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Costumes to Wear With Your Chucks


Halloween is right around the corner, and most of us will inevitably be scrambling to find a costume. Your shoes can make or break a costume: imagine wearing a fantastic Joker costume but ruining it by wearing a pair of slippers. But there are some great Halloween costumes you can wear this season with your chucks. Here are some ideas.

Greaser: One of the most iconic Halloween looks is the greaser look. The greaser costume is most likely inspired by the movie or maybe. There are a few different ways you can pull off the look. A black leather jacket, a white t-shirt underneath, denim jeans and a pair of black chucks is the most iconic and one of the best go-to costumes anyone can do no matter what time or party.

Eleven: One of the biggest characters right now is Eleven from Netflix’s. Eleven’s outfit is quite simple. A pink dress paired with a blue cardigan, a pair of high white striped socks and white high top chucks. Also, make sure not to forget the waffles.


Halloween costumes with chucks

Costumes of (from left to right) Eleven and Greaser.


Chucky: If you are looking to wear your chucks with a frightening look, the killer child is a perfect choice. Chucky’s outfit just consists of a rainbow or colorful long sleeve shirt with blue overalls, a red-haired wig and a pair of red and white chucks. The giant knife is optional of course.

Clown: Dressing up as a clown for Halloween is probably the most popular option. There are two options you can go with to wear chucks with a clown costume. One is to go with the cheerful, silly clown with a red nose and a pair of giant red chucks is the shoes to wear with that costume. The other option is the killer clown costume (like the movie ) that still includes a pair of red chucks, but the comedic size isn’t necessary. Depending on how scary the look is, the shoes may go unnoticed.


These are just a few options out of the many possibilities to choose from. No matter what costume you want this Halloween, you can make a pair of chucks a part of the look and dominate your Halloween party, Trick or Treat or simply to show it off for Instagram.



The Ultimate Chucks Themed Halloween Movie Marathon!


The month of October is a time for spooks, scares, monsters, and ghouls. The entire month can be summed up by the build for Halloween, with everyone getting into the spirit by getting their costumes and candy ready. One easy way to get into the Halloween spirit is to watch some of your favorite scary movies. There’s nothing spookier than staying in on a dark, October night and watching a film that keeps you on the edge of seat the whole time. If you can also see your favorite shoe while doing that, then it’s a win-win situation. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best options to fill your month of October with thrills, chills, and chucks.


Halloween chucks

So many great films to watch in a pair of Halloween themed chucks!


Some great All Star films that will give you a healthy dose of both spooks and chucks include the 2007 remake of the horror classic, the 2007 historical thriller, the 2016 remake of the ghoulish comedy, the interesting 2008 thriller, the family friendly 1998 classic, the creepy 2009 film, and the scariest film of all time, 1980’s. All of these films feature characters wearing chucks in some of the scariest scenes on the silver screen, and there’s a little something for everyone. Thrillers, ghost stories, and family friendly scares all await you this month, so head on over to the “Chucks In Film” page to find information about all these great films and have a Happy Halloween!



New Suede Shoes


With the fall season just starting and the cold and ugly weather heading into many states, you might be in the market for some new shoes. Maybe you want something that will last a while. In that case the new Chuck Taylor All Star 70 “Suede” Pack could be the best shoe to buy. The new chucks now come in five different colorways: Violet, “Blue Hero,” Ivory, Black, and Green. Every pair in the pack features a smooth suede material that will be great for long lasting use and contains mountain inspired details with a military-inspired converse patch.


Three of the brand new colors (black, green, ivory) are fall-appropriate, with very subtle tones that allow the rest of your outfit to shine, while the violet and blue colors pop out a bit more and make sense when wearing more shirts, hoodies, and jeans in greys, blacks, and white colors. The suede pack shoes also include metal eyelets and canvas tongues while still keeping the classic All Star look.


Suede pack chucks

New Chuck Taylor All Star 70 “Suede” Pack shoes in black and ivory.


Not only are these new chucks a throwback to the classic Chuck Taylor design, but the suede uppers also give a throwback feel to the days when suede was the trend. The new chucks are going for, which is a pretty good deal for a pair of suede sneakers that will last longer than regular chucks. The Ivory, Black, and Green chucks were released in September, while the blue and violet chucks came out in 2015. Make sure to get yourself one or two of the new suede pack chucks soon.



