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Sathish Kumar

S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 1 001 Ganesh Kalagi and Dr. Rajashekar Patil Effect of Glass Fibre on Mechanical Properties of Flax and Sisal Fibre Reinforced Composites Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 2 002 Harsh Bhor, Dhaval Patania, Nisha Iyer and Vivek Darji IoT BASED H-E-T Monitoring & Alerting System Registered Nisha Iyer Harsh Bhor, Dhaval Patania and Vivek Darji - 20th Feb. 2018 3 003 Yogesh M and Dr. Harirao A N Fabrication, Mechanical Characterization of Pineapple Leaf Fiber (PALF) Reinforced Vinylester Hybrid Composites Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 5 005 Dontham Laxma Reddy and Vuyyuru Arun Algorithms for Energy Efficient for Wireless Sensor Networks: Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 6 006 Gunti Kishor Babu, Chilakala S K B Pradeep Kumar and Pitta Devdass Multi Input CUK - SEPIC Rectifier Stage for Hybrid Wind/Solar Energy System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 7 007 Atul Kathole, Smita Bachal and Mrunali Umale Automation in Home & Cities For Energy Saving Registered Atul Kathole Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 8 008 D.Bhuvaneswari Survey of Mobile Edge, Cloud and Fog Computing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 9 009 Swapnja Kulkarni, Krishna Kadam and Dhanashri Kulkarni A Semantic Network approach used to Measure Term Similarity Registered Swapnja Kulkarni Krishna Kadam and Dhanashri Kulkarni - 20th Feb. 2018 10 010 Mr. Arockiaraj S and Dr. Devi R.P Energy Management Control Strategy for Standalone DC Micro Grids Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 11 011 Ravi Shankar Raman, Himanshu Chauhan and Ankit Negi DMAIC Approach for Road Wellbeing: A Case Study Registered Ravi Shankar Raman Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 12 012 Vladimir Cherny and Elena Savicheva What is SovereigntyToday? Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 13 013 Bharti Durgade and Krishna Kadam Enhancing Sub Graph Matching With Set Correlation Technique in Large Graph Database Registered Bharti Durgade Krishna Kadam - 20th Feb. 2018 14 014 K Krishna Murthy, Mantri Pradeep Kumar, Mattapally Santhosh and Mamidi Kiriti Experimental Investigation on Heat Transfer Enhancement of Three Tube Heat Exchanger using Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)/Water trends Nanofluid Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 16 016 Swati Devabhaktuni Investigation of Self-Excited Induction Generator Excited By Rotor Capacitance Supplying DC Load Registered Swati Devabhaktuni Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 17 017 Nishtha Pateriya, Dr. Tripti Arjariya ThroughStegnalysis Identification of ExtremeDataIn Social Media Through WhatsAppTransmitted Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 18 018 Dr. Nityanand Choudhary and Dr. Shashidhar Rangaiah Optical Properties of Amorphous Se100-xBix Thin Films Registered Dr. Nityanand Choudhary Dr. Shashidhar Rangaiah - 20th Feb. 2018 19 019 Irina Gendrina and Maria Alekseenko The Statistical Processing of Simulation Results in Vision Systems through the Atmosphere Registered Irina Gendrina Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 20 020 Sujatha Kesavan Intelligent Estimation of NOx emissions by Flame Monitoring in Power Station using Internet of Things Registered Sujatha Kesavan Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 21 021 Sathish Kumar, G. Kavitha Enhanced Network Capacity Based Geographical QoS Routing for Multimedia Streams over MANET Registered G. Kavitha - 20th Feb. 2018 23 023 Anu Radha and Dr. Shimi S. L. A Review on Islanding Detection Technique Based on Intelligence Methods Registered Anu Radha Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 24 024 Ravikumar Jonnalagadda A Study on Economic Fraud Detection using Data Mining Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 25 025 Pooja Tippanna and Krishna Kadam Detection of Duplicate Records Using Progressive Windowing Technique Registered Pooja Tippanna Krishna Kadam - 20th Feb. 2018 26 026 Ashwini B V and Dr. Udayarani V Surveillance of Crop-Field with Smart Irrigation System Registered Ashwini.B.V Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 27 027 Saranya N, Aneesha Suraiya J and Kesavamurthy T An Efficient Yagi Array Antenna for Wireless Power Transmission Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 28 028 Begna Mulugeta and Smita Mahajan Survey on:A Powerful Big Data Framework Based Classification of Massive Data Stream Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 29 029 Dawit Urku and Himanshu Agrawal Smart Real-Time Sensing System for Indoor Air Quality Analytics: A survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 30 030 Debalkew Geremew and Rupali Gangarde Analysis Factor that Affect the Performance of Instructor in Educational Institution Using Data Mining Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 31 031 Sirage Ahmed and Shruti Patil Survey on Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease using Data Mining Classification Techniques and Feature Selection Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 32 032 Prachi Tiwari, Dr. MohitGangwar An EnergyManagement Method (ESEAHP)Study Report for Clustered Heterogeneous WSNs Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 33 033 Niket Mehta Emotions and 21stCentury Communication Registered Niket Mehta Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 34 034 Kavitapu Nagasivasankara Varaprasad and Dr. Sri Khetwat Saritha Concept Mining in text Documents using Clustering Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 35 035 Rohit Kumar, Dr. Shimi S.L and Shivendra Kaura Modelling and Analysis of Novel Topology for Multi Level Inverter with Reduce Number of Switches Registered Rohit Kumar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 36 036 Deepak Ravi, Shimi S. L. and Bandi Mallikarjun Reddy Bidirectional DC To DC Converters: An Overview of Various Topologies, Switching Schemes and Control Techniques Registered Deepak Ravi Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 37 037 Yogini Prabhu Novel technique for timely detection of pest in cashew trees Registered Yogini Prabhu Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 38 038 Mohit Rathore, Dikshant Gupta and Dinabandhu Bhandari Complaint Classification using Word2Vec Model Registered Mohit Rathore Dikshant Gupta - 20th Feb. 2018 39 039 Vani Annapurna Bhavani N and Swtha Monica Indukuri Gain Scheduling Technique and Distribution Voltage Control for DC-Microgrids Registered Vani Annapurna Bhavani N Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 40 040 Maninder Kaur and Sanchita Chauhan Sustainable Utilization Of Rice Straw Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 41 041 Tucha Elemo and Meeta Kumar Agricultural Expert System Review: Survey on different Crop Disease from 2009 to 2017 Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 42 042 Vasubabu Marella, Nagabushanam Orugu and Kota Venkatesh Rudrakshala Electrical And Dielectric Relaxation Time behaviour on Some Denture Biomaterials Registered Vasubabu Marella Nagabushanam Orugu and Kota Venkatesh Rudrakshala - 20th Feb. 2018 43 043 Mikiyas Teklemariam and Dipti Sarmah Hybrid Cryptography and Image Steganography Techniques: A survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 44 044 Thara K and Ignatius Navis Karthika A Study of Utilisation of Solar Energy for the Treatment of Tannery Effluent in Dindigul, Tamilnadu, India Registered Thara K Ignatius Navis Karthika - 20th Feb. 2018 45 045 Umang Bedi and Sanchita Chauhan One-dimensional Modeling for Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in a Catalytic Converter Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 46 046 Marvi Kaushik and Sanchita Chauhan Exhaust Gases Reduction using Catalytic Converter Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 47 047 Soundara Lakshmi and Dheenadayalan M S Impact of Sewage and Industrial Effluents in the Assessment of Ground Water Pollution by using Renewable Energy Registered Soundara Lakshmi Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 48 048 Babitha Kodavanla, Dash Pramod Kumar and Manivannan Ponnambalam Transonic Flow and Flow Dynamics Effects on Four Different NACA-6 Digit Airfoils Registered Babitha Kodavanla Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 50 050 Sabah Mazhir, Nada Abdullah, Aiyah Noori and Noha Harb The Effect of Gas Flow on Plasma Parameters Induced by Microwave Waiting Waiting Waiting - - S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 51 051 Sabah Mazhir, Aiyah Noori, Alyaa Hussein and Hazm Ismail The Effect of Cold Plasma on Skin using texture Analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 52 052 Minyechil Tefera Analysis and Prediction of Diabetes Mellitus using Machine Learning Algorithm Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 53 053 Farsana F J and Gopakumar K Private Key Encryption of Speech Signal Based on Three Dimensional Chaotic Map Registered Farsana F J Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 