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suits The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was held on 19 May 2018 in at in the United Kingdom. The groom,, is a member of the ; the bride,, is an American and former actress. On the morning of the, Prince Harry's grandmother,, conferred upon him the of, and. On her marriage, Markle became Duchess of Sussex. The,, officiated at the wedding using the standard Anglican for Holy Matrimony published in, the text of the.


Announcement of engagement[]

is the second son of, and. He and, an American actress best known for her role in the Canadian-American legal-drama television series, have been in a relationship since 2016, having first met in July 2016. The relationship was officially acknowledged on 8 November 2016, when a statement was released from the royal family's communications secretary addressing the "wave of abuse and harassment" directed toward Markle.

Harry and Meghan attending church on Christmas Day, 2017

On 27 November 2017, announced that Prince Harry would marry Markle in the spring of 2018. They were engaged earlier the same month in London, with the Prince giving Markle a bespoke made by, the court jewellers and medalists to the Queen, consisting of a large central from, with two smaller diamonds from his mother's jewellery collection. At the same time, it was announced that they would live at in the grounds of following their marriage.

The and the expressed their delight at the news, while congratulations came in from various political leaders, including the British,, and the,. After the announcement, the couple gave an exclusive interview to of.

During the public announcement of the engagement at Kensington Palace's Sunken Gardens, Markle wore a bottle knee-length emerald green dress with bow detailing at the cinched waist by Italian label P.A.R.O.S.H and a white trench coat by Canadian brand. Hours after the announcement, the website of Line the Label crashed down due to the number of people who were trying to order the coat.

Markle is the second American and the first person of heritage to marry into the. The engagement announcement prompted much comment about the possible social significance of Markle becoming a proudly mixed-race royal.

Under the terms of the, the first six persons in the line of succession require the Sovereign's consent in order to marry. Harry was fifth in line at the time of his engagement. The Queen's consent was declared to the on 14 March 2018.

Although Markle attended a private in her early years, she is not. On 6 March 2018, she was and into the by the at. Although Markle was divorced, the Anglican Church has permitted marriage to divorced persons with a living spouse since 2002. After the engagement, Markle began the years-long process of becoming a. She will retain her during the process, but Kensington Palace have indicated that the decision on whether she will retain dual nationality has not yet been made. Retaining U.S. citizenship is expected to create tax complications. The couple was invited to celebrate Christmas 2017 with the royal family at the Queen's. The official engagement photographs were taken by (a former assistant to ) at, and were issued by Kensington Palace on 21 December 2017.

To mark the wedding of Harry and Meghan, the produced an official UK £5 coin, showing the couple in profile. In May, a set of commemorative postage stamps, featuring the couple's official engagement photographs, was issued by.



Preparation for wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Unlike the, the wedding day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was not declared a. The wedding was on the same date as the, which Prince Harry's brother normally attends in his role as President of. Holding the royal wedding on a weekend is a break with the royal tradition of having weddings on a weekday. On 12 February 2018, Kensington Palace announced that the ceremony would commence at 12:00 Midday.


The wedding took place on Saturday, 19 May 2018, at,. The chapel had previously been the venue for the weddings of Prince Harry's uncle, the, as well as that of his cousin,, and for the blessing of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and the, Harry's stepmother.


The royal family announced that they would pay for the wedding. The costs for the cake, the florist, and the catering have been estimated to be £50,000, £110,000, and £286,000 respectively, and the overall cost is expected to be around £32 million. The security costs are expected to be lower than those of the 2011 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The has reportedly spent £2.6 million on cleaning the town and roads. It has been predicted that the wedding will trigger a tourism boom and boost the economy by up to £500 million.

Wedding attire[]

The wedding invitations specified a dress code for men of "Dress Uniform, or "; for women, "Day Dress and Hat".

Bride and bridesmaids[]

Further information:

The wedding dress was designed by the British designer under the aegis of the fashion house. It was made of "double-bonded silk cady cushioned by an underskirt in triple silk " and had a, long sleeves and sweeping. The silk veil was 16 feet (4.9 m) long and was embroidered with 55 flowers, representing the 53 countries of the, as well as, which grows in front of, where she and Harry live, and the, the state flower of California. It was secured by a diamond bandeau, made in 1932 for and lent to Markle by Queen Elizabeth II. The centre brooch had been a wedding gift from the in 1893. The tiara is a platinum band, made up of eleven sections, a detachable centre brooch with interlaced opals and diamonds. The shoes were also from Givenchy, and had a pointed couture design.