Start Fall Off Right With These Chucks


Chucks are shoes that are used to taking a beating and many people like their chucks to have a “used” look to them. However, you still don’t want your chucks to be destroyed. The new Converse and GORE-TEX collaboration will make any daily chuck user happy. GORE-TEX is a clothing brand that is known for their hiking and their weather-resistant clothing, and now they have added a pair of chucks to their catalog.


The new GORE-TEX is a Converse Chuck Taylor 70 sneaker with a weather repellent canvas upper and all-condition-ready tongue and lining throughout the shoe, while retaining the classic Chuck Taylor look. There are six different colorways: all-black, all-over print pink, all-over print black, white, orange upper, and white upper. Each pair will feature a sizeable GORE-TEX logo on each pair in different locations.


GORE-TEX chucks

An all-black pair of GORE-TEX Chuck 70s.


With the autumn season officially starting in the United States and winter coming in the next few months, a pair of weather-resistant chucks seems like an extremely logical choice. These chucks will be able to take the harsh punishment of the colder seasons, while still keeping the famous chuck look. GORE-TEX chucks are a new, modern style from the typical boots that many people will wear this time of year. The GORE-TEX chucks are set to be released on October 1st and will likely be sold out very quickly upon release. Lace up and embrace the colder seasons with these new chucks.



The New Chucks All The Celebrities Will Be Wearing


The Japanese fashion label Comme des Garcons teamed up with Converse to bring one of this year most talked about chucks. The new chucks are under the Comme des Garcons PLAY line, unveiling their collaboration with Converse to make a new Chuck Taylor 1970s sneaker.


The new Comme des Garcons PLAY chucks come in both high and low tops. The new chucks come in a cream color, as well as a khaki colorway option, with all the sneakers featuring a repeated hearted pattern of the Comme des Garcons famous logo. This isn’t the first time Converse and Comme des Garcons have collaborated, not even this year. These new chucks come off the heels of a successful solid black and white release, and then a black “polka dot” edition.


Comme des Garcons chucks

New Comme des Garcons PLAY Chucks


The Comme des Garcons PLAY line is the company’s biggest line due to its famous heart-eye logo and the success that the brand has had with younger fans. The collaboration could bring many chuck lovers and HYPEBEAST fans together with this shoe. The likes of Kanye West, Drake, Pharell Williams, Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlake have been seen wearing Comme des Garcons apparel, which has not only help their sale because they are celebrities but these men are some of the biggest fashion influences in the industry today. The price is set at around 135 USD. If you like these chucks, make sure to get these before your favorite celebrity is spotted in them and they are completely sold out.



Wear To Reward With These New Chucks


Converse and Dr. Woo have collaborated to introduce another new set of chucks for this season. Dr. Woo is a famous Los Angeles based tattoo artist, who is known to tattoo some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. This isn’t the first time Dr. Woo has collaborated with Converse to make a pair of chucks, and due to the positive response from the first collection, Converse went back to work with the famous tattoo artist on another collection for the shoe brand.


Dr. Woo’s collection is two different pairs of chuck 70 sneakers, but these chucks are unlike a traditional collaborated chuck, these are incredibly creative. The new pair of chucks changes in design the more wear and tear that happens to the chucks. There is a black and gold pair and a green and white pair, that both change colors respectively.


Dr. Woo high top chucks

Dr. Woo’s “Wear to Reveal” Chuck 70 sneakers.


In an interview with Nike News, Woo stated the reason behind creating such a creative chuck: “The way you receive your shoe is not the end game. It is fully pliable and moldable to however the wearer wants to wear it. Putting your shoe through that is the reward — seeing how it gets beat up.” Chucks are known for being sneakers that can get beaten up and still look great, but Woo decided to take it a step further and reward chuck fans for wearing the chucks over time. These chucks will make fans excited to wear them for months and see the changes in colors and design.



New Shirts on Converse.com


Converse recently added a bunch of new shirts to their storefront, and the varying designs, colors, and styles has fans excited. This shirt drop has come just in time for Converse lovers to update their wardrobe for the Fall season. With an assortment of long sleeves and short sleeves, bright colors and darks, womens and mens, the wide variety of tops Converse has released has something for everybody.


