Indian bridal eye makeup tutorial 2018

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You had planned to go out, right after a quick nap. But you overslept and this isn’t a place you can go without makeup. What do you do? Follow along and see my fix for this dilemma.

  • Apply a cream eye shadow in a tone ‘similar’ to the powder eye shadow you want to use. I am using Carlo di roma ultra pearl eye shadow in a coppery brown shade on your lid and blend it up into the crease too.

  • Then use a powder shadow in a light biscuit like color on top of the cream shadow over the lid and up into the crease going slightly higher up than the cream eye shadow .[the coppery shade and this biscuit shade blend together to form a really pretty color and the cream eye shadow adds vibrancy]

  • Apply a blend of the 2 highlight colors on you brown bone blending it downwards.
  • Then a take a black or charcoal gray eye shadow with a lining brush and apply it on your top lash line.

  • Apply mascara and you are done

and out the door! Don’t forget grab your gloss. 🙂

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