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This is not a review of Classique - so other readers, please skip this.

I have sent you a PM - and then thought that the information with which I've supplied you could be useful to others (although it should probably be on one of the forum pages, rather than a perfume review page, for which I apologise), so am cutting/pasting most of it below:

I've tried the code as well (checkcosmetic.net) and have also tried replacing the 8 with a B (sometimes the printed code isn't clear). I can't think of any other possible substitutions for the numbers/letters from the code you've uploaded. The result was the same either way - the code didn't exist.

You could try contacting JPG direct, or going into a dept store which has a JPG counter and compare the smell of the perfume to that of those on sale - although you have what is supposedly a vintage, so it may smell slightly different to the tester, due to degradation of your perfume/reformulation.

You can also check the barcode on the box (if there is one). Type the exact sequence of numbers into Google and put inverted commas around the number, like this "01234567890" (for example). This finds this exact combination and sequence of numbers and will trace everything with this number, which is the ASIN - a unique identifier for the product. Clicking on one of the hits should confirm whether this ASIN relates to the product you have bought - although, if this is a true vintage perfume, it may not work, as I am unsure when this system was introduced.

In all honesty though, I think you may have bought a fake. In your position, I would first contact the seller and see what their response is. Also, check their feedback and see whether there is a history of other buyers suggesting the perfumes they sell are fake (although I would always advise doing this before buying). It could be that this is a genuine error on the seller's part of course, as they could have bought the perfume themselves and sold it on in good faith, particularly if this is a private, rather than business, seller.

If the seller is uncooperative, open a case through eBay, explaining exactly what you have found out by checking the batch code etc. In my experience, eBay is supportive of buyers (in fact, the buyer often has far greater protection and rights than the seller). I have bought Max Factor mascara which was fake from an eBay seller; on reporting this to eBay, I was instructed to destroy the mascara, rather than returning it to the seller (which - potentially - would have enabled them to sell the product again).

Hope this is of some help.

ETA In the UK, you could also try contacting your local Trading Standards (through your Local Authority/Council) for advice. However, I am not sure how much they will be able to help, other than providing much the same advice as I have; all LAs are under a great deal of financial pressure, so it's possible you may not receive anything other than a very generic response.


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