The first shirt released is a unisex, Pride top designed by pop superstar Miley Cyrus. Cyrus has a long standing relationship with chucks, and this top is very on brand for her. Featuring bright, shimmering polka dots this shirt comes in black and white. The next shirt is a Converse branded hockey jersey that comes in the colors of three NHL hockey teams: the LA Kings, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the New York Rangers. With hockey season just around the corner, these shirts are a perfect way to show your love for the sport and chucks at the same time. Converse has also released a long sleeve shirt that comes in yellow and burgundy, and is a perfect look for the colder Fall and Winter weather. Converse has also dropped 3 different crop tops that come in varying black, white, plaid, and pink. There’s even a long sleeve one for when your arms are cold but your belly isn’t. Finally, there is a Converse crew neck shirt that comes in white and features a colorful array of patches that feature Converse branding. All the shirts mentioned here fall in the price range of -, making this collection of new tops a good value.


Converse tee shirts

Left to right top: Miley Cyrus, hockey, long sleeve, Converse patch tee; bottom left to right: crop top long sleeve, plaid, track shirt.


The unisex Miley Cyrus polka dot shirt comes in white or black and costs. The Converse hockey jerseys come in three colors and run. The long sleeve shirts cost, come in five colors, and are perfect for the Fall weather. The crop top long sleeve comes in three colors and costs. This plaid crop top comes in two colors and costs. The track shirt costs and has a metallic finish on its gold design elements. The t-shirt costs and features a colorful array of Converse themed patches. So if you’re in the market for a new top this Fall, head over to Converse.com to check out the newest and coolest shirts out there!



Essential Chucks For Punks


Just about everyone wears Chuck Taylors. No matter your race, class, or style, you can go into any environment and likely see a pair of chucks. However, chucks have always been a staple on the punk culture. The punk rock style always loved chucks, and one of the biggest punk bands in history has collaborated with Converse to make a new sneaker. The famous punk group Suicidal Tendencies has released a brand new Chuck 70 high top.


The new chucks feature a vintage canvas upper with a digital print based on the band’s original artwork. It also features a Suicidal Tendencies leather patch on the outsides, a Suicidal Tendencies band logo woven heel stay, and two sets of additional shoelaces including a Suicidal Tendencies printed band logo lace.


Suicidal Tendencies high top chuck, inside patch view.

Suicidal Tendencies Chuck 70 High Top, inside patch view


Suicidal Tendencies chucks were issued on September 7th, the same day as the band released their new album Still Cyco Punk After All These Years. The same day the limited edition chucks priced at a pair were released on Converse.com, they sold out, which goes to prove the band’s continued relevance and legacy even after all these years. Mike Muir, the legendary front man of Suicidal Tendencies commented on what the new collaboration means to him: “Just as young Mike will never forget putting on his first pair of chucks, I can’t wait to relive that amazing feeling with the new Converse x Suicidal Tendencies, a massively proud moment for the band, our fans and of course me personally!” These chucks will be hard find now, but they will be a coveted pair for all hardcore punk fans.



The Chuck 70 Custom City Collection


Converse has added a new line of custom Chuck 70 models to their Fall lineup. The Custom City Collection celebrates the style and attitude of some of the world’s most well known cities by taking inspiration from those who live there. Using the Chuck 70 as the background, and featuring a wide array of custom features and colorways unique to each city, this collection is the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe.


City Collection chucks

The Custom Chucks City Collection features unique designs dedicated to some of the world’s most well known cities.


The five cities represented in this collection are Los Angeles, London, Paris, Shanghai, and New York City, and they all have their own custom wordmarks that are imprinted on the sidewall. Each city has three default color models, but these can be mixed and matched with the Customizer. This allows you even greater freedom to set yourself apart from the pack, and also lets you add colors that are specific to your city. You can also add any of the usual custom features such as a personal embroidered iD, and embroidered letters on each foot. Each model comes with a custom cityscape patch in place of the classic All Star logo, and each patch features the city’s iconic skyline and landmarks. These designs truly are about the city, and every design aspect reflects this. From the colors to the wordmark to the patch, these shoes will let everyone know which city you love. The Custom Chucks City Collection costs, but that steep price is more than made up for by the individuality available from custom color combinations and from repping your favorite city.