Other ensembles worn by the bride included white gold and diamond earrings and bracelet made by. Markle's hair was rolled up with "face-framing fringe tucked behind her ears", and was done by Serge Normant. Make-up artist Daniel Martin did Markle's makeup for the occasion. The look was described as "a soft brown eyeshadow" with minimal makeup on the face. Her nails were painted in a "neutral pink-y beige" for the ceremony. The bride's bouquet, designed by Philippa Craddock, contained ", scented,,, and, and sprigs of ". The flowers were chosen by the groom who handpicked forget-me-nots in honour of his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales. After the wedding the bridal bouquet was placed on the at, following royal tradition that began with the. For the customary bridal themes of "", Markle had her gown and veil (the "new"), the Queen's tiara (the "borrowed"), sprigs of myrtle taken from "a plant grown from the myrtle used in the Queen's wedding bouquet" and a piece of fabric from (the "old"), and Diana's favourite flowers, forget-me-nots, in the bouquet (the "blue"). The young bridesmaids also wore high-waisted silk dresses designed by Clare Waight Keller which had puff sleeves.

Groom, best man and page boys[]

Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge wore the of the in which both were commissioned, and Prince Harry served for 10 years, including in combat in Afganistan. The uniforms were made by, gentleman's and uniform makers, of, London. The groom asked for and received the Queen's permission to keep his beard, as under exceptional circumstances in the British Army. Prince Harry wore the rank of with the star of the, of which he is a, along with the ribbons of the Royal Victorian Order,, and, and. Prince William, also with the rank of major, had on his shoulder straps and gold on his right shoulder (indicating his position as an ), and wore the star of the, the ribbons of the two jubilee medals, and his wings. The pageboys wore uniforms by Dege & Skinner that resembled the uniform of the Blues and Royals worn by the groom and best man. Each page boy had his initials on the shoulders in place of rank badges.

Wedding party[]

On 26 April 2018, Kensington Palace announced that Prince Harry had selected his older brother,, as his. There was initially no confirmation as to whether Prince William would miss the Final, which he would normally attend in his role as President of, or if he would be able to attend both the wedding and the football. A statement from Kensington Palace that the timing of the wedding would not clash with the match was released in December 2017. However, it was confirmed in March that the Duke would not be attending the final that day.

There were suggestions that the bride's friend would be her. In early May 2018, there was confirmation that there would be no maid of honour, and that the and would all be children. A total of ten bridesmaids and page boys were chosen, with the bride and groom each selecting five: two of Markle's godchildren, seven-year old Rylan Ritt and her six-year-old sister Remi, as well as Brian, John and Ivy Mulroney, the three children of her friend Jessica Mulroney, were chosen by the bride, while Prince Harry's nephew and niece, and, as well as his godchildren Florence van Cutsem, Zalie Warren and Jasper Dyer, were selected by the groom.

On 18 May 2018, Kensington Palace announced Prince Charles would accompany Markle down the aisle, after she confirmed her father,, would not be attending the wedding due to his recent heart surgery. The bride spent the night before the wedding at along with her mother, while the groom stayed at with his brother. Markle made her way to the church accompanied by her mother.

Approximately 250 members of the were involved in the wedding, the majority coming from units that have a connection with Prince Harry:

  • Members of the formed a staircase party at the chapel, and also rode as escort.
  • Street liners came from:

Wedding service[]

The wedding was conducted according to the for as set out in of the Church of England, mother Church of the.

From 8.00 am, the public started to arrive at the grounds of Windsor Castle. The main congregation and the guests all started to arrive at the chapel at 9.30 am, followed by members of the Royal Family. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were the last members of the Royal Family to depart for the ceremony, as is tradition, arriving at the chapel at 11.52 am. Shortly after, Markle arrived with the party of junior attendants. She proceeded down the aisle followed by the attendants, where the Prince of Wales met her to escort her through the of the chapel. He accompanied her to the altar, where Prince Harry was standing.

Prince Harry's maternal aunt,, read a from in the. The,, conducted the service with the,, performing the marriage ceremony. The sermon was delivered by The Most Reverend, presiding bishop and primate of the (the American member church of the ). Curry's 14-minute address, which quoted, emphasised the redemptive property of love; its unexpected length caused the service to overrun by eight minutes. and Archbishop of London offered the prayers.