54 054 Elizabeth Stephen Optimization of Indoor Environmental quality of an office building using ten Non-traditional optimization techniques Registered Elizabeth Stephen Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 55 055 B.Srinivasulu,Dr.G.R.Selokar and Dr. Namish Mehta Analysis of Friction Stir Spot Weldments characteristics by using different tools materials by Taper Thread Profile EN 31 and EN 19 Tool on T6082 and T4100 Aluminum Alloys Registered B.Srinivasulu Dr.G.R.Selokar and Dr. Namish Mehta - 20th Feb. 2018 56 056 Raghvendra Gautam and Vipin Khandelwal Fuel Efficiency and Cost Feasibility Study Of Solar Powered Air Conditioners In Automobiles Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 57 057 Emmanuel Mudaheranwa and Marie Grace Berwa New Approach on Power System Fault Analysis and Protection using Conventional Method Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 59 059 Naresh V and Prabhakar S Investigation on Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Algae Biodiesel in a DI Diesel Engine<//td> Registered Naresh V Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 60 060 Vikash Manickam and Rajkumar Pandian An Improved Five-level Inverter with Single H-bridge topology using Multicarrier PWM Schemes Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 61 061 Noopoor Misal, Jitendra Zalke, Ruchir Nandanwar and Sandeep Pandey IoT based Vehicle Monitoring System for Smart Cities Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 62 062 Runku Kranthi A Study on Sediment travelling Paths along Karnataka Coast Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 63 063 Chala Beyene and Pooja Kamat Heart Disease Prediction using Data Mining Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 64 064 Yazala Ritika Siril Paul and Dilipkumar Borikar An Approach to Twitter Sentiment Analysis over Hadoop Registered Yazala Ritika Siril Paul Dilipkumar Borikar - 20th Feb. 2018 65 065 Savenok Olga Vadimovna,G.T. Vartumyan Problems of Clear Brines Application Registered Savenok Olga Vadimovna Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 66 066 Aritra Ganguly, Baidya Nath Murmu and Somnath Chakrabarti Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Four Stroke Spark Ignition Engine with Recirculation of Hot and Cold Exhaust Gases Registered Aritra Ganguly Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 67 067 Preeti Singh Speed Control of Dc Motor using Pspice Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 68 068 Sangeetha B L and Murthi Mahadeva Naik G Design and Analysis of Mpa using H-Shaped Dra with Dumbbell Dgs for Wide Band Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 69 069 Girish Mekalke and S Basavaraddi Vibration Reduction of Engine by using Composite Materials Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 70 070 Vinay K, Shivakumar K, Revanasiddappa M and Ravikiran Y T Synthesis, Characterization and Humidity Sensing Behaviour of Silver Doped Conducting Polyaniline / Graphene/ Strontium titanate Composite Registered Vinay K Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 71 071 Vinay K, Shivakumar K, Revanasiddappa M and Ravikiran Y T Spectroscopic studies, Thermal behaviour and Ac impedance Study of Chemically Synthesized Silver Doped Polyaniline / BaFe12O19 Polymer Composite Registered Vinay K Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 73 073 Nagendra Sah and Navroop Sandhu Analysis of Cooperative Diversity Protocols Registered Nagendra Sah Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 74 074 Mohamed Rafiuddin and Dr. G. Satyanarayana Indian Leather Sector – Exports and its Challenges Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 75 075 Ishwar Baidari and S P Sajjan A New Approach To Intelligent Predictive String Searching Algorithm Registered Ishwar Baidari S P Sajjan - 20th Feb. 2018 76 076 Suresh Kumar B and Rajesh Jesudoss Hynes N Physical Treatment of Textile Waste Water Using Reverse Osmosis Registered Suresh Kumar B Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 77 077 Yogesh Patil and Abhijeet Jadhav Comparative studies on effect of activated carbon from different sources as filler in NBR for automobile application Registered Yogesh Patil Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 78 078 Shambel Kefelegn and Pooja Kamat Prediction and Analysis of Liver Disorder Diseases by using Data Mining Technique Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 79 079 Maria Mathew, Grace Mary Abraham and Nimmy Kurian Study on the Properties of Coir Fiber Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Containing Silica Fume Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 81 081 Manan Kohli and Muqeem Ahmed Election Prediction Using Big Data Analytics- A Survey Registered Manan Kohli Muqeem Ahmed - 20th Feb. 2018 82 082 Sarthak Acharya, Parasharam Shirage and Joachim Knoch A Novel micro-mechanical device fabrication for Strain induction in layered materials Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 83 083 Palash Soni and Vivek Kumar Gaba Design and Performance Analysis of a Finned Tube Type Thermal Compressor Using Silica-Gel/Methanol Adsorption System Registered Palash Soni Vivek Kumar Gaba - 20th Feb. 2018 84 084 Dayanand.M. Goudar, Mehabubsubhani R.Alawandi, Saiyadhasan. S. Khaji and Ishwargouda.S Patil Study of microstructure and wear behavior of spray formed hypereutectic Al-28Si alloy Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 86 086 Atahar Parveen and G. Vaitheeswaran Ternary non-symmorphic crystals could be topological insulators: an ab-initio study Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 87 087 Showkat Bhat and Amandeep Singh Noise effect analysis on diverse Image data set to procure effective Transmission over LTE Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 88 088 Pushpak Verma An Effective Resource Provisioning Scheme using Agent based Genetic Algorithm to Ensure QOS in Cloud Computing Registered Pushpak Verma Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 89 089 Sivakoteswararao Katta and Dr. Chaitanya Goteti Prediction of Process Parameters in Turning of Titanium Alloys using Response Surface methodology Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 90 090 Vemula Madhavi,Tanuja Safala Biogenic Silver nanoparticles by Luffa acutangula peel extract and their anti-microbial activity Registered Vemula Madhavi Tanuja Safala - 20th Feb. 2018 91 091 Meenakshi Mataray Dynamic Analysis Of Static Synchronous Series Compensator FACT Devices with and without POD controller Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 92 092 Paparao Av and Murthy Gamini Three Species Ecological Model with Harvesting Efforts Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 93 093 Sharmila Dayam Doppler Sodar Observations Of The Diurnal Variations Of The Atmospheric Boundary Layer Over Gadanki, A Tropical Rural Station Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 94 094 Surekha Akalade Solo and Blooms Taxonomy based Adaptive Learning System Registered Surekha Akalade Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 95 095 Azharuddin Shaikh and Shruti Patil A Survey on Privacy Enhanced Role Based Data Aggregation via Differential Privac Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 96 096 Gauri Kalnoor and Jayashree Agarkhed Intrusion detection using Ant Colony approach in Wireless Sensor Networks Registered Gauri Kalnoor Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 97 097 Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa and Jyothi H. R A new mesh generation technique for solving surface integral over polygonal domain Registered Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 99 099 Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa and Prakasha H. T Numerical integration of multiple integrals by using haar Wavelet method Registered Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa Prakasha H. T - 20th Feb. 2018 100 100 Praveen Mishra and Badekai Ramchandra Bhat Calcium Induced Photoluminescence Quenching in Graphene Quantum Dots Registered Praveen Mishra Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018

Mohammad Salman Warimani, Vijaykumar Chavan, Vishnu Bhajantri, Kiran Amate and Vinayak Kallannavar