Bringing Chucks Back to the NBA


Depending on your age, you remember or have heard stories of NBA players wearing chucks. Before players had their own shoes, NBA players rocked Converse, specifically, the classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Though the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe is one of the biggest and best-known shoes and today is usually seen as a casual, everyday shoe, it was designed to be a basketball shoe. From the 1930s through the 1970s it was the premiere shoe for basketball.


Wilt and

Wilt Chamberlin (left) and Bill Russell wearing pairs of Chuck Taylor All Stars.


One of the main selling points of chucks is and has always been the versatility of the shoes. They are great for so many occasions, including the court. Stars of the league like Wilt Chamberlin dominated the sixties and seventies while famously wearing chucks. Bill Russell won thirteen NBA Championships for the Boston Celtics throughout the 50s and 60s all while rocking chucks. With so many players signing with different shoe brands, chucks haven’t been spotted on NBA floors as much, and were last worn on a regular basis in the late 70s and early 80s.


The NBA collaborated with Converse to bring basketball fans for specific franchises Chuck 70 High Top Sneakers, as well as a legends collections. Whether you are a Los Angeles Lakers fan, excited about the new season with LeBron James or want to relive the days and colors of the old school Philadelphia 76ers, there is something for you. Though it is unknown if NBA players will go back to sporting chucks in the near future, there is always a chance due to the popularity and history of the Converse brand. Also games like NBA 2K still feature chucks as an option to wear.



The New Chucks for Skaters


Los Angeles skateboarder Sean Pablo has collaborated with Converse CONS to make his own Chuck Taylor All Star Pro sneaker. The new chucks are made in a red and white colorway with unique artwork done by Pablo himself. The choice to make the collaborated sneaker the famous All Star Pro came from Sean Pablo.


These chucks are undoubtedly meant for a particular audience. The sharpie like writing all over the shoe and the “darkness” like theme of the drawings may turn some hardcore fans of chucks off. Both red and white colorways have two different drawings on the chucks. However, Pablo has proven to get people interested as it is selling out everywhere very quickly after its release on August 3rd, 2018. It’s a version of chucks that pays respect to skateboard culture with writing on the chucks that became popular to do throughout the world. It also has a darker and more of a punk style that has excited Pablo’s fans and many skaters alike.


Sean Pablo chucks

The CONS X SEAN PABLO Chuck Taylor All Star Pro.


Luckily, Pablo’s chucks aren’t going for an insane price like some of the other custom designs from celebrities. If you can find them at a retailer, they are going for. Of course, these chucks will be a hot commodity for a while, and if you are a part of the skateboard culture or are just looking to get some rare, unique looking chucks, these should be on the top of your list.



Hello Kitty Chucks Are Here!


Converse has unveiled a brand new line of chucks that are branded with the Japanese icon Hello Kitty. These chucks come in a variety of styles and sizes for both kids and adults, which opens up the possibility of matching outfits for their parents and children. This collection goes beyond shoes though, as it features a slew of shirts, sweaters, and bags, all of which are great back to school options.


Hello Kiyy chucks

So kawaii!


The Hello Kitty collection features a wide variety of styles that utilize the iconic imagery of the beloved cartoon cat. There are two different types of chucks that are available: a black, low top version that has the Hello Kitty face plastered all over it, and a white, high top version that features a simpler design of Hello Kitty and Friends. Each version has the phrase “Say hello when you see me” written on the sidewall as well. There is also a Chuck 70 high top model that is pastel pink with a large Hello Kitty face on the side. This shoe also includes the added features of a clear outsole with bow print and a Hello Kitty bow on the toe cap. Price wise, the black low tops are retailing for, the white high tops for, and the pink Chuck 70s for 0. Each pair comes in a special Hello Kitty themed box as well, upping the cute factor even further. So whether you’re buying for the young or the young at heart, the Converse Hello Kitty collection has plenty of great options for those who love kawaii cats and chucks!