The were those published in Common Worship, and included the promise to "to love and to cherish" each other. This was sealed by the exchange of rings. The wedding rings were created by Cleave and Company, with Markle's ring being fashioned out of and the Prince's ring made of platinum. After the signing of the registers, Harry and Markle together with the guests sang the. The couple paused briefly to bow and curtsey to the Queen before walking down the aisle. They were followed in procession by other members of the bridal party, and their families. The couple shared a kiss on the steps outside the chapel.[94]


sung at the wedding included and. Prince Harry was seen wiping away a tear during the congregational singing of the latter, which was a favourite of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, and was sung at in 1997; it was also the opening hymn to William's in 2011.

Two choirs, an orchestra, the chapel organ and fanfare trumpeters provided music for the service. The orchestra was made up of musicians from the, the and the. In addition to the, the Kingdom Choir, a group led by, sang "" in what was described as "an incredible and powerful moment". The State Trumpeters of the, who played a fanfare, included Kate Sandford, the first female state trumpeter at a British royal wedding. The music was under the overall direction of, the chapel's Organist and Director of Music; and the orchestra was conducted by.

The bride walked down the aisle to "Eternal source of light divine" (from the ) by, sung by soprano, with the trumpet performed by David Blackadder. Other music during the service included the "" by Thomas Tallis; the song "Stand by Me" by and, arranged for choir by Mark Delisser; and "" by. During the signing of the register, 19-year-old and the orchestra played Sicilienne attributed to, 's, and an arrangement for cello and orchestra of 's. For the procession, the musicians performed the Allegro from the Symphony No. 1 in B-flat major by and "" by, and.

Family celebrations[]

Following the ceremony, there was a carriage procession through Windsor. Two receptions were held; the first, for those attending the ceremony, was hosted by the Queen and took place in after the carriage procession. Singer performed for the guests and the groom and the Prince of Wales each gave a speech. A second reception at, for family and close friends and hosted by the Prince of Wales, occurred later in the day. Harry drove his new wife to the reception at Frogmore in a silver blue, with left-hand drive. For the evening reception, the Duchess of Sussex wore a halter-neck, open back dress by and an emerald cut Aquamarine ring formerly belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales. George Northwood was her hairstylist for the private party. In a break with tradition, the bride made a speech at the event. The Duke of Cambridge also gave a best man's speech. DJ and The Atlantic Soul Orchestra performed at the event. The event ended with small displayed above Frogmore House.

The was a layered lemon and cake and decorated with in shades of white and cream. The cake designer, based in London, was chosen in March 2018.

Three official wedding photos were released. They were taken by photographer Alexi Lubomirski at Windsor Castle following the ceremony.


Main article:

In April 2018, it was announced that an "official list" of domestic and international political leaders was not required for the wedding and that,, and other leaders would not attend the ceremony. and former President were also not invited. This was in contrast to the, which had a large number of such guests due to his position as a future monarch. The decision not to invite political leaders to the wedding was taken in part because of the limitations of the venue, and also took into account Prince Harry's position as sixth in line to the throne. The only politician invited was the former Prime Minister as he previously was "a special guardian on legal matters to Princes William and Harry after the death of their mother".

With a smaller ceremony and reception at, the guest list included approximately 600 people, most of whom have a "direct relationship" with the couple. Also, 200 close friends of the couple were invited to attend the evening reception at Frogmore House. Approximately 1,200 members of the public were invited to greet the couple outside the chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. The invitees outside the chapel were "people from charities, Windsor Castle community members, people from the royal households and the Crown Estate, and local school children".

, the former wife of, was invited to the wedding even though she had not been invited to the weddings of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011, and in 2008, or and in 2011. However, she was not invited to the evening reception at Frogmore House hosted by Prince Charles and was reportedly "deeply upset" by her omission.

Amongst the non-royal guests were Markle's co-stars (with wife ), (with wife ),,, and, actors (with wife ), and, actresses, and (with husband ), television host, tennis player (with husband ), and, musicians (with husband ),,, and rugby players and. Megan's close friend, stylist (with husband ) and Harry's ex-girlfriends and were also in attendance. Other guests were members of the.

The only foreign royal guests at the wedding were Prince Harry's friend, with whom he co-founded, after the death of both of their mothers, the foundation to help -stricken orphans in Lesotho, and his wife.

