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And the criticism she's received.


You may recall that, few years ago, before either of them were the stars they are now, and Iggy Azalea dated. Or, maybe you don't, since neither of them were in the public eye that they now are.

But they did (Iggy even got "A$AP" tattooed), and since their breakup, Iggy blown up. She's experienced plenty of backlash, too, though.

"That [situation with Iggy] is unfortunate because nobody wants to be portrayed that way," Rocky told in their latest cover story. "I’m quite sure she doesn’t. I think she works hard like the rest of us. Silly or not, 300 million people like to watch it on YouTube, so who the f--k are we to say anything?"

Despite her massive success commercially and within the mainstream thanks to hits like "Fancy" and "Black Widow," Iggy has dealt with pushback, too, particularly among with the hip-hop community. There's been from critics and directed messages from fellow artists like and .

Rocky's not particularly surprised that she's been the subject of so much criticism.

"It comes with the game," he said. "If she fake on something, somebody is going to call her bluff. That’s life. I’m not looking at it from a standpoint of, 'I used to be boning this chick’s back out.' I’m looking at it [as], 'She’s just a person.' You can’t bluff. You gotta just be 100. That’s all I could really say. The question is: Was she not being 100 about something?"

"She’ll be fine. It gets to a point where people start accepting so much mediocre shit—accepting the minimum and the typical—to the point where everything gets so oversaturated that people don’t have a choice but to go back to the original, hardcore, raw [art]. Everything raw. Every aspect of art. It changes and it makes shifts."

As for his latest high-profile relationship? The Harlem rapper in a recent chat with MTV News.

“That’s my best friend,” he said. “You’ve gotta be mature, to be in this type of predicament and have a relationship. I never really talk about these kinda things, about her, and she never really talks about me so I’m not really gonna say much on the subject but she’s happy and thats all I want — I want her to be happy.”

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