S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 101 101 Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Vamsy Vivek, Shiva Bandyopadhyay, Apuroop K G S, Sriteja Gone and Ashwin Kashyap Encoder and IMU based Control Device for 6 DoF Robotic Arm Control Using Trilateration Algorithm Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 102 102 Kavita Joshi, Madana Mekala and Dnyaneshwari Gajbhiye Temperature & Humidity Control by using Neural Network for Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 103 103 Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Gone Sriteja, Ashwin Kashyap, Apuroop K G S, Vamsy Vivek and Shiva Bandyopadhyay Object detection and Distance Estimation based on color for Robotic Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 105 105 Abinash Rath and Biswajit Mohanty Analysis of Polluted System by Measurement of Harmonics Using A Novel Method of Sample Manipulation Technique Registered Abinash Rath Biswajit Mohanty - 20th Feb. 2018 106 106 Ramu Kuchipudi An Enhanced Efficiency of Key Distribution Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobile Agents Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 107 107 Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa and Prakasha H T Numerical integration of highly oscillating integral by Gauss Legendre quadrature Registered Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 108 108 Jyoti Patil, Meghana Kulkarni, Shivakumar Veerapur, Shriharsh Patil and Shruti Kulkarni Security of Data between the Army Stations Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 109 109 Cfe Lisroset Anitya Gupta and Srishti Gupta Security Issues in Big Data with Cloud Computing Registered Cfe Lisroset Anitya Gupta Srishti Gupta - 20th Feb. 2018 110 110 Chala Simon and Ybralem Bugusa Survey on Data mining approach for analysis and prediction of student performance Registered Chala Simon Ybralem Bugusa - 20th Feb. 2018 111 111 Gulbakshee Dharmale, Dipti Patil and Vilas Thakare Survey on Current Issues Related with Asr System on Mobile Devices Registered Gulbakshee Dharmale Waiting - - 113 113 Anand Hosamani and Shivakumar S Study of The Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Az31composite by using Powdermetallurgy Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 114 114 K.V.B. Rajakumar, K.S Balamurugan, Ch.V. Ramana Murthy and N Ranganath Viscous dissipation and Dufour effects on MHD free convection flow through a vertical Oscillatory inclined porous plate with Hall and Ion-slip current Registered K.V.B. Rajakumar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 115 115 Manzoor Elahi M Soudagar, Yunus Khan T. M., Rajat Palakshappa, Robin Irkal, Tushar Ruli and Rohit N Metri Biodiesel production utilizing diverse sources, classification of oils and their esters, performance and emission characteristics: a review Registered Manzoor Elahi M Soudagar Mohammad Salman Warimani, Vijaykumar Chavan, Vishnu Bhajantri, Kiran Amate and Vinayak Kallannavar - 20th Feb. 2018 116 116 Mohammad Pasha and Khaleel Khan Energy Aware Task Offloading in Vehicular Edge Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 118 118 Manzoor Elahi M Soudagar, Mohammad Salman Warimani, Vijaykumar Chavan, Vishnu Bhajantri, Kiran Amate and Vinayak Kallannavar Experimental Study of Enhancement of Mechanical and Wear Properties of Mild Steel Specimen Using Agricultural Implements Registered Manzoor Elahi M Soudagar - 20th Feb. 2018 119 119 Sowmya K B and Jose Alex Mathew Proficient Distributive Computation based Discrete Cosine Transform using FPGA Registered Sowmya K B Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 120 120 Lyudmila K.Kuzmina Stability Theory Methods in Modelling Problems Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 121 121 Shaifali Nagar, Dr. Mohit Gangwar Web Search and Page Ranking Optimizing for Images on Cloud Host Base Web Semantic using Ontology Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 122 122 Minal D. Kalamkar and Dr. Ajit S.Ghodke Cross Site Scripting Attacks And Its Prevention: A Review Registered Minal D. Kalamkar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 123 123 Sucharitha Yadala Analysis of Novel Approaches for Web Personalization and Social Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 124 124 Sergey Timushev, Vladimir Gavrilyuk, Andrey Aksenov and Sergey Kharchenko Numerical Method for Modeling the Turbofan Engine Tonal Fan BPF Noise Generation and Propagation Accounting the SAS Complex Acoustic Impedance Registered Sergey Timushev Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 125 125 Sanjukta Das, Swathi Maluru, Adiseshu Sirgam and Priyanka Peddi Bacillus Subtilis as A Self Healing Agent of Micro Cracks in Concrete Registered Sanjukta Das Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 126 126 Nandaprakash B M, Arun Kumar A M, Mahesh S S, Byrappa K and Somashekar R Stacking faults and Microstructural Parameters in Nano Cerium Oxide(CeO2) Particles using Whole pattern Fitting Technique Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 127 127 Jaya Surywanshi and Dr. Dinesh Padole Modeling of Network-on-Chip for Improving Quality of Service Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 128 128 Pratik Swami, Sardar Shaikh and Vishal Patil Combined Effect of EGR and VCR With Jatropha Oil Methyl Ester-Butanol Blend on Performance and Emission Characteristics Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 129 129 Bhupinder Singh and Joy Prakash Misra Study of Surface Characteristics of Nimonic 263 in WEDM Registered Joy Prakash Misra Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 130 130 Sunil Mp A Novel 3T XOR Gate Design for an Ultra-Low Power Application using 45nm Technology Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 131 131 E Soundrapandian, G Senthilkumar, A Tajdeen and P Vivekkumar Investigation on Properties of Part Fabricated by Selective Laser Sintering (Sls) Process Registered E Soundrapandian Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 132 132 Govind Suryawanshi and Dr Suresh Mali Evaluation of Effect of Steganography Methods on Statistical Features of Digital Images Registered Govind Suryawanshi Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 133 133 Amanuel Gebrehiwot and Dr. Ambika Pawar Research Issue in Data Anonymization in Electronic Health Service: A Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 134 134 Niveita Pati and Priyanka Kar Regulation of Boost Converter using Sliding Mode Controller Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 135 135 Smith Khare, Dr. Rajeshree Raut and Avinash Maurya HMAC and Group Key Combination based Accelerated Message Authentication Protocol for DSRC in VANET Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 136 136 Preeti Kabra and Donepudi Sudha Rani An Intelligent Method for Real Time Voltage Stability Monitoring using PMU Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 137 137 Aruna Kumari Kukati Papr Reduction In Mimo-Ofdm using Modified Pts Scheme with Hybrideabc-Ffalgorithem Registered Aruna Kumari Kukati Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 139 139 Krishna Svsr Bandaru and Shivraj K Estimation of properties of mixed waste cooking oil for production of biodiesel Registered Krishna Svsr Bandaru Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 140 140 Lolakshi Mahesh Kumar and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat Iron Pincer Complexes as Catalysts in Cross-coupling of Aryl Halides and Phenylboronic Acid Registered Lolakshi Mahesh Kumar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 141 141 Anuma Saroja and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat Nanographene sheet immobilized transition metal complexes for C-C coupling reactions Registered Anuma Saroja Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 142 142 Ansari Rasheeda Maqbool Hasan and Badekai Ramachandra Bhat Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic activity of Nano-iron (II) Schiff base Complex in Suzuki-Miyaura Cross coupling reaction Registered Ansari Rasheeda Maqbool Hasan Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 143 143 Muhammad Ismail Mohmand, Qayyum Shah and Mustafa Bin Mamat Engineering Investigations of Dufour and Soret effect on MHD heat and mass transfer with radiative heat flux in a liquid over a rotating disk Registered Muhammad Ismail Mohmand Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 144 144 Madhurima Hooda, Anuj Kumar Chauhan, Madhulika Bhatia and Babita Yadav Software Testing Tools and Techniques in Indian Universities: An analysis using SPSS Registered Madhurima Hooda Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 145 145 Kuldip Singh, Mrutyunjay Das, M. Narendra Kumar and Satyasis Mishra Economical Study of Grid connected solar Power plant in Educational Institutes Registered Kuldip Singh Mrutyunjay Das and M. Narendra Kumar - 20th Feb. 2018 146 146 U. Ashok kumar, and P. Laxminarayana Machining of Micro Hole pitson Biomaterials by EDM -An Approach Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 147 147 A Venkata Naga Vamsi Review of Recent Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detector System Modeling Methods and Demonstrated Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 148 148 Ramesh Babu Ch and Sumanth Kumar Ch An IoT-Aware Architecture for Automatic LPG Booking, Leakage Detection and Gas Monitoring System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 149 149 Muni Sankar Akula, Devaraju Thangellamudi, Vijaya Kumar Mallapu and Sesha Hema Vatturu Artificial Neural Network based Controlling Of Dstatcom for Power Quality Enhancement Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 150 150 Vineeta Kumari, Gyanendra Sheoran and Tirupathiraju Kanumuri Shorter Substrate Microstrip Patch Antenna for Biomedical applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - -


