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Do you dream of having more storage and nice kitchen design 2018 workspace in your kitchen?

Maybe you are hesitant to spend a fortune on professionally installed kitchen islands?

You can build your dream kitchen island from scratch! Take a look at our top 12 diy kitchen island designs and ideas.

Share your favorites and happy building!

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1-The LED-Lighting Kitchen Island

The Instructable’s website offers users a variety of diy kitchen island ideas, yet this simple is one of the most unique. It offers the added benefit of ambient and cool lighting to spruce up a kitchen but it also offers a functional hanging section for pots and pans. This idea does have to be customized depending on the amount of space in your kitchen but the number one material that is used is: patience. With the right materials, you will be enjoying your innovative island in no time!


2-The Lowe’s DIY Kitchen Island Cabinets

Lowe’s teaches the everyday homeowner from simple items such as stock boards and unfinished cabinets into a diy kitchen island. Add a counter-top and then you have a multi-functional kitchen island. This a straightforward design that uses simple straight cuts. Bonus: There is a video going through each step of the design!

The Lowe’s Kitchen Island Cabinets

3-Better Homes Kitchen Island Bench

This website is dedicated to DIY projects and helping the everyday homeowner improve their living space. When you find yourself searching how to build a kitchen island – look no further than Better Home. Their simple DIY kitchen island is made from a mixture of materials to create a modern yet industrial look. This project is easily to assemble from readily available supplies and doesn’t take too much time. You can alter the dimensions so it becomes a custom piece of furniture.


4-The Alewood DIY Kitchen Island Cart

This  boasts some great features and a futuristic design. The final product is a beautiful steel-topped island with wooden shelves. Complete with a copper bar and two industrial bar stools for the perfect look. This kitchen island design has the best of both worlds: design and function. The entire island is on wheels which makes it portable and the perfect solution for extra space. Bonus: the bar on top can be used as a breakfast bar!


5-The Rustic Kitchen Island Plan

When you ask yourself how to make a kitchen island, an extravagant plan shouldn’t come to mind, but a simple one. Jeff from Jeff’s Reviews has made a simple and that has a rustic look and feel. It is built with simple materials including over 35 bricks, several tiles, and some wood. This is a very affordable diy kitchen island or countertop space. With a few shelves underneath the island, it will also help you save kitchen space!


6-The Chic & Basic Kitchen Island

This offers a sophisticated and classy look yet it is made from a surprisingly simple frame. It can be sized to fit any kitchen space by changing only one measurement. This kitchen island plan was inspired from a professionally made island that cost over 00. By following Build-Basic’s steps and plan – this exact island can be built for under 0 using simple tools and materials. The hardest part is mitering the baseboard and the rest is a walk in the park!


7-Home Hardware’s Kitchen Island Convertible

This beautiful is an easy DIY project that is made with a few simple steps. The materials include wood, preferably solid oak, birch, pine, or cedar as they are a heavier lumber and much more sturdy. This is a functional yet simple-looking diy kitchen island that comes with no frills but serves it’s purpose. The Home Hardware website lists out detailed steps to ensure you can create the same look at home. Bonus: This can also double as a working space for a home office, garage, or workshop!


8-Fine Woodworking’s Portable Kitchen Island

This website knows the ins and outs of how to build a kitchen island. This is the perfect solution to creating more counter space and cabinets in the kitchen. If you have ever wanted to from scratch but the lack of time and money has gotten in the way – this is your ideal island. This was excerpted from a professional book. It is a straightforward project that can be completed in most homes. It requires a modest amount of plywood, hardware and lumber.


9-The Cabinet Kitchen Island Plan

The LiveWellNetwork website offers several kitchen island designs but this simple is one of the best. Having a personal kitchen island made can cost thousands of dollars but a professional carpenter has shared his tips on creating a DIY kitchen island out of standard kitchen cabinets. With five simple steps, you can add this beautiful island into your home kitchen. It will look expensive, provide you with ample storage space, and save your wallet!


10-The Diy-network Kitchen Island

Custom-cladding a or peninsula is a great way to add a unique touch to any kitchen and show off your awesome DIY skills. If kitchen space permits, it can also provide a visual separation to different parts of the space. Framing-in a custom island is a great way to customize the size, shape, and appearance of your kitchen without the full cost of custom cabinets. The exterior is completely up to you – it can be clad with a fun or funky material.


11-The Classic Kitchen Island Cart

Instructable offers yet another effective kitchen island design. This is an industrial-looking yet inexpensive kitchen island cart that starts with a simple trip to Ikea. After eight easy steps, you will be well on your way to enjoying your brand new. This cart is portable and can be moved around to permit more kitchen space. Bonus: This is the perfect design to use in other areas of the house such as a garage!


12-The “Handy-Mommy” DIY Kitchen Island

Handy Mommy teaches us that building a kitchen island can be done with eleven simple tips. Their is the perfect addition to any home. The total cost of the project averages at about 0, which includes cabinets, wood veneer, trim, hardware, tile, tiling supplies, plywood, and cement. This look can be created with minimal effort and is a challenging yet rewarding project for the everyday mom.


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