The Stories Are True


Converse has been uploading new videos to their YouTube channel over the past month, the very first of which kicked off their “All The Stories Are True” ad campaign for the Chuck Taylor All Star. This video features Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown riding in the passenger seat of a car telling a story about her time wearing chucks on the red carpet, and how it empowered her to not just follow the mold of what is acceptable to wear in Hollywood. This is just the first story told, as other ads tell a diverse array tales that range from interrupting a wedding to using chucks to cheat on a test. Yes that’s right, just in time for back to school shopping Converse is showing how Chuck Taylors have been used as a “study guide” in the past. While they specifically state in the description of the video that Converse doesn’t condone cheating, that doesn’t make the story any less true or funny.


Stories are True logo

Converse’s new ad campaign puts chucks at the forefront.


This campaign has not only included video ads on YouTube and other platforms, but it has also included a social media push on the Converse Instagram account that features pictures that are posted with a story. These tales include teenage outings to a diner, a first crush leaving flowers in a locker, and riding a bike off the roof onto a mattress pile. This campaign showcases the long history of chucks, and highlights how they have indeed become a part of American culture. As one Instagram post states, chucks have been “helping kids sneak out of bedroom windows since 1917.” They’ve also been there for so much more, and yes, all the stories are true.



Share a Coke With Your Chucks


Kith has teamed up with Converse for a collaboration, introducing the brand new Coca-Cola Chuck 70 sneakers. The Kith x Coca-Cola x Chuck collaboration has unveiled four pairs of the Chuck 70 design. The models of chucks are inspired by the United States, France, Russia and China respectively. The color schemes represent each country and reflect international unity. The four models are a red pair with white Coca-Cola writing (invoking the classic Coca-Cola design), a blue pair with red and white lettering, a white pair with light blue and red lettering spelling Koka in the light blue and Cola in the classic red, and finally a yellow pair with red lettering reading Ojo-Cola.


Kith-Coca Cola high top chucks

The Kith-Coca Cola-Converse high top Chuck 70 models.


All four pairs have a cream midsole with a green translucent outsole and are made with a frayed denim on the high-top instead of the traditional trimmed canvas upper. The phrase “We stand as one. We live as many” is written across the insoles. There is also a velcro Kitch bottlecap patch in place of the typical Converse Chuck Taylor All Star patch that is famous on chucks. These sneakers were just released August 17th for 0 and shut down the Kith.com website; these chucks will undoubtedly be a must-have for sneakerheads and lovers of chucks. If you are able to find them online or when they are restocked, make sure to get them as quick as you can, and pair it with an ice cold bottle of coke to match.



The Chucks You Need Before School


School is about to start for high school and college students all across the country. New classes, new friends and with that comes new clothes. The right pair of chucks can make you feel good, look good and make you confident for the new semester. Let’s talk about the most popular and most stylish Chuck Taylors right now. There is, of course, the Chuck Taylor All Star Classic that is one of the staples of the sneaker industry; the shoe is versatile, comes in many colors, and goes perfectly with a pair of basketball shorts or khaki shorts, something very casual.


For women, denim shorts are perfect as it lets there be room to see the whole shoe. There will undoubtedly be a few classmates wearing a pair throughout the year, no matter how big your class is. The low tops are much more popular for women, especially recently with the pastel trend going on. If you decide to go this way, try making everything else light and straightforward, with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. That way that pastel color still stands out in your look.


Transparent off white chucks

The Converse All Star Chuck Taylor 70 Off-White high top.


If you’re looking to go all out this school year, try to find the Off-White 70s chucks. The Off-White collaborations have been quite popular for sneakerheads. The chucks are dynamic and different with their transparent look. Make sure to get a dark pair of cuffed jeans so that the shoe is the star of your outfit. Also, clean socks are key to the look.



Back To School for Kids


School is right around the corner, which means that it is about time for every retail and online store to have their back to school day sales. Of course, with kids entering a new year, it’s also time for back to school clothes. Chuck Taylor sneakers continue to be very popular with kids headed back to school. Converse has you covered whether you are a kid, excited about a new year or a parent, looking to buy some new shoes for your kids right before school.


One of the best things about chucks is the variety. Whether that be in the color, design or sizes, a pair of chucks is available for just about any look desired. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you may be buying; you can find a pair of chucks that match. If you are a kid or a parent, there is no need to worry about what trends that are going around, because Converse All Stars are consistently fashionable. A pair of chucks is always a smart option because they go well with whatever school clothing your kid is wearing.