S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 151 151 Nazar Ali A, Kodeeswaran S and Jai Ganesh R Design and Implementation of Protection Scheme for Photovoltaic Interface in DC Distribution Systems Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 152 152 Ashrita Patra, Tesfaye Tefri Shone and Bhupati Bhusan Mishra Natural Decomposition Approximation Solution for First Order Nonlinear Differential Equations Registered Ashrita Patra Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 153 153 Vijindra Rajendran and Prabakaran Mani EMBRICAL STUDY OF BOND AGENT BASED RESOURCE DISCOVERY IN CLOUD COMPUTING Registered Waiting Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 154 154 S R Sastry Kalavakolanu DESIGN OF LOW POWER FLIP FLOP Registered S R Sastry Kalavakolanu Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 155 155 Divi Saxena, Shimi S.L. and Sarpreet Kaur Kaur Performance Analysis of Various Parameters of Transformer under Short Circuit Condition using Finite Element Method- an Overview Registered Divi Saxena Waiting 21th Feb. 2018 - 156 156 Ramesh Babu Nallamothu, Niranjan Kumar Injeti and Venkata Appa Rao Basava A Review on Experimental Investigation on Performance Cotton Seed Biodiesel with Nano Additives Registered Ramesh Babu Nallamothu Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 157 157 Shanmugasundaram V Analysis of Energy storage device in Hydro- Thermal Power systems using Fuzzy Logic Controller Registered Shanmugasundaram V Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 158 158 Ankitha Varma and Dr. Kamalpreet Kaur Survey on Content based Image Retrieval Registered Ankitha Varma Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 159 159 Bhargav Ande, Sanjay Bandi, Harish Varma Alluri and Bhogeswara Rao Angara Design and Evaluation of High Speed Array Multipliers Using Multiplexers Registered Bhargav Ande Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 160 160 Abhilash Juluru and Bhargav Ande Architecture Design of Wt Multiplier to Improve Its Performance Registered Bhargav Ande Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 161 161 Omar Chaalal, Hameed Muhamad and Chandra Mouli A Case Study: Natural Materials for Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 163 163 Harvinder Singh and Pinky Smart eBicycle(SeB): An efficient and effective way to greener future (Review) Registered Harvinder Singh Pinky - 20th Feb. 2018 165 165 Mustafa Altayeb Mechanical properties of Concrete with Partial Replacements of Cement by Paper Ash of Cement Pocket Waste and Silica Fume Registered Mustafa Altayeb Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 166 166 Ruchi Gupta and Pankaj Agarwal SOGA: Space Oriented Genetic Algorithm for Multiple Sequence Alignment Registered Ruchi Gupta Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 167 167 Ramgopal Kashyap, Rashmi Kiyara and Rajeev Gupta An Improved Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Quadtree weighted focus-measure Registered Rashmi Kiyara Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 168 168 Marta Zeleke and Ramesh Babu Nallamothu Exhaust Gas Analysis & Parametric Study of Cotton Seed Biodiesel In Diesel Vehicle Registered Ramesh Babu Nallamothu Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 169 169 Shaswat Chirantan, Ramakanta Jena, Sanhita Mishra, Saratchandra Swain and Prafulla Chandra Panda FC-TCR Based SVC Controller For Loss Minimization In Five Bus Power System Registered Shaswat Chirantan Ramakanta Jena and Sanhita Mishra - 20th Feb. 2018 170 170 Ramesh Babu Nallamothu, Geremew Birbirsa, Niranjan Kumar Injeti and Venkata Appa Rao Basava A Comprehensive Review on the Production, Performance and Emission Characteristics of Biodiesel Fuels that produced from Different Feedstock’s with and/or without Nanoparticle Additives. Registered Ramesh Babu Nallamothu Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 171 171 Yakoob Kolipak and Dr.A.M.K. Prasad Performance analysis of solar absorber plates and glazings used in flat plate collectors and solar cookers Registered Yakoob Kolipak Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 172 172 Prasad G, Ramesh M and Rajasekar K Numerical Investigation On Effect Of Multiple Winglets For Wind Turbine Applications Registered Ramesh M Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 173 173 Vaston Costa and Nayara de Souza Silva Formal verification of digital embedded systems Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 174 174 Mariem Baazaoui, Souhir Elleuch and Hichem Kamoun A constructive heuristic for solving a real world multiple bin size bin packing problem Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 175 175 Shraddha Sangewar and Dr.Prema Daigavane Detection of Liver diseases in CT images using neural network Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 176 176 Ashish Tiwari and Rajeev Mohan Sharma Pervasive Acquiring Enormous Computing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 177 177 Kiran Venneti and Anil Kumar A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial Wsn In Iot Environment Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 178 178 Kunwar Vikramaditya Singh, Vikas Deep Juyal, Abhishek Chakravorty, Nitin Upadhyay and Deepti Thapliyal Approaches In Microbial Fuel Cell Array Arrangements for Conventional Dc Battery Charger Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 179 179 Madhulika Bhatia, Kamlesh Sharma, Mansi., Anchal Garg and Madhurima Hooda Delineating academic state of Big Data and Data Science in accordance with industry Prerequisites Registered Madhurima Hooda Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 180 180 Vishesh Gaikwad Hybrid Cryptography to Secure Cloud Data tor Handheld Devices Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 182 182 Yatin Kohli and Vemu Sulochana Design and Performance Analysis of Telescopic OTA using Bulk Driven Technique with Partial Positive Feedback Registered Yatin Kohli Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 183 183 Bhojraj N Kale Experimental Investigation of Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Variable Compression Ratio Compression Ignition Engineusing Cotton Seed Oil Biodiesel Blends Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 184 184 Manzoor Elahi M Soudagar, Vinayak Kallannavar, Vinayak Ratan, Sachin Kallannavar and Imran Mokashi Biodiesel Production from Honge oil and its Performance Analysis on Four Stoke Diesel Engine Registered Manzoor Elahi M Soudagar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 186 186 Govindan Dr.V, Murthy Dr.S and Kokila G Hyers-Ulam Stability of AQ Functional Equation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 187 187 Harsh Pratap Singh Design and Implementation of an Algorithm for Mitigating the Congestion in Mobile Ad Hoc Network Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 188 188 Muppidi Satish, Bulusu Aditya and Palacharla Sri Ramakrishna A Study on Challenges and Approaches of Machine Learning with Big Data Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 189 189 Venkata Ramesh Mamilla, K Sri Rama Murthy, M Vamsi Krishna, T.S.S.S Manikantha Swamy, A Ramesh and M Uday Krishna Production of Brown’s Gas using Hydroxy Generator Registered M Vamsi Krishna Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 191 191 Ashwini Khaire and Pawan Tapre Fault Detection in Three Phase Power Transformer by Duval Triangle Method Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 192 192 Geena Prasad and Vinod P G Land Use and Land Cover Change Analysis using Geomatics – A Case Study of a Coastal Panchayath of Kerala, India Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 193 193 Cherukuri Nanda Krishna, Mande Ramesh and Suneetha Manne Minimizing the cost by effective utilization of resources which yields better Profits for Government organizations in a less interval of Time Registered Cherukuri Nanda Krishna Mande Ramesh and Suneetha Manne - 20th Feb. 2018 194 194 Suresh Chaudhary and Harsh Bhor A Review on Bubble Leak Testing Machine in a Carburetor Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 196 196 Gireesha B Performance Evaluation of Swarm Intelligence Techniques; A Comparative Review Registered Gireesha B Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 197 197 Pradyuti, Prishu Purva and Shreya Garg Job TREND Analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 198 198 Mukunda Madhab Borah and Dr. Mrs. Nayanmoni Chetia A Study of Bamboo Reinforced Concrete Beams with different species of Bamboo Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 199 199 Sowmya K B and Jose Alex Mathew Proficient Distributive Computation based Discrete Cosine Transform using FPGA Registered Mrs. Sowmya K B Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 200 200 Peta Purnachandra Sai and Meena T A Review Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Ternary Blended Concrete Waiting Waiting Waiting - -


