Different ponytail styles for school girls 2018

She is wearing a gorgeous dress, her fancy shoes and a sparkling hair accessory – shouldn’t her hairstyle be extraordinary too? 

 Most girls are not blessed with a full head of spiral curls. When dressed for a formal occasion such as a flower girl in a wedding, a ballerina in a dance recital, or a finalist in a pageant, one of the biggest challenges is having a girls hairstyle that is easy to prepare and lasts for the entire event.    

When my 5 year old daughter had her first dance recital, I took her to our talented hairstylist to have her hair styled before her dance photo. She looked beautiful in her new young girl hair style and she was so proud of her new curls! All the other moms commented on Kelli’s darling hair style and wanted to know how I had given her those gorgeous curls. Well, I explained I had not – my hair stylist had preformed the magic (I just paid a little less than for that darling look.) Too bad we can’t afford to have her hair styled for every special occasion!

The next day styles was a preschool day – Kelli just loved her new girl hair style so much she asked if I could give her some curls. Well, why couldn’t I give her the little girl’s hair style just as the stylist had done the day before?  I had talked to my stylist while she styled Kelli’s hair and watched the entire process. So I heated up my curling iron and went to work. I was very careful around her face and neck to prevent burns and followed the same steps the hair stylist used for creating Kelli’s new girl hair style including the hair spray. Her hair looked pretty good – for about 20 minutes. We live in the humid Texas Gulf Coast – those curls started to fall and by the time we arrived at preschool, nobody could even tell we had worked for about 25 minutes curling her hair!   

When we returned to the hair salon, I mentioned that Kelli’s dance recital was on a Sunday (the studio is closed) and asked for tips on keeping the little girls hairstyle looking good. She told me about a stylist secret she had learned at a hair stylist show that would keep her hair in beautiful curls all day! 

Well, I tried her secret (without the hair stylist papers and I made some changes of my own) for the dance recital.  It actually worked and held in the humidity without hairspray all day long!  When we went out to eat, a waitress even commented on her dazzling “natural curls”! What a fantastic secret – why if everybody knew this method, it may put hair stylists out of business (at least the ones giving little girls pretty hair styles for special occasions!) I could have used this little girl formal hair style many times including: my brother's wedding, family pictures, birthday parties, tea parties, daddy/daughter dance, kids pageants just to name a few!

I perfected the method – testing it time and time again. I figured out how to get perfect curls from end to end of her hair and how to create darling hair styles that are easy and stays for hours. Also, I learned under what conditions the hair holds best and how this hair styling secret works on many different hair types of hair from straight, wavy, thin, thick and any combination. 

I cannot do a French braid to save my life, but styled the girls hair in all of our pictures in just minutes!


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