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Well hello friends! I’ve been wanting to give you an updated closet tour for some time now and today is finally the day!  I’ve made a few changes to the way I organize things and I’ve also been purging some of the contents so that I’m left with only things I actually use and wear! It feels great to have a closet where everything has a place and everything is neatly organized. I can’t wait to show you around!  I hope this gives you some ideas for how to keep your own closet organized!

How to organize your closet

First things first, I get asked all the time how big my closet is and it measures 9’4 x 13’2 and I’m lucky to have it all to myself!  My husband has his own walk-in closet, although his isn’t as big. #sorrybabe!

When we built our home in 2010, I was sure to include plans for a large master closet because I’m an organization freak (with lots of clothes!) and wanted to have a specific place for everything.  There’s shoe shelves (and ), a built-in dresser, a center island with 12 cubbies, and additional cubby shelving behind the door. This closet fits my life perfectly and I couldn’t be happier about it!

 •  •  •  •

I’ll show you around from when you first walk in, then tour you from left to right.  The first thing you might notice is the .  I was actually floored to realize I could put a chandelier in my closet!  I had never seen one in a closet before! But, it really does make a pretty statement in the room and this one will never go out of style in my book!


To your immediate left is 6 shelves that I can stack my rain boots, scarves and sweaters that I like to fold.

I keep my jewelry where I can see it so I know what I have and can quickly accessorize an outfit for the day. I used to hang my necklaces from so that I could see all these long necklaces and so they wouldn’t get tangled.  I put rings on a multi-ring holder tray and earrings in another compartment.

Organized Master Closet

To organize my purses, I used inexpensive silver that hang on the hanger rod. This keeps them upright and also gives them room to breathe and not get smashed.  Below are for holding larger statement necklaces.  It helps them lay flat and looks pretty! If you have the space for something like this, I definitely recommend it!

My closet isn’t so terribly tall that I can’t stretch and pull things down, but I’m short, so a small stool helps.  I scored this one at Homegoods, but have also seen similar ones on .

I’ve found that the thin save so much space for your clothes and keep them in place. The rounded ends on these help prevent those ugly points on your shirts, Also, using the same hanger throughout your entire closet keeps everything at the same level and easy to see!!  And a uniform set of hangers is prettier to look at!

The shoe shelves were built with one large shelf on top for boots, and room for about 50 pairs of shoes below.  You can find the shoes I wear most often on the tab at the top of my blog.

Last year, I to the adjacent wall… because shoes are hard to part with!! #butyouknewthat

I use the small for my jeans and pants.  They aren’t pictured, but my  keep all of my skirts up!

Organized master closet2

On the right are dresses on top and vests and jackets below.  I have my jackets on because my husband had extra.

I use these for hanging my scarves. They’re actually meant for ties and belts, but the way these hooks are made really spreads the scarves out a little more than a traditional scarf holder! It keeps them tangle and wrinkle free and easy to see.  It’s very strong- holds 14 scarves on one hanger!

To organize and store my bracelets, I use a I found on Amazon.  It’s faux leather, sturdy and works so well I bought two! The one in the middle I got at Target.

Why not have a little art in your closet?! This is from Minted, that I originally intended for , but I decided on other art for that room, and kept this piece for me. I also love having a photo of her and I in here as a sweet momento of when she was a newborn.

Above this I also keep my unused hangers. It’s good to leave space for these so they don’t end up on your floor and you can easily find a hanger when putting up new items!

Above the built-in dresser are more three more shelves.  On the top shelf, I put my travel cases and hats.  The second and first shelves hold purses and clutches.  I get the clutches to stand upright by using an acrylic CD holder from The Container Store that slides to accommodate the size of your bag!  I couldn’t find my exact holder on their site anymore, but Amazon has some .

Did you spy the little minifigure James made me?!

In the top drawer of my dresser is my makeup, and I actually put my makeup on in here each day! The lighting is good and it keeps my bathroom from getting cluttered with hair/beauty products AND makeup. #reallife

Organized master closet3

Organized master closet4

 •  •


The key to keeping your closet organized is definitely keeping the clutter out. I try to purge my closet twice a year in the Spring and Winter to make sure I’m only keeping the clothes that fit and also make me feel good. This  post has some cleaning out your closet tips that are still relevant today!

After several years blogging about fashion and outfits, it’s amazing the amount of clothes I’ve accumulated!  I enjoy doing the dressing room posts because most of those items I try on to share fit, quality and offer some styling tips. I only keep the items I truly love and know will keep for a long time. I’m definitely having to redefine what “truly love” means because I WILL run out of room in this closet if I keep all of the good stuff!! Not to mention, blow all my money shopping!  To see what I recommend keeping, I’ve got a page strictly for  in the “Shop” tab at the top of my blog. 

Organized master closet

 •  •  • 


When I find something in my closet that I’m not wearing,  I consider who in my family or friends may get more use out of it.  I have two young nieces that can wear some of my things, so I give those to them.  Older accessories, flat shoes, and bags often are gifted to my mom.

Many of you have reached out asking if I had things I could sell to you!  I do actually have some great things I could put on an Instagram page to shop if you are interested.  If you are serious about wanting me to do this, follow on Instagram, and if there are enough people interested, I’ll start listing a few things for you! We’ll just see how it goes! And FYI, y’all know I’m petite, 5’1, so most of my clothing is XS, XSP or 0P jeans/dresses.


This master closet has come a long way, and you can see the progression from my initial  post in 2010! that my friend promoted on her blog that introduced my blog to lots of new readers (thank you Kate!); that time I was inspired by Thibaut Tanzaia wallpaper and  to the last closet post-  to see how this closet has evolved over the years!

still looks good as new with making better use of his closet space with Elfa shelving and drawers.

is still going strong too, along with our  and my  Well, the office closet could probably use a refresh!

Finally, I’ve got a Shop My Closet page that I update frequently with favorite finds!


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