S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 201 201 I. Swetha Monica and P. Sri Krishna Sarath Application of genetic algorithm in two area load frequency control Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 202 202 Tatiana Minnikova, Tatiana Denisova, Yulia Akimenko and Sergey Kolesnikov Evaluation of Agroecological Indicators of Oil-Contaminated Chernozem of Rostov Region with Remediation of Urine and Potassium Humate Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 203 203 Bhushan Patil and Punam Patil An Efficient DTW Algorithm for Online Signature: Review &Verification Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 204 204 Rajneesh Tanwar Evaluation of Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes for Resource-Limited Agricultural Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 205 205 Rajneesh Tanwar Intelligent Vehicle Registration Certificate Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 206 206 Valliammai Meiyappan, Angaleeswari M and Pandian B J Impact of Climate Change on Ground Water Quality Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 207 207 Jegadeesan S, Sri Shanmugapriya S, Azees M and Dhamodaran M Wireless Sensor Network based Flood and Water Quality Monitoring System using IoT Waiting Waiting Waiting - 208 208 Abreham Aneseyee, Satishkumar Belliethathan and Tekilil Wolde Effect of Biochar of Grass, Chat and Inorganic Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield of Onion (Allium cepa) in Ethiopia Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 209 209 Priyanka Bansal and Vimlesh Singh Air Contaminant Monitoring using Smart Pollution Mask Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 210 210 Priyanka Bansal and Vimlesh Singh Air Contaminant Monitoring using Smart Pollution Mask Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 211 211 T Venkateswarlu and Nagendra Ralla Design of CPW Fed Circular Shape Antenna for Wireless Applications Registered Nagendra Ralla T Venkateswarlu - 20th Feb. 2018 212 212 Namita Bhardwaj Removal of Crystal Violet dye through sulphonated Arachis hypogaea outer peels and cow dung- An emerging technique Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 213 213 Saurabh Das, Swastika Chakraborty and Madhura Chakraborty Studies of Rain fade slope model at Ka band over Ahmedabad, an Indian tropical location Registered Madhura Chakraborty Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 214 214 Anjaneyulu Mallikanti, Narsimha Reddy M and Panduranga Reddy I Field and Petrographic Characteristics of the Granitoids and associated mafic rocks from the Kattangur - Nakrekal area of the Nalgonda District, Telangana State, India Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 215 215 Vamsidhar Anagani Analysis and Design of LDPC coded Multiuser Discrete Wavelet based MIMO-OFDM Systems Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 216 216 Balaji Ganesh N, Dr P.V.Srihari and K.Raju Optimization of Four Stroke C. I Engine by Varying Diameter of The Intake Manifold using Artificial Neural Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 217 217 Jeelani Ahmed and Dr. Muqeem Ahmed Big Data and Semantic Web, Challenges and Opportunities Registered Jeelani Ahmed Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 218 218 Jitendra kumar pati Solving Bessel and Legender equation Using Mellin transform Registered Jitendra kumar pati Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 219 219 W.Szymanowski Conditions of the use Of Information Technologies for The Modelling of Decision-Making Processes in the Enterprise Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 220 220 Atul Kathole Vehicular Adhoc Network Using Cloud Computing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 222 222 Azeem Azeem, Yunus Khan T.M., Sarfaraz Kamangar and Irfananjum Badruddin Effect of Inner and Outer Horizontal wall Heating On Porous Duct Registered Azeem Azeem Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 223 223 Azeem Azeem, Yunus Khan T.M. and Sarfaraz Kamangar Heat Transfer in porous media: a review Registered Azeem Azeem Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 224 224 Azeem Azeem, Irfananjum Badruddin, Yunus Khan T.M. and Sarfaraz Kamangar Investigation of Heat Transfer Due To Isothermal Heater at Bottom of Irregular Porous Cavity Registered Azeem Azeem Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 225 225 Abderrahmane Ghrieb and Yacine Abadou The improvement of the behaviors of the mortars based on dune sand by the use of crushed ceramic waste Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 226 226 Vivek Rai, Rajeev Kumar Gupta and Nilesh Kunhare An Approach for Choosing the Appropriate Virtual Machine in the Load Balancing Approach in Cloud Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 229 229 Alka Sawlikar, Dr.Z.J.Khan and Dr.S.G.Akojwar Implementation of New Cryptographic Technique for Text and Image Registered Alka Sawlikar Dr.Z.J.Khan and Dr.S.G.Akojwar - 20th Feb. 2018 230 230 Ravi Bolleddula, P Surya Chandra and Ravi Bolleddula A Machine Understandable Big Data Using Knowledge Representation Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 231 231 Ravi Bolleddula and P Surya Chandra Protecting Privacy in Cloud Computing by using Wireless Sensor Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 232 232 Dr. Bondu Venkateswarlu Overlook-Monitoring Framework for Cloud Infrastructure Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 233 233 Ajit Kumar Senapati, Debashish Dash and Sandeep Kumar Sahu Effect of Stirring Speed During Casting on Mechanical Properties of Al-Si Alloy based Mmcs Registered Debashish Dash Ajit Kumar Senapati and Sandeep Kumar Sahu - 20th Feb. 2018 234 234 Archana Patel The Modified Sliding Window Protocol and New Acknowledgment Protocols for E-mail Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 235 235 Venkat Praveen Gannavaram and Gauri K Anand Accomplishment of the Essentials of Managerial Skills for Graduates through Introduction of Management Science in the Engineering Curriculum Registered Venkat Praveen Gannavaram Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 237 237 Ali Hassan Design of a Wide Band Six Port Reflectometer Using Broadside Coupled Lines Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 238 238 Deepti Thapliyal, Vikasdeep Juyal and Kuwar Vikramaditya Singh Study and Analysis of MEMS and NEMS based Gyroscope Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 239 239 Deepti Thapliyal Stabilization of Line of Sight (Los) using Different Control Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 240 240 Geena Prasad, Aromal V and Gokulnath G L Tree Replanter : A Solar Powered Approach Registered Aromal V Geena Prasad and Gokulnath G L - 20th Feb. 2018 241 241 Arif Sari and Samson Fadiya The Importance of Big Data Technology Registered Arif Sari Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 242 242 Arif Sari and Ersin Caglar The Big Data Tools and Development Platforms: Pros and Cons in the Future Registered Arif Sari Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 243 243 Siddhita Yadav and K.M. Pandey Computational Study on Mixing Behaviour in Supersonic Combustor on Various Mach number using Tandem Cavity Registered Siddhita Yadav Waiting - 21th Feb. 2018 244 244 Eashwaramma N, Dr.Praveen J and Dr.Vijaya Kumar M Modelling and Simulation of a Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches for using SVPWM Technique to mitigate for SAG and SWELL Registered Eashwaramma N Dr.Praveen J and Dr.Vijaya Kumar M - 20th Feb. 2018 247 247 Yohannes Abdissa, Khalid Siraj and Girma Selale Effect of magnesium, calcium and strontium ions doping on the band gap energy of ZnO nanoparticle Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 250 250 Eshwara Prasad K, Divakara Rao P and Udaya Kiran C Experimental Studies on Behavior of Keratin Based Human Hair Fiber - A New Reinforcing Material for Composites Registered Eshwara Prasad K Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 252 252 Saeed Alsamhi, M. Ansari, M Hebah, A Ahmed, A Hatem and M Alasali Adaptive Handoff Prediction and Appreciate Decision Using ANFIS between Terrestrial Communication and HAP Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 253 253 Amareswari Ambati, Chamundeswari Gorantla, Bala Vyshnavi Ethara, Vineetha Garre and Khamurudeen Shaik Pesticide Spraying using Drone Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 254 254 Qasim Al-Abbasi and Ammar Al-Salami Performance Investigation of Lightly Reinforced Tee Beams with Different Types of Shear Reinforcement Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 255 255 Prashil Junghare and Cyril Prasanna Raj P A High Resolution DOA Estimation Architecture for Acoustic Signal in Underwater Platform Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 256 256 Afshin Davarpanah Integrated Production Logging Tools Approach for Convenient Experimental Individual Layer Permeability Measurements in a Multi-layered Fractured Reservoir Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 257 257 Diviya Prabha Reliable Prediction for Detection of Heart Attack Among People using Twitter Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 258 258 Afshin Davarpanah Experimental Investigation of Immiscible Alternative Injection of Hot WAG injection in EOR Procedures in a Fractured Model and Optimize the Efficiency of Oil Recovery Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 259 259 Pavan Kumar A Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Model for Ultra-Low Power Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 260 260 Rajeev Ranjan and R.P. Singh