Classic hairstyles 2018

Long hairstyles 2018Long hairstyles 2018
How to look amazing with long hair?

Long hairstyles 2018 are timeless and classic, never going out of style. They can be worn curly, straight or wavy, blunt or layered. Many different looks can be achieved, and women have tremendous fun experimenting with different styles. Don’t settle on just one look every day, change up your look on a daily basis by utilizing your long, flowing hair and putting your best face forward.

Color Ideas

For some of the best ways to wear long hair, you may want to start with long hairstyles color ideas. With the long length of the hair, you don’t have to settle on one monochromatic color. Try a fun ombre look, or the latest trend, unicorn hair. This is a rainbow effect of many colors, and it is fun and dynamic! Or perhaps you’d like to accent long layers with subtle highlights. The possibilities are endless.

Ideas For Women With Curls

Long, curly or wavy hair is gorgeous but can be difficult to maintain. Some long curly hair tips are as follows:

– Use a deep conditioner every 2-3 days

– Let your hair dry naturally instead of blow drying

– Remove split ends every 4-6 weeks

– Use a wide-tooth comb for detangling

When properly cared for, long and curly hair can be a great asset. You need to keep classic hairstyles 2018 it healthy in order for it to look great, but it is never boring! Shiny, flowing curls are attractive and attention getting.

Makeup Tips

Long hair is dramatic, and your makeup should match. Some makeup tips for long hair include smoky eyes and shiny lips. Don’t highlight every feature at once. You can also try bold lips and subtle eyes. Play up one feature and let your hair frame your face. Too much makeup combined with a lot of hair can be overwhelming.

Styles For Various Face Shapes

You want hairstyles according to your face shape. Those with a square face shape can wear a long blunt cut. If you have a round face, soften it with long layers. Women with a thin face can opt for a long, wavy bob with bounce and volume to add fullness. People with long faces might try long hair with heavy, side-swept bangs. This will flatter a large forehead or pointy chin.


Long hairstyles 2018 are fun and can be easily maintained with the right care. Realize that every head of hair is unique, so wear what is right for you. Your hair professional can help you determine if you need to go curly or straight, blunt or layered, bangs or no bangs. Find the right color and makeup, and get ready for a look that is absolutely stunning!

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