Hair news update 2018

As one of the top two hair growth treatments projected to reach the market in 2018, Replicel’s RCH-01 has a lot of people’s attention these days. When it was announced that the global cosmetic company Shiseido would trial Replicel’s hair growth technology in Japan, there was also talk from Shiseido that the treatment could reach the market in Japan as early as 2018. 

I know you’re all aware that the current year is, in fact, 2018 and hair news update 2018 hair we’re already into April. So, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the progress of Replicel’s RCH-01 as we know it. Coincidentally, Replicel has been engaging in a “2018 Look Ahead” social media campaign over the last month, and I am a fan of it. Below, I’ll share and give commentary on a few of the images Replicel has shared on its Twitter account since the beginning of March.

 These images have been shared on Replicel’s Twitter along with the caption:

In 2018, Replicel shareholders should expect to see…”

I mean, that’s what we’re here for right? It’s positive to see that Replicel, an established business partner of Shiseido, is still anticipating data this year from Shiseido’s trial of RCH-01 in Japan. Depending upon the results of the data, we know that Shiseido would have the opportunity to make RCH-01 available in Japan to consumers worldwide. It’s also a reminder that Shiseido has been trialing RCH-01 on both men and women.

More worthwhile stuff here. It was in June 2017 that Replicel announced a research collaboration with the University of British Columbia to create a gene and protein expression “map” of hair follicle cells. As you can read above, the intention of the study is to identify gene and protein expressions that will help Replicel improve its cell therapies. i.e. potentially create more hair growth.

This item is less specific than the others, however it speaks to collaboration and product development. Replicel has had some time over the years to further develop its cell therapies and I’m interested in what types of advancements they might have made.

I hope you have enjoyed this check-in for RCH-01 which has sat atop the Ultimate Guide to Hair Regeneration for the last three years. Look out for more updates soon from Replicel and other companies which are closest to bringing forth products to market in 2018.

Images sourced from Replicel’s Twitter.


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