A Gothic Tomboy Story (mini movie)

How to Be a Gothic Tomboy

You love being one of the guys, but you have darker things to do. If your conflicting between Tomboy and Gothic don't despair, no need to chose one over the other. Read on to learn to incorporate your sport loving, no nonsense, rough around the edges, into your dark, bookworm, hardcore style.


  1. Start out with A) being a tomboy; or B) being goth.Once you've gotten into one of these styles down, you can slowly start to develop the other.
  2. This isn't a 'rules to live by' kind of Wiki, any step you don't think suits you then skip it.Neither of these styles are discriminating, or rigid, so overall both have a pretty laid back attitude.

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If you start with Tomboy

  1. Determine what style of Goth you are aiming for. punk-style clothing leans towards the hardcore tomboy-style your used to, search online for some basics like mesh/fishnet tops, belts, hair extension, and pretty much anything else that catches your eye.
  2. Go to thrift stores for cheap, original clothes, instead of buying manufactured 'wannabe goth' clothes from a store like Hot Topic. They have nice items, but getting your entire wardrobe there is expensive, and way too commercial. Even mainstream clothing stores have basic pieces, (like pinstriped pants, black sweaters, and such), that will help your wardrobe much less expensively than specialty store buys.
  3. Music is key. Music is a must. Learn the music and how it influenced many Goths (and yourself). Some good bands are Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Cure, Bauhaus, and Sisters of Mercy. These are the basics, which most Goths tend to listen to a lot (don't force yourself). They also know a lot about the song lyrics, meanings, and history of the band. Don't forget to learn the band members' names too! This is important if you ever strike up a conversation with another Goth. Nothing is worse than ending up tongue-tied when talking to a Goth. That gets you the Poser for life reward (CONGRATULATIONS!).
  4. Accessorize. Accessories will complete the look and add a more sensual touch to any outfit. Essential accessories include:
    • Bracelets - charm bracelets or silver/soft coloured bangles go well with casual or fancy outfits. Hardcore styles include studs, braided, and leather.
    • Most tomboys go for hardcore accessories like lather cuffs, studded belts, fingerless gloves, most punk accessories (just skip the zippers and safety pins or anything else that seems stupid and unnecessary)
  5. Start reading. Many goths love to read. Suggested authors include Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Faulkner, Jack Kerouac, Christopher Marlowe, Anne Rice, William S. Burroughs, Storm Constantine, Ellen Schreiber, Melissa Marr and The Brontë sisters. But you can read some books that are from different authors and you don't have to read books from authors that are suggested here. A lot of goths like sci-fi or fantasy, but don't read something you're not into. Goths would rather learn about what you are interested in than discuss something you clearly only read to 'look Goth'!
  6. Have fun. Don’t force yourself to follow these guides so strictly that you forget about enjoying yourself. Remember that true Goths don’t live by 'da rules', they act as they wish and turn out to be goths. Do what makes you happy for example if you Love listening to rap songs, then go ahead and listen to rap songs; not many goths will think you're less goth because of it. Develop your own style naturally, by being influenced by what you read and see, not by following "How to be" lists. If you have a genuine interest in a scene, you will naturally be influenced as you get into the subculture. In other words be you. Being Goth is about being independent and being yourself. Goth is a subculture, and everyone in it is as unique as a snowflake. They have different music tastes, different hobbies and occupations, different religions, you get the picture. You don't need to do anything to be goth. And don't label yourself. You are you, and if you fit into Goth Subculture, good for you!

If You Start with Goth

  1. Start hanging around boys and don't be afraid to talk to them. They will start to be your friends. (results may vary)
  2. Even if you hang with Goth guys, you still get the tomboy look and you can do the Gothic things you love. Just be sure to balance "normal" guys with goth guys.
  3. Get into sports. Board sports are good (skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, body boarding), but if the guys you hang out with aren't into that, don't be afraid to try out paintball or football. And make sure you get good at it - but don't brag. It means you'll have a chance to hang out with them at the skate park/on the slopes/at the beach and join in with them rather than watching from the sidelines. Furthermore, you'll be able to discuss the sport with them, and last of all...guys like girls who aren't afraid to get a little scuffed around the edges and don't cry over a broken black nail.
  4. Avoid wearing soft and powdery colors like they're the plague. But your Goth so you already knew that. As far as fashion goes, less lace and more fishnets. You could also try some hardcore Goth or Emo. You're not confined to one.
  5. It helps if you don't get freaked out at small things and try to seem brave even if you don't feel it. You soon will. Like, what if you're interrupted by a girly girl screaming about a spider on her skirt or something. One way is to pick up that spider, and take it outside. Buh BAM! Brave status: CHECK!
  6. Choose clothes that allow you to become physically active at the drop of a hat. Jeans, t-shirts, and trainers are always a good bet. High-heels, skirts and dresses are no-nos if you plan on doing anything physical that day. Before you leave the house, ask yourself: "If someone invited me to play sport (insert your sport here), would I have to turn them down because of the way I'm dressed?" If the answer is yes, consider something else.
  7. Learn how to talk. Don't gush or talk in a really high pitched voice. Find the right volume and pitch, and don't mumble. Make sure you sound confident. Swearing doesn't mean you're a tomboy, either, so don't overdo it. It can sound cheap and fake if overused. You don't have to use "dude" or "man" or "awesome". Besides, sounding uneducated just pisses everybody off (me included), but if you think it helps you and you're comfortable with it, go ahead.
  • Almost always wear shoes like Converse high tops and so on. Black would be the best color,and Vans are very comfortable too, but go for a more Emo look like checkers or plaid, styles include slip ons and old school.
  • Try not to lose your cool over stupid stuff. That's not Gothic or like a Tomboy, and if you do it all the time people will think your stupid or something.
  • Always wear your hair in a ponytail or cut it short so it doesn't stick to your head when you sweat, but if you don't want to tie them, make sure you straighten it. Two low ponytails or a plait would be okay, but sort of pushing the limit. Take care of your hair, it's not a "girly" thing it's a hygiene thing. Wash your hair as much as needed, brush/comb it everyday, and don't use too many hair products. Don't keep fiddling with your hair though. Bangs are cool and some Goths really rock these, so don't feel like you have to clip them up. Long hair doesn't mean you're "girly", either. If you want to get your hair cut, don't get it too short unless it really suits you (but bald doesn't suit anyone). Make sure it's styled properly. A layered cut is great, because it makes hair easier to manage if it's thick, and it looks just awesome when you put it in a ponytail.

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