry about breakouts.” –

27. “If you want to look a little more awake use a cream pencil on the inside of your eye, it opens up your eyes. Put a shimmer in the corners…it makes it pop.” – Candice Swanepoel

26.  admits to having three eyelash curlers. “I don’t feel complete without them, it’s one of those things. [The secret to a false lash look is] curling and then tons and tons and tons of mascara.”

25. “The night before (a VS show), I use all over.” – Adriana Lima

24. Rihanna, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Hudson, and Goldie Hawn all use.

23. “I’m a big fan of foundation and I always do mascara and bronzer … It kind of like brightens up your face and opens up your eyes.” –

22. Miranda Cosgrove regularly cleanses her face with.

21.  is Nicole Richie’s favorite way of keeping her pout perfect.

20.  Gabrielle Union’s makeup artist, Fiona Stiles, says that for a dramatic red carpet look, she applies not one, but two pairs of.

19.  has been using for a long time.  “My mom has always been a big believer in sunblock, and now I use this sunscreen on myself and my daughters. I like that it contains naturally sourced minerals and a strong SPF.”

18.  “I used all the time when I was younger. It’s affordable, and no matter where I am, I can always go to drugstore and get it.” –

17. “[My] lips are not as plump as they used to be,” says Andie Macdowell. helps her get that once plump look! –

16. Ageless Gwyneth Paltrow uses.

15., who is young at just 43 years old, uses Acupuncture. “It can help you lose weight, it can help your skin stay young.”

14..  It might sound odd, but swears by it.  No not for that, Bullock admits,  “putting butt cream under my eyes is one of my best beauty secrets, and stops me from getting lines.”

13. “My favorite quick and healthy eating tip would be to always have an apple with you because I’ve learned eating one apple is equivalent to a cup of coffee.” – of The Hills

12. “For the most part, my signature shade is from, but sometimes I layer a couple of MAC lipsticks” –

11. “I brush a little bit of on my cheekbones, a little on my forehead, nose, and chin to keep it constant” –

10. Christina Applegate admits to using “.”

9. “. It never smudges, even throughout the most hectic show schedule.” –

8. “Wash your face before you go to bed.  And double your pillowcases. I learned that early.  That and change them regularly.” –

7. “ in shade O60. It’s the only foundation that I can sweat through without irritating my skin.” –

6. “I have blonde, invisible eyebrows, so I try to make them with a gray-brown pencil from Pout, Blonde Bombshell.” –

5.  It’s all about being swanepoel simplistic.  “I put on moisturizer, then a little bit of powder, mascara, and a natural-toned lip color. Wearing a lot of makeup is not practical for a college student” –

4. “I cannot live without my face lotions and potions. They are amazing!” –

3.   is another one of Oprah’s favorite things…and trust us, she has a lot of favorite things.

2. Kelly Ripa lives by “.”

1. “. It’s like magic. It makes a blowout last for a week!” –

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