Multi-Response Optimization of Surface Roughness and MRR in Turning using Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis (TGRA) Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 261 261 Dr. Janardhan Narambhatla and Prof. Srinivasulu N.V Experimental Investigations on Di Diesel Engine with High Grade Insulated Combustion Chamber with Varied Injection Pressure with Crude Jatropha Oil Registered Dr. Janardhan Narambhatla Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 262 262 Sandhya Rani, Sarangapani Manda and Venkatramanan Raman Monitoring system for diabetes mellitus patients in primary care A mobile and web-based clinical decision support : randomized controlled trial Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 263 263 Santhiya Krishnasamy and Bhuvaneswari Velumani An Automated MapReduce Framework for Crime Classification of News Articles Using MongoDB Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 264 264 Ramesh Babu Chokkalingam, Prakkash Subbu L, Thangavel Raj R and Shubham Sawant M Properties of Geopolymer Pervious Concrete Made with Ggbs Registered Ramesh Babu Chokkalingam Prakkash Subbu L, Thangavel Raj R and Shubham Sawant M - 20th Feb. 2018 265 265 Anupam Garg Histogram equalisation and histogram matching for the biomedical image enhancement and visualisation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 266 266 Prasanta Sahoo and B.Vyshali Vyshali Design and Development of Elliptic Curve Cryptography In Electronic Warfare System Registered Prasanta Sahoo Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 267 267 Anuradha Govada Implementation of Recommender System for Web pages Registered Anuradha Govada Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 268 268 Chandrashekhar Sakhale, Nischal Mungle, Sagar Shelare, Subhash Waghmare and Nilesh Pathare Formulation of Mathematical Model for Percentage of Ash content and moisture content of briquette processing operation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 269 269 R. Viswanathan and Dr. C.L. Brindha Devi Dynamic Resource Management using Borrowed Virtual Time Algorithm in Cloud Registered R. Viswanathan Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 270 270 Virendra Umale and Sanjay Warkad Optimal Pricing of Electricity in Restructured Electricity Market Registered Virendra Umale Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 274 274 Mukesh Soni Systematic Investigation on LargeScale Simulations in Big Data Systems Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 275 275 Ravi Prakash M, R Saravanan, Madeva Nagaral and V Auradi Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of B4C Particulates Reinforced Al7020 Alloy Composites Registered Madeva Nagaral Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 276 276 Swati Kumari, Vijay Verma and Bhargav Appasani An Analytical Technique for Detection of Single Element Error in Linear Antenna Arrays Registered Vijay Kumar Verma Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 277 277 Sanan Abizada and Esmira Abiyeva Energy Consumption Prediction of Residential Buildings Using Fuzzy Neural Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 278 278 Larisa Ismailova and Sergey V. Kosikov Configuration of Instrumental Tools for Generation of Text Representations of Objects of the Curated Database Registered Larisa Ismailova Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 279 279 Haneef-Ur- Rehman Immobilization and Characterization of Pectinase Within Polyacrylamide Gel for Continuous Industrial Use Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 280 280 Samriti Mahajan An Analysis on Culture & Its Impact on Business Ethic Registered Samriti Mahajan Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 282 282 Dr. Essam Khamis, Dr. Essam El Rafey, Dr. Ashraf Moustafa Abdel Gaber, Dr. Ahmed El-Hefnawy and Dr. Maissa Salah El Din Esmail Ahmed Environment-friendly herbal extract for the control of corrosion and deposition of scale in water systems Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 283 283 Balachandra Pattanaik Development of green power Using Renewable Energy Services Registered Balachandra Pattanaik Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 284 284 Carlos Rizo Maestre, Servando Chinchón Yepes and Víctor Echarri Iribarren The Radon Gas in Underground Constructions. Railway Tunnel of Alicante (Spain) Registered Carlos Rizo Maestre Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 285 285 Niyan Marchon, Gourish Naik and Radhakrishna Pai Linear Phase FIR Filter to Compute Fetal Heart Rate Variability Registered Niyan Marchon Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 286 286 Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa and Kiran S A Simple and Efficient Wavelet Approach for Evaluating Surface Integral over Curved Domain Registered Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 287 287 Aboli Kohale and Prarthana Deshkar A Review on Educational Data Mining Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 288 288 Bhawana Gawande and Nilima Jichkar Review on Detection of Anomalous Cluster in Discrete database by using Similarity Measure for Text Processing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 289 289 Ben Salah Marwa, Yengui Ameni and Neji Mahmoud Construction of OTunAr : ontology of Tunisian Archeology Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 290 290 Shraddha Zade, Nilesh Sambhe, Shailesh Kamble and Vikas Palekar Review on Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 291 291 Maya Lakha, Chennakesava Reddy and Raghavendra Kulkarni Surface Deformation: Validation & Analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 292 292 Brajesh Mishra and M. K. Gupta A Study on Use of Plastic Coated Aggregates (PCA) in Bituminous Concrete Mixes of Flexible Pavement Registered Brajesh Mishra Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 293 293 Pooja Kakde and T.R Ravi A Review on performance of product Recommendations based on user interest, location and interpersonal influence Registered Pooja Kakde Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 294 294 A. Chithambar Ganesh and M. Muthukannan A Review of Recent Developments in Geopolymer Concrete Registered A. Chithambar Ganesh M. Muthukannan - 20th Feb. 2018 295 295 Pratap Vangol and Aronya Baksy Synthesis of Silicon-Based Polymers For Solid State Lithium Polymer Batteries Registered Pratap Vangol Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 296 296 Jaykumar Mule Digital Product Data managemnet,Product Development & Manufacturing Using PLM Tool Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 297 297 Jaykumar Mule Developing & implementing a new innovative design for Interal combustion engine in the presence of oxygen Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 298 298 Jaykumar Mule and Versen Jagtap Mapping Business Process in Automotive Industries by Innovative Workflow Design Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 299 299 Azeem Azeem, Sarfaraz Kamangar and Yunus Khan T.M. Conjugate Double Diffusion Effect of Buoyancy Ratio Registered Azeem Azeem Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 300 300 Kl Uday Kiran, Thallapalli Nagaveni, Konapalli Saraswathamma, Amk Prasad and G Chandra Mohan Reddy Multi-objective optimization of WEDM process parameters for taper cutting of AISI D2 tool steel Registered Kl Uday Kiran Waiting - - S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 301 301 Kl Uday Kiran, Konapalli Saraswathamma, Amk Prasad and G Chandra Mohan Reddy Effect of process parameters on angular error in wire-EDM taper cutting of AISI D2 tool steel Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 302 302 Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa and Kiran S A New Approach for Evaluation of Volume Integrals by Haar Wavelet Method Registered Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 303 303 Seethalakshmi V and Govindasamy V Job Scheduling in Big Data – A Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 304 304 Shweta Gupta and Imran Ali Khan Classification of Heart Disease Hungarian data using entropy, knnga based classifier and optimizer Registered Shweta Gupta Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 305 305 Virendra Umale and Sanjay Warkad Power Quality Based Optimal Nodal Pricing in Tradable Electricity Market Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 306 306 Jittin Varghese, P. Lakshmi Sruthi and P. Hari Prasad Reddy Effect of Humic Acid on Adsorption of Cadmium onto Kaolinite Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 307 307 Noopur Saxena Collaborative Web Recommendation Using Concealed Feature Method Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 308 308 Jitendra Pati Solving Differential Equation by Extended form of Laplace transform Registered Jitendra Pati Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 309 309 Manimaran J and Velmurugan T Evaluation of Named Entity Recognition Algorithms Using Clinical Text Data Registered Manimaran.J Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 310 310 S S Mohan Reddy, Mullangi Vinod Kumar, Bandi Sanjay and Kokku Aruna Kumari Comparative Analysis