Fashion trends summer foto shoes 2018

fashion trends summer foto shoes 2018 Sneakers are the shoe of our fashion era. Full stop. The world LOVES wearing sneakers, and retailers stock them in deep assortments because they sell like hot cakes. It helps that these days “almost” anything goes in fashion and style which means that sneakers can be integrated into most outfits.

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The Fashion Spot foto reports that several just-released fragrances rely on more Summery notes like citrus and cherry as signatures. In …

11 October

11 October

10 October

9 October

8 October

4 October

There was an interesting discussion about mood dressing on our forum recently. The upshot was that uniform dressing is the antithesis …

2 October

A sustainable children’s collection at H&M, a new fashion documentary series, and more news from the fashion trenches this …

28 September

28 September

According to The Guardian there are four main camps when it comes to boots this Autumn: knee-high, ’80s ankle, western, and …

27 September

27 September

I edit and review my closet every month because I like to know exactly what I have in my wardrobe, how it all works together, and …

25 September

Earth tones are on trend. It’s been years since fashion and retail gave them some love, so it’s about time. A good retail …

24 September

21 September

If you’ve had an exceptional run with some Summer purchases, now is a good time to duplicate some of the workhorses and wardrobe …

20 September

I used to wear pointy-toe ankle strap pumps with a two inch heel a lot in warm weather (sometimes without the ankle strap). The pointy …

19 September

17 September

14 September

Starting this season, London Fashion Week is going fur-free, which means no animal fur will be used in any official runway show or …

13 September

I recently complained about the fact that quality is consistently inconsistent these days, but there are exceptions to this …

13 September

7 September

It’s getting harder and harder to find quality wardrobe items. A high price point does not guarantee high quality, and a low …

6 September

There have been comments on the blog and forum lately about not wanting to wear midi skirts and dresses when you have muscular calves …

5 September

4 September

Epoch Sole Solution is the foot cream of all foot creams because it REALLY works. I’ve tried many things — even Vicks …

3 September

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