Gold simple promise rings 2018

mens engagement rings

Here at we provide you with an exquisite collection of modern and gold simple promise rings 2018 traditional mens rings at amazing prices while still providing you with high end service from our customer support and comprehensive policies. Whether you want simplicity, traditional, modern or a fusion of both, we have a range of men’s and dress rings that will suit.

Our modern metals collection is strong and really takes the ‘lifetime commitment’ of a wedding gold seriously. The bands are durable with scratch proof and warp proof elements depending on what metal suits your lifestyle best. Our titanium range is light and indestructible. Our tungsten is weighty and solid with a scratch proof warranty.

Our more traditional metal range is timeless and romantic and encompasses everything a marriage should be. From fine detailing to simple wedding bands we can produce almost any width and style from yellow and white gold or add a more modern twist and have your new ring created in platinum or palladium.

While we have a large collection of modern metals that can be express shipped to you for that emergency wedding or mens gift, our traditional precious metals are custom made to order. Please contact us today if we can help with your mens rings questions.

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