of Edge Feeding and coaxial Feeding Technique with Fixed Frequency Registered S S Mohan Reddy Kokku Aruna Kumari,Mullangi Vinod Kumar and Bandi Sanjay - 20th Feb. 2018 312 312 Krishna Svsr Bandaru and Shivraj K Production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil and its performance on four strokes IC engine Registered Krishna Svsr Bandaru Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 313 313 Akash Deshmukh, Sudhanshu Kuthe and Umesh Palikundwar Understanding the effect of Compositions on Thermal Stability and Thermodynamic Parameter in Zr-Cu-Ag Bulk Metallic Glasses Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 315 315 Sunitha Reddy Mallannagari Incorporating Fuzziness with User-based Collaborative Filtering for Music Recommendation System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 316 316 Dr. A. venkata Ramana, Dr. A. Srinivasa Rao, Dr. E. Kesavulu Reddy, Dr. C. Sunil Kumar Pattern Analysis and Data Classification Methodology for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Registered Dr. A. venkata Ramana Waiting - 21th Feb. 2018 317 317 Mariya Priyadarshini, Ratna Bhaskar,Dr.R.S.Earnest Ravindran and Shrddha Choudary High Speed Binary Adder Circuits and Architectures: A Tutorial and Survey Registered Mariya Priyadarshini Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 318 318 Riki Patel An Electrically Small Fractal Antenna for WLAN Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 319 319 Valarmathi V and Saraswathi S Fact Detection through Self Organizing Map based Clustering from Industrial Perspective Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 320 320 Leonardo Pontes, Elydiana Soares and Adriano Albuquerque Brazilian Public Health Scenario: A Cross-Study over Experimentation in Software Engineering, Health of the Old-Aged and Government Health Costs Registered Leonardo Pontes Elydiana Soares - 20th Feb. 2018 321 321 Nagaveni Thallapalli and Srinu Naik Sapavatu Gelcasting of Ceramics: Structure and Properties Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 322 322 Anitha Peram, A.Subba Rami Reddy and M.N Giri Prasad Design of a Compact Micro-strip Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth on Modified Ground Plane for X-Band Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 324 324 Vikas Mittal A Power Efficient Self Biased OTA Design Based on Methodology with considering load variation, Temperature variation and power supply variation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 325 325 Sujay Patil Desai and Mahesh Wagh Performance Evaluation and Comparative Analysis Floating Solar Photovoltaic System with Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 326 326 Viacheslav E. Wolfengagen, Larisa Yu. Ismailova and Sergey V. Kosikov A way to support the transformation methods for the data in a semantic network Registered Larisa Yu. Ismailova Viacheslav E. Wolfengagen and Sergey V. Kosikov - 20th Feb. 2018 327 327 William Thomas Design and development of detecting brain tumor using novel approach Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 328 328 Meenakshi Chakraborty and Taraprasad Chattopadhyay Total Harmonic Modulation Distortion of an Injection-Locked Fabry-Perot Laser Diode Directly Modulated by a Multiharmonic RF Signal Registered Meenakshi Chakraborty Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 329 329 Vidhya Fulmali and Dr.Manisha Dubey An Overview of Different Topologies of DC–DC Converters for Renewable Energy Sources Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 330 330 Kiran Kumar Poloju and Chiranjeevi Rahul Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) - Strength and Stress Strain Behavior for Different Grades of Concrete Registered Kiran Kumar Poloju Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 331 331 Pranavati Jadhav and Vijay Burra Community Strength for Biomedical System Using Dynamic Network Analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 332 332 Tadele Deressa and Kalyani Kadam Prediction of Fetal Health State during Pregnancy: A Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 333 333 Aditya Nayak and Manas Nayak Load Following Control Strategy for Microgrid with Photovoltaic/Battery Storage System/Diesel Generator Registered Aditya Nayak Manas Nayak - 20th Feb. 2018 334 334 Mahesh Wagh and Vivek Kulkarni Design and Development of Efficient Low Cost Solar Pumping System for Irrigation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 336 336 Samata Parulekar, Shahbaz Sholapure, Rajesh Holmukhe and Parashuram Karandikar Study of PVDF Based Electrode Structure in Supercapacitors Registered Samata Parulekar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 337 337 Sergey V. Kosikov, Viacheslav E. Wolfengagen and Larisa Yu. Ismailova The Typing System to provide compositional thinking about data flows in support tasks for the implementation of best available technologies Registered Larisa Yu. Ismailova Sergey V. Kosikov and Viacheslav E. Wolfengagen - 20th Feb. 2018 338 338 M Ramprasad Reddy, M. Samosas Reddy and M Damodara Reddy Analyzing the Power Loss Minimization with Unified Power Flow Controller using Two Stage Ant Colony Optimization Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 339 339 Prof.P.Raja Rao Prodduku, Ballekallu Chinna Eranna, Ramesh Duraisamy and Abiyu Kerebo Berekute Removal of Lead and Cadmium Ions from Dilute Aqueous Streams using Natural Biosorbents Registered Dr. Ballekallu Chinna Eranna prof.prodduku Raja Rao,Dr.Ramesh Duraisamy and Abiyu Kerebo Berekute - 20th Feb. 2018 340 340 D Usha and D Chitradevi An Enhanced Rule Mining Algorithm To Detect Suspects Of Crime Against Women In The State Of Tamil Nadu Registered D Usha D Chitradevi - 20th Feb. 2018 341 341 Chaman Pal and Dr. T.S. Desmukh Stress Analysis of Pelton Turbine Distributor Using UG-NX Software Registered Chaman Pal Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 342 342 Athira V V and Sruthy S Investigation on the use of Cold Formed Perforated Steel Sections as Columns and Purlins Registered Athira V V Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 343 343 Vijaykumar Kalwa and Balaji Thoteempudi Design and manufacturing of hand injection mold for flip badge; Analysis of alternate AIR Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 344 344 Neelam Rawat, J.S. Sodhi and Rajesh K. Tyagi Analysis and tracking of animal movements through Granulation of Temporal Domain (GTD) Registered Neelam Rawat Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 345 345 Anup Singh Kushwaha, Ramandeep Singh Dehal, Chirag Munjal and Arquish Ali Ansari GPU Computing Revolution: CUDA Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 346 346 Ranjith J A Survey on Conformance Checking based on Business Process Model Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 348 348 Meserecordias Wilfred and Muhajir Mussa Mobility and Distribution of Hexavalent Chromium in Soil, Based on Column Experiment Registered Meserecordias Wilfred Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 349 349 P Raveendra Babu and Dr. M. Nagaraju Naik Design of 8-Bit ALU in 90nm and 45nm Using GDI Technology Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 350 350 Neha Loharia, Shashi B. Rana and Naveen Kumar A Novel Compact MIMO Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) for Future 5G Wireless Devices Registered Naveen Kumar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 351 351 Siva Nageswara Rao Sivaratri, Aruna Archu and Lakshminadh K Mobile Ad hoc Network integrated Heterogeneous Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 354 354 Vippon Preet Kour, Sakshi Arora and Jasvinder Pal Singh A Survey On Vision Based Techniques For Detection And Classification Of Fruit Diseases Registered Vippon Preet Kour Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 355 355 Akunuri Sumalatha and A Bhujanga Rao Closed loop Identification and effect of multiple datasets on parameter estimation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 356 356 Anup Kumar Singh and Swapnajit Pattnaik Speed Control of BLDC Motor Fed Through Matrix Converter using Indirect Modulation with Unity Input Power Factor Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 357 357 Narayani Gosavi, Dr. Sunil Gosavi and Chandrashekhar Nikam Soft chemical solution synthesis and characterization of CdSe thin films for photosensor applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 359 359 Karthika Krishnan B and Sruthy S Performance Of Shear Connectors In Fixed Offshore Jacket Platform Registered Karthika Krishnan Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 361 361 Adam Gnatowski and Mirek Kamil The Analysis of Changes in Properties of Chosen Polymer Materials as a Result of Adding Reinforcing Fibres Registered Adam Gnatowski Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 362 362 Neha B, Sruthy S and Dr. Rahul T M A Study on Fatigue Life of RC Bridge And Its Improvement Methods Registered Neha B Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 363 363 Snehajyoti Saha and Madhuri Wuppulluri Surface modification of La (Fe, Si)13 with copper using dry coating technique Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 