Kids wearing chucksschool kids wearing chucks

These kids are ready for school with new pairs of chucks.


Another great thing for any buyer is the how inexpensive the shoes are, especially for children who may grow out of their shoe size in a year or two. Kids who wear youth sizes can get a pair of chucks for to, in many different colors and in high, mid or low top. These prices are extremely helpful for people that are shopping on a budget or want to buy multiple pairs of chucks.



Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser Goes Viral


In the week leading up to Comic Con 2018, Netflix dropped the first teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 3. The trailer is set up as a faux commercial for the brand new Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, Indiana, the fictional town that Stranger Things takes place in. Like all of Stranger Things, this commercial is totally 1980s, highlighting Walkmans and RadioShack, and featuring a bevy of neon graphics and star wipes. The commercial also focuses on the ice cream parlor Scoops Ahoy!, which features everyone’s favorite babysitter Steve Harrington decked out in a full sailor’s outfit and greeting us with a reluctant “Ahoy”. Ahoy indeed.


Stranger Things Season 3 teaser

Starcourt mall promises to be an important location for the third season of Stranger Things.


Being set in the 80s, this ad features a lot of teens dressed in denim jackets, crunchy hair, and chucks. There are so many shots of chucks in this trailer, the majority of these being teens shopping at the many stores advertised. The wardrobes help set the time and place, and assure us that the show is keeping the 1980s nostalgia train rolling. This ad primarily sets up Starcourt Mall as an important location for season three, similar to how the high school and arcade were key parts of seasons 1 and 2. It will be interesting how Steve’s new job and this new location will affect the gang as they deal with the fallout from the end of season two. This mall is also a prime location to be taken over by the Upside Down, which will be an awesome sight. The trailer closes with the tagline that Starcourt Mall will be coming to Hawkins next summer, which could also serve as a clue about when season three will be coming to Netflix.



Rappers and Chucks


Hip Hop and fashion have always gone hand and hand, and especially sneakers. The likes of RUN DMC (My Adidas), and Wale (Nike Boots & The White Shoes) have made songs in hip-hop about the shoes they wear. Sneakers are a part of hip-hop culture and play a significant role. Chuck Taylors have always and still are one of the most significant contributors to that. While sneakers such as Jordans and Adidas and now even Yeezys are often referenced in hip-hop, Chuck Taylors have had their fair share of references from countless amount of rappers.


Tupac references chucks in the famous hit “California Love” saying “In L.A. we wearing chucks, not Ballys,” while the “Gucci Chuck Taylors with the dragon on the side” line will be remembered by anyone who has heard Clipse’s hit “Grindin.” Even recently there's been lines like “Still dirty Chuck Taylors, still hanging with the gangstas” on Machine Gun Kelly’s 2017 single ‘Golden God.’ Chucks have been a symbol of Machine Gun Kelly’s “EST” movement and relate to the motto, “Lace Up.” When the Cleveland rapper was asked by DJ Vlad why he still wears chucks despite having so much money now, MGK responded: “I like kids that see me and be like yo, he’s one of us.” If you go to a Machine Gun Kelly concert, you will see people ranging from all different races, and walks of life but one thing is almost uniformly similar, most of his fans will be wearing Converse, it’s a connection that everyone can make together.


Rappers wearing chucks

Farthest left (Machine Gun Kelly) Top middle (Wiz Khalifa)
Top bottom (Lil Wayne) and Farthest Right (Drake)


The likes of Wiz Khalifa and Vince Staples have both combined with Converse to make their own unique collection line. Khalifa contributed three different sneakers, two being in the ‘Converse All Star Swag High Top’ line, while the Pittsburgh native rapper also has a regular ‘All Star High Top’ line. Staples collection is an Orange and Black ‘Chuck 70 High Top’ Converse as well as an Orange Low Top version. The colors themes are inspired by his album “Big Fish Theory.” Chuck Taylors are a staple in hip-hop and everywhere in life. As long as Converse keep striving, you will continue to hear chucks being referenced in your favorite songs and worn by your favorite rappers.



The NFL and Chucks


The NFL season is about to begin. That means that many fans will be wearing their respective team colors on every Sunday, sometimes Monday, or even Thursday night. Of course, wearing the colors of your team may be extremely different from the colors you wear casually in everyday life. Many of the NFL jerseys may cause conflict with your shoes, For example, if you usually wear red or blue shoes but you are a Green Bay Packers fan, the contrast might not look too good.


