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Different Types Of Walking Shoes

There are specialized varieties for walking shoes based on their genre and application. Here they are…

Lightweight Hiking shoes & Trail – Naturally rocky terrain generally used for hiking demand these types of shoes. The soles provide good traction and come designed with cushioned features for shock absorption, breathability, and comfort.

​Cushioned – Specifically aimed at providing comfort and shock absorption, these shoes are quite flexible and have a last that is curved or semi-curved. They also offer outstanding foot and ankle support.

​Lightweight Performance Training – Neutral feet will like what these shoes bring to the men shoes style 2018 game. They are lightweight, flexible, and you can squeeze optimum performance out of them. However, they are not ideally cushioned, which means you cannot go for long vigorous walks in these. Heavy-set walkers can wear these out soon.

Racing & Race Walker – Race walking used to be amusement for children until people realized its worth as an exercise. Lacking lugs or knobs on the outsole and bereft of a midsole, these shoes are great for race walking. Low heel, lightweight, flexibility, and minimal are some of the descriptions we like to use for racing flats, another type of walking-workout shoes.

​Stability – These are the ‘bridges’ of the shoe world. You get a little bit of everything in these but not the best of a few, if you know what we mean. They are durable and highly supportive (often have dual density midsoles). As long as you are of average weight and lack motion control issues, these shoes make a perfect fit.

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Advantages of Using Walking Shoes

There is a huge difference between walking and running. Instead of getting into a shoe-worthy debate, we thought it best to explore the advantages that walking shoes bring to your life.

  • Wholesome walking is when your foot makes complete contact with the ground. As you walk, your heel should make first contact followed by the rest of your foot
  • Ideal cushioning in the midsole and forefoot absorb shock and keep you comfortable, so you can walk for longer
  • Ace support systems ensure you get no unnecessary pains and aches during or after a long vigorous walk
  • Mesh designs are best due to increased ventilation and breathability
  • Soles with good traction help you walk as if you are wearing boots
  • From the second you lift your foot to when you place it on the ground and lift again, sheer mechanical magic has to work on your entire body if your walking-workouts are to be amazing.

Walking shoes come designed with the shape, flexibility, and durability to make this happen. They have grown incredibly innovative these past few years and are often superior to boots themselves.

How To Buy The Best Walking Shoes For Men

The first step is always the most difficult. In the walking shoe world, you are spoiled for choices. So how do you know which one is right for you.?

Step 1: Make absolutely certain of your foot size. Whether it is American or Euro/UK measures, do not get this number wrong. It can save you a lot of time, money, and disappointment.

Step 2: Check to see if the shoe of your choice has the features you need, physically. This means pain relief, high comfort, long hours of walking, and so on.

Step 3: Only now do you look for aesthetic value, to see if your selection can go with the clothes in your closet. Or if they will match the jogging sets you bought the other day.

Step 4: Price comes last. While maintaining a budget is a smart decision, it may lead you to miss out on a pair of walking shoes that are more useful than cheaper ones. And it may cost you only a few bucks extra.

Step 5: Wear them when they arrive from your online purchase or don them immediately if you are in a store. Walk with them, about twenty or so paces, back and forth.

Step 6: When you take them home, wear them for a few hours to break them in and give yourself a chance to get used to them before tomorrow when you will be using those shoes to inspire your walking-workouts for the next several months; which is the real challenge.


​1. How to repair defective shoes after a few months of use?

You can rely on your warranty for this. Otherwise, take it to a dedicated store or outlet that specializes in shoe repairs. If the brand manufacturer has a store in your area, all the better.

​2. How to ensure shoe longevity?

The best walking shoes for men come packing durability. After a few months of use, however, they will experience wear and tear. Use shoe products from day-one to ensure longevity.

How To Use Best Walking Shoes For Men – Tips & Tricks

Here are some proven suggestions on how to understand and use walking shoes.

  • Shock absorption is not a necessary element in your shoes. Walking is, after all, a low-impact activity
  • If you are only going to walk in these shoes, do not focus heavily on heel cushioning; that’s for runners
  • For the forefoot to bend properly, look for flex groove designs
  • Leather is sturdy but not as breathable as mesh
  • Always go for walking shoes that can accommodate wide feet
  • You need to replace walking shoes every six or seven months
  • There should always be a half-inch space between your longest toe and the inside front of the shoe.

The Final Step

Walking is the simplest and most desirable exercise. You can do it practically anywhere. There are different types of walking, based on speed and purpose, and you need the right shoes to go with those challenges. Use our buying guide to explore your options and land the perfect pair for your everyday needs.

Whether you like to walk in the great outdoors or plan to hit the treadmill in a nice gym in town, the best walking shoes for men shoes will work magic on your exercises regimens. They will keep inspiring you to walk that extra mile, for heart and health.

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