How to Check an RN License

Two Methods:

Checking a Registered Nursing (RN) license can be helpful when you are hiring new employees, verifying a current employee’s status, or applying for a license by endorsement in a new state. Use the Nursys QuickConfirm service to verify a current or potential employee’s license using their full name, license number, and the state their license was issued in. If you need to request verification for license by endorsement, use the Nursys Licensure Verification service, which will allow you to send verification to the board or boards you are applying to for a fee of per board.


Using QuickConfirm to Verify an Employee’s License

  1. Obtain your employee’s license number if possible.For the most accurate results, you should have the number of the license you’re checking. If you have a physical copy or picture of the license, you can read the number off of it, or ask the employee you’re verifying to give you their license number.
    • The location of the license number on the physical license will vary depending on which board issued it, but it should be clearly labeled as “License Number” or “License No.”
    • If you aren’t able to get the license number, you can still look up the license using other information, but the results may be less accurate.
  2. Write down your employee’s first and last name.This will be necessary for looking up and confirming your employee’s license. Make sure you have spelled both names accurately and that you are using your employee’s legal name, not a nickname or maiden name.
  3. Find out what state your employee was licensed in.This may be different from the state they are currently practicing in or applying to practice in. How you verify the license will depend on which state verified it, since different state boards often have different licensing and documentation practices.
  4. Check to see whether the state participates in Nursys QuickConfirm.Nursys is a free online database of nursing licensure. It offers a service called QuickConfirm, which allows employers to instantly verify licenses from participating state boards.
    • Most states take part in this service, but it’s a good idea to check first by viewing the list of participating boards:
  5. Go to the Nursys home page and select “Look up License.” Once you are on , look for the QuickConfirm License Verification option. There should be a button saying “Look up License.” Once you click this button, you’ll have to agree to Nursys terms and conditions before beginning the verification process.
    • The button should be in a light blue column in the middle of the page, towards the bottom.
  6. Contact the board directly if it does not participate in QuickConfirm.If you can’t find the board that issued your employee’s license through QuickConfirm, call or email them to find out how you can verify the license.
    • Look up contact information at: .
  7. Enter your employee’s license number, license type, and state.If you don’t have your employee’s license number, you can find their license using their first and last name, license type, and state instead. You may be given more than one search result to choose from in this case.
  8. Download your employee’s license documentation for your records.Once you have found your employee’s license on the QuickConfirm database, you should have access to their license status, any practice privileges or disciplinary documents associated with their license, and their issue date and expiration date of their license.
    • If you are not able to find the license through QuickConfirm even after entering the correct information, contact the board that issued the license directly to find out if they have an alternative method of verification.

Requesting Verification for a Job Application

  1. Find out the verification requirements for the nursing board you’re applying to.Different boards may have different requirements for verification, so it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a full list of the necessary documents. Contact the nursing board in the state or states you are applying for a job in to find out what information they expect you to provide.
    • Some boards may require additional documentation besides your license, such as court records, medical records, special certificates, and/or written explanations of any license denials or loss of privileges.
  2. Check to see whether your state participates in Nursys Licensure Verification.Nurses who are applying for license by endorsement in a new state can request verification of their license through a database called Nursys. That verification, and any additional information concerning their license, will then be accessible to the board they are applying to.
    • Find out whether the state your license was issued in participates in this database:
  3. Locate your license in the Nursys database.First, go to the Nursys home page: . At the bottom of the page, you should see an option called Nurse License Verification for Endorsement. Click on the button that says “Request Verification.” After agreeing to the Nursys terms, you will be able to locate your license using your full name, state, license type, and/or license number.
  4. Contact your board directly if they don’t participate in Licensure Verification.If you can’t find the board that issued your license in the list of participating boards on the Nursys website, you will need to find out how they verify licenses. Check their website for contact information and call or email them to ask how you can have license verification sent to another board or boards.
    • Find contact information for your state board here: .
  5. Enter the state or states that you are applying to work in.Once you’ve located your license, the website will prompt you to choose which state boards you want your verification sent to. You will have to pay a fee for each state you send it to, so only select a state if you’re sure you will apply to work there.
    • If you decide later that you want to have verification sent to another board, you can complete the process again.
  6. Pay a fee for each state you send verification to.You will be able to pay through the website using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. You should then receive an email confirming your payment and the completion of your verification request. Once you receive the confirmation, your license status should be accessible to the state boards you selected immediately.
    • If you don’t receive an email confirmation within 1 day, call Nursys at (866)819-1700.You can also email them here: ?

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  • Nursys also offers a service called e-Notify that sends status updates on nursing licenses. This can be a convenient way to keep track of approaching expiration dates, especially with large nursing staff.

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