Luckily, wearers of Converse Chuck Taylors have many options to make a custom pair in your team colors, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Starting at for shoes with classic canvas uppers, you can create a pair from their 24 color choices on the Converse website.. Some teams have two colors like the Pittsburgh Steelers (black and gold) or the Oakland Raiders (black and grey) while others have three like the New York Giants (royal blue, red, and white) and the Minnesota Vikings (purple, white, gold). You can also have leather or Chuck 70 pairs made for 0 to 0.


Three color custom design

A custom designed pair of high tops for team colors of red, gold and navy blue.


Many of the teams have at least one color that matches the classic core colors or common seasonal colors issued by Converse, so you can go simple and purchase a pair of chucks for the regular price. Just get a pair that matches one color and get some shoelaces for the second and/or third color. This is a great way to support your team and keep things subtle. Use our links to access our large inventory of shoelaces. For new shoes get the ball rolling by clicking on one of the or links that will take you to one of our affiliate stores. Then you will be dressed in style for the kickoff of the NFL season.



Videos and Short Films with Chucks


We are starting a new feature on The ChucksConnection that addresses videos and short films where actors wear chucks. These films are normally seen on websites like YouTube and Vimeo and made by amateur or aspiring filmmakers. Too short to be included on our Chuck Taylor in Films page and not released to the public through paid streaming, DVD or BlueRay, these videos and films are free for viewing, and we provide links to them on our new Videos and Short Films with Chucks page.


Videos and Shorts with chucks

Check these out on our new page.


Like our other media pages, is a work in progress. If you know of a video or short film that qualifies for this new page, send us the information and link to.



Indoor Activities With Chucks


With winter coming up, rain and snow are becoming more frequent. With that in mind, you may have to start playing your favorite sports and working out inside where it’s warm and dry from now on. This offers chuck lovers the chance to put their All Stars to use playing and working out indoors. We all know that the Chuck Taylor All Star was originally a basketball shoe designed by player/spokesperson Chuck Taylor. It was an immensely popular choice amongst collegiate and pro players throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, but fell by the wayside with the rise of Nike, Adidas, and Jordan in the 80’s and 90’s. However, the Chuck Taylor is still a viable basketball shoe for anybody playing a pickup game down at the rec center. Why buy an expensive pair of new basketball shoes when you can wear the same classic pair you wear everyday? If the shoes worked for players like Wilt Chamberlain and Bob Cousy as they won NBA Championships, then they’ll work for you down at the local rec center or gym.


wearing chucks to play basketballweightlifting in chucks

A classic that can still be played on the court today. Chucks make for an ideal weightlifting shoe.


Over the years, chucks have been adopted by other indoor sports that are a far cry from their basketball origins. The best example of this has been the appropriation of the Chuck Taylor All Star into weightlifting culture. Chucks have been a favorite of weightlifters for their classic style and flat, un-padded sole, which was difficult to find for a time in this age of ultra padded and contoured soles. This is a key aspect for many lifters choosing a shoe as padded soles disperse and displace energy, which impedes the force applied to the ground when lifting. The connection between a weightlifter and the ground must be solid so the body can tell where to implement the right amount of force, and padded soles in modern shoes simply don’t allow that kind of connection. In recent years many companies have been offering minimalist soles much like the Chuck Taylor, but for many lifters, the simple chuck is still king in gyms across the country, proving that the simple things are sometimes the best option. So this winter, make sure to keep a pair of chucks in your gym bag and on your feet as you take your physical exercise and recreation indoors.



Updating Your Chucks Collection


Converse has recently suggested that you introduce new pairs of chucks into your regular rotation. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some different colors and designs you can introduce into your shoe lineup today. Let’s start with some different ideas for the Fall and Winter seasons. If you’re a sports fan then you know that the NFL, NBA, and NHL seasons will be dominating your schedule in the coming months. Now is the perfect time of year to show off your team pride by adding team color chucks to enhance your game day look. For NBA fans, you may know that Converse has recently released a whole new NBA lineup of chucks. However, if you’d rather not splurge on these pre-made models, you can always create your own through the chucks customizer. Combine team colors of your favorites to create the perfect game day look.

new colors of chucksnew colors of chucks

(left) Chucks for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Lakers, San Jose Sharks, and Cleveland Cavaliers (right) The chucks color possibilities are endless!