Gifts for guests[]

The 2,640 members of the public invited to Windsor Castle for the wedding were gifted gift bags to commemorate the event. The bag had the initials of the couple, date and venue location printed on the exterior. Inside was an order of service booklet for the wedding, a gold chocolate coin, a bottle of water, a fridge magnet, a 20% off voucher for the Windsor Castle gift shop and a tube of handbag shortbread.

Charitable donations[]

In April 2018, the couple requested that, rather than sending wedding gifts, people should make a donation to one of seven charitable organisations, none of which they had a formal association with:

  • : The small charity supports more than 1,000 young people living with HIV in the UK and Ireland.
  • : The national homeless body works with thousands of people a year to help rebuild their lives.
  • The : The organisation, based in Mumbai, helps empower women through offering stable employment and breaking cultural taboos around menstrual hygiene. Myna Mahila also teaches women life skills such as maths, English and self-defence.
  • : The charity supports children who have lost a parent while serving in the British Armed Forces.
  • : The organisation uses sport to help young people and communities become healthier and safer.
  • : The national marine conservation body works to protect oceans, beaches, waves and wildlife.
  • The : Vulnerable teenagers from urban communities are taught about the great outdoors and rural employment opportunities.


People watching the wedding at the of the UK Ambassador to Italy, in Rome

Peak viewing figures of 18 million were reported in the UK. About 29 million were reported to have watched in the United States, up from the 23 million Americans who watched the of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. The global audience was estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.

Coverage of the royal wedding in the UK was shown on,,, and The wedding was also streamed live online on YouTube via the 's official The Royal Channel. hosted coverage for BBC TV with host and DJ. The coverage was co-hosted by and. and hosted coverage for ITV., and Alastair Bruce, among others, hosted coverage for Sky.

broadcast the wedding in with and retired broadcaster presented live coverage that was simulcast on, and. screened it in New Zealand along with and in Australia. The wedding received 4 million views in Australia.

In the coverage aired on,,,,,,,, and. CBS's coverage began at 4 a.m. with CBS Presents "The Royal Wedding" and provided commentary during the broadcast. ABC began its coverage at 5 a.m. EDT with a special edition of. NBC aired the ceremony at 4:30 a.m. EDT with a special edition of. The pay subscription network HBO hosted a live broadcast titled "The Royal Wedding Live with Cord and Tish!" starting at 7:30 a.m. EDT. The parody hosts were Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan, the alter egos of former actors and. BBC America provided a live simulcast of BBC One's coverage, albeit with limited commercial breaks.

The wedding was also aired on the 's national broadcaster.

Comments in a "posh" British accent by a self-claimed British expert on some media turned out to be by an American,.

Traditionally, royal princes have been awarded prior to their marriages; this occurred with both of Prince Harry's uncles, the and the, as well as his elder brother, the. Hours before the wedding, Prince Harry was granted the titles,, and, and Markle assumed the style "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex" upon marriage.


British reactions to a mixed-race American marrying into the British royal family ()

The wedding was widely reported as being significant for its departure from tradition typically associated with the Royal Family and for its inclusion of in the service. It was described as a "landmark for African Americans", for, black and mixed-race women, and for the Royal Family itself. Other reports cited more limited impact, including that "Markle being biracial as opposed to African American impeded black people embracing her as one of their own".

The wedding, particularly Markle's choice of dress, as well as the cake and flowers, influenced the choices of other British brides for their weddings.


The couple did not leave for their the day after their marriage, and were both scheduled to carry out public engagements in the week after the wedding. The location of the honeymoon had been kept secret, although the press speculated that they might be headed to locations such as,, and.

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  1. On official statements and wedding invitations, the couple were referred to as His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle.
  2. American married, in 1937, after, becoming the Duchess of Windsor, but without the style 'Royal Highness'.
  3. The Duke of Cambridge was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the British Army in December 2006 before joining the Blues and Royals as a troop commander. In January 2009, he transferred his commission to the Royal Air Force.
  4. Prince Harry served as an officer in the.
  5. ^ Prince Harry served with these units in.
  6. Two officers of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, Major Prakash Gurung MVO and Major Chandrabahadur Pun, served at the steps of the chapel as door openers. Major Pun served with Prince Harry during his first tour of Afghanistan; Major Gurung was the Prince's guide and escort during an official visit to Nepal in 2016.
  7. Prince Harry holds the appointment of, Small Ships and Diving.
  8. Prince Harry holds the appointment of.
  9. Prince Harry holds the appointment of Honorary Air Commandant,.


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