Gucci perfume flora price 2018


Flora is musky but fresh, lightly floral and gently 'boozy' which is hard to pull off. I love the rose carried through it even if the rose doesn't like my price body chemistry (rose always ends up releasing early on my skin, leaving a musty mildew smell behind).

It's one of those subtle, very slightly sweet implacable but layered not muddy scents.
It's one of the perfumes which remind me of St.Germain or Eiswein, it's a wafting bouquet, not crushed dried stale mush.

My hallmark fragrance to which I compare all other florals is ChanelNo22, especially on my skin, which does not read florals in a balanced way.
My body chemistry reads "green" and "chypre" male scents and eaus better than extraits, usually.

When I find samples GF EDP in magazines, I tear them out and put them in my t shirt drawer.
Today,laying around my house in my t shirt, I'm wearing a hand made necklace made from mint dental floss haha (It's a lovely necklace, to be sure!)
This charming minty necklace was in my hanky drawer with chewing gum packets.

Well, scent snobs as well as signature-seeking neophytes, pay attention to this lesson in "layering":
Simple everyday scents transform our fancy perfumes in magical ways! (for better or worse)

These two smells on me are faint but nice together
fresh herbacious green-flowery (spearmint)+ honeysuckle(the GF osmanthus,probably).

My chemistry profile:
oily, fatty body with hot, dry skin, high brunette/red hair
(We don't wrinkle in my family but we do have to drink a lot of water and watch out for eczema)

Although I love this scent, I am finding this surprising approach to wearing it because

On my skin,Flora can get a slight chemical smell,almost mildewy leather.I wouldn't be surprised if it's the rose and base notes, none of those sit well on my skin usually. On me it's faint but noticeable enough that I haven't bought any (affordable minis).

It's got potential for the right weather/chemistry, though.I hate how perfume smells on me in summer (becomes cloying or suffocating with my oily, hot chemistry) lightly, one GF spritz could be okay.


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