If you’re not a sports fan, but you’re tired of the wearing the same classic black chucks every day, try adding a pair of seasonal colors or maybe something bold and different you’ve never worn before. Spice it up with colors that aren’t your status quo, like bright purples, golds, oranges or pinks. Try out a different design pattern like camouflage, floral, or a branded pattern like DC’s Justice League to have your chucks really stand out. A true chucks super fan could have different pairs of chucks for specific outfits, and step up their game by having fully coordinated outfits that highlight the different chucks they own. Different colored shoelaces can provide another inexpensive way to sport team colors. It’s easy to get to this kind of fandom through our affiliate stores or create custom made chucks on the Converse website. The possibilities are near endless and are only limited by your sense of style and creativity.



Are We All Supposed To Be “Forever Chuck”?


Since early 2017, Converse has been running their “Forever Chuck” campaign through a series of advertisements and YouTube videos. These videos illustrate how chucks in pop culture and in specific cities have helped forge the iconic status of the brand, and show that those who wear it are “Forever Chuck” (We have actually covered the first two of these videos previously here on ChucksConnection.com which you can check out and ). The finale of this campaign sees this ideal brought together through “a visual collage of the dreams and desires that drive a diverse cast of creative collaborators”. This last video focuses on the youth, and how they help shape and define the culture around chucks.


Forever Chuck still

What does it mean to be “Forever Chuck”?


However, this sentiment has left some people feeling excluded, and those people have said that “Forever Chuck” only applies to millennials born in the mid to late 1990’s. These people though, are missing the point of the campaign. This campaign is meant to invoke the spirit of youth, not to say that only youth matters. The goal here is not to necessarily exclude the older generation of chucks fans, but remind them of why they fell in love with the shoe in the first place. This campaign is to remind you of those carefree summers in chucks, and the ideas that were dreamed up as you and friends looked to the future. The campaign’s goal is to make us all remember and reconnect with that spirit, and never let it go. We should all aim to be “Forever Chuck” because being “Forever Chuck” means that we are forever young and forever free.



For Elegant Use Only


Good condition black Converse All Stars can be worn with virtually any outfit, including a suit and tie. You probably wouldn’t want to wear them to a highly formal job interview, but in terms of everyday fashion they’re more than acceptable. The regular canvas All Stars are fine just the way they are, but if you’re looking to step your style game up to the next level, think about investing in a pair of leather All Stars.


You still probably wouldn’t want to wear the leather versions to a high stakes job interview, but just like their canvas counterparts, they break no rules in the unspoken laws of fashion. There’s something about leather shoes that gives them the appearance of being upper class, defiantly not snobbish, but undeniably more sophisticated. The shoes are sort of a style dichotomy composed of youthful informality and mature elegance. These styles rarely work together, like wearing a pair of Italian loafers with cargo shorts, but black leather chucks make the unusual combinations of fashion fit together perfectly.


Leather high top chucks

Leather All Stars combine the elegance of fine leather dress shoes with the youthful spirit of chucks.


Aside from their unusual but nonetheless well-designed combination of fashion, the leather All Stars also have much to offer in terms of sheer functionality. Canvas is prone to rips, has a tendency to soak through with water, has a vulnerability to stains and the ink fades. The leather is a tougher alternative, as it is much more difficult to rip. They are by no means waterproof, but are slightly more water resistant as leather is. As for stains and fading ink, leather is far more resistant to staining and fading dye can be counteracted with black shoe polish. If back isn’t your color they also come in white, and are sold on the Converse and other websites for.




Gift Ideas For That Chucks Person On Your List


Finding the right gift at the right price is often difficult, especially if you are on a budget. If you know (or are) someone who is an enthusiatic fan and wearer of chucks, what do you get that person besides a new pair of chucks? These days a new pair is a big gift, with the prices ranging between to 0 for most new pairs. Luckily The ChucksConnection is here to assist you with a short list of credible gifts that range in price from to and appropriate for people of all ages. Go to our to see the complete list of our recommendations.


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