364 364 Geethu P R, Sruthi P and Jasna T A Differential Chaos Shift Keying : A Robust Modulation Scheme For Secure Power-Line Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 365 365 Gulista Khan and Rahul Rathore LRCLE- Location finding algorithm to Reduce Communication cost and Localization Error for acoustic Sensor Nodes in UWSN Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 366 366 Geethu P R, Sruthi P and Jasna T A Feature Extraction Using Image Mining Techniques to Identify Brain Tumors Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 367 367 Gulista Khan and Wajid Ali FPRTR- Fault Persistent Real Time routing algorithm for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 368 368 Pramod Mulik, Uday Kapale and Gautam Kamble Experimental Evaluation of Desiccant Enhanced Nocturnal Cooling System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 369 369 Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy A Three Variable Model On The Risk Level of Viet Nam Hardware Industry During and After The Global Crisis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 370 370 Pratik Das, Srijeet Chatterjee and Sumana Chatterjee FfT based Characterisation of Muscle based on Writing Habits using a Low Cost Emg Acquisition System Registered Pratik Das Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 371 371 Victor Georgiev and Victoria Chukanova Approach To Using Genetic Algorithms for Building Educational Tests Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 372 372 Imad R. Mustafa and Professor Dr.Omer Qarani Aziz Effect of Concrete Compressive Strength on the Structural Behavior of the Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls Registered Imad R. Mustafa Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 373 373 Sultan Ahmad and Mohammad Mazhar Afzal A Review of Assured Data Deletion Mechanism in Cloud Computing Registered Sultan Ahmad Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 374 374 Swethima Reghu and Sruthy S A Comparison of Fatigue Life Improvement Methods for an Existing Offshore Jacket Platform Structure Registered Swethima Reghu Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 375 375 Ramesh Ganugapenta, Selokar G. R and Eriki Ananda Kumar Design and performance evaluation of a vortex tube Registered Ramesh Ganugapenta Eriki Ananda Kumar - 20th Feb. 2018 376 376 Saiful Islam,Dr. Rini Asnida Binti Abdullah and Dr. Javed Mallick Dynamic Analysis of Mansa Devi Hill Landslide using Flac3d Registered Saiful Islam Dr. Rini Asnida Binti Abdullah and Dr. Javed Mallick - 20th Feb. 2018 378 378 Subhra Das, Bibek Bandyopadhyay and Samir Kumar Saha Exergy Analysis of Solar Thermal Collector- A Comparative Study Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 379 379 Bharathi Sankar Super capacitor/Battery based Hybrid Powered Electric Bicycle Registered Bharathi Sankar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 380 380 Sourajyoti Dey and Mahesh Kumar Agrawal Evaluation of Lacquered Tinplate Corrosion in Canned Food Through Characterization by using SEM & EDS Technique Registered Sourajyoti Dey Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 381 381 Richa Ankush Pathe and Dr.Anupama Sharma Sustainable Development Of Existing Communities :The Role Of Municipal Corporation Registered Richa Ankush Pathe Waiting - 21th Feb. 2018 382 382 Mohd Vasim Ahamad, Misbah Urrahman Siddiqui, Maria Masroor and Urooj Fatima An Improved Playfair Encryption Technique Using Fibonacci Series Generated Secret Key Registered Misbah Urrahman Siddiqui Mohd Vasim Ahamad - 20th Feb. 2018 383 383 Dr. Bhavna Shrivastava, Dr. Yogesh Garg and Dr. Nakul Dhagat Identify most appropriate variables for Housing Delivery Method for closed settlement sector / Gated Communities and Enhance Customer Satisfaction found in Indian Context Registered Dr. Bhavna Shrivastava Dr. Yogesh Garg and Dr. Nakul Dhagat - 20th Feb. 2018 384 384 Esther Preethi, Uma Sankari, C.H Rekha, M Palanichamy, T Sivakumar and A Pandurangan Selective oxidation of cyclohexane to KA oil over Ce-AlPO-18 molecular sieves Registered Esther Preethi Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 385 385 Ravi Hosur, Dayanand Savakar and Shilpa Madabhavi Shape based Object Retrieval Technique for Vehicular Spare Parts Registered Ravi Hosur Dayanand Savakar and Shilpa Madabhavi - 20th Feb. 2018 386 386 Ajay Kumar Gangwar and Muhmmad Shah Alam Folded Monopole Antenna with CSRRs for Tri-Band Applications Registered Ajay Kumar Gangwar Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 387 387 Christy A, Meeragandhi G and Vaithyasubramanian S Concept-Lda: an Enhanced Method for Topic Modeling using Reinforcement Learning Registered Christy A Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 388 388 Oleg Malafeyev, Sergei Nemnyugin, Irina Zaitseva, Marina Popova and Tatiana Smirnova Interception processes with incomplete information: computational aspects of parallelization Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 389 389 Padmaja Chennapragada and Malleswari Dr. B. L. Channel Estimation Errors Impact on The Performance of 4G Systems Registered Padmaja Chennapragada Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 390 390 Sabah Mazhir, Mohammed Khalf and Sarah Taha A Study of Plasma parameters in gold sputtering System by Means of Optical Emission Spectroscopy Registered Sabah Mazhir Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 391 391 Priyank Mishra Reduction in Path Failures by Adopting Multi-Channel Multi -Path in Routing For Dynamic Activity of Primary Users Registered Priyank Mishra Brajesh Tiwari - 20th Feb. 2018 392 392 Priyank Mishra Performance Evaluation of DSR, CAODV and D2CARP Protocol in CRAHNs for Dynamic Activity of Primary User Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 393 393 Oupa Nntwampe Review of reaction dynamics of FeCl3 and Al2(SO4)3 dosage in AMD using varying dispersion techniques during destabilization Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 395 395 Mbengue Nacire, Oumar Absatou Niasse and Bassirou Ba Optimization of Antireflecting Coatings: Influence on The Spectral Response of A Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 396 396 Bhaskar Chakraborty Synthesis of Some Novel Class of Isoxazolidine & Isoxazoline Derivatives using Some Novel Class of Nitrones via 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reaction using Greener Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 397 397 Chandram Karri and Rajababu Durgam Krill Herd Algorithm for Double Side Optimal Bidding Strategy in Perfect Competitive Market Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 398 398 Rupesh P L, Thamaraikannan M and Raja K Elimination of Drill Breaking Issue during Oil Hole Drill in Volvo Crank Shaft Registered Rupesh.P.L Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 402 402 Mahesh Wagh and Vivek Kulkarni A Review on Mathematical Models of Renewable Energy Resources Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 403 403 Swatismita Das, Rasmita Dash, Rajshree Dash and Rasmita Rautray A Brief Review on Harmony Search Registered Swatismita Das Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 404 404 Manisha Sahoo, Rasmita Dash, Rasmita Rautray and Rajashree Dash Particle Swarm Optimization: A Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 405 405 Deeppikaa B and Sri Heera survey on Community Question answering System to solve the lexical gap Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 406 406 Rasmita Rautray, Lopamudra Swain, Rasmita Dash and Rajashree Dash A Brief Review on Text Summarization Methods Registered Lopamudra Swain Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 407 407 N. Sushmetha, Manju Mary Abraham and B Chandramohan Audio Watermarking using Paillier Encryption for Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Registered Manju Mary Abraham N. Sushmetha - 20th Feb. 2018 408 408 Priyanka Singh and Chaman Pal Characterization of Some Intuitionistic Fuzzy Implications Based on Mathematical Connectives Registered Priyanka Singh Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 409 409 Shruthi Mn and Dr. N. S. Narahari Feasibility For Re-Manufacturing Of Mobile Handsets Through Product Analysis And A Customer Perceptions Survey Registered Shruthi.M.N Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 410 410 Govind Prasad Arya, Rajendra Bharti and Devendra Prasad DNA Compression Algorithm Using Extended DNA Alphabets Registered Govind Prasad Arya Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 411 411 Govind Prasad Arya, Kumar Nilay and Devendra Prasad An improved Round Robin CPU Scheduling Algorithm Based on Priority of Process Registered Govind Prasad Arya Waiting - 20th Feb. 2018 412 412 Bettahally Keshavamurthy, Shashank Srivastava, Jaseel Haris, Ankush Kumar and Seema Wazarkar Sentiment Analysis of Sub-Events extracted out of an Event using Word2vec Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 413 413 Geena Prasad, Roji Thomas Mathew, Sreeram Thattat, Anirudh K V and Adithya Varma P K Intelligent Energy Meter with Home Automation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 414 414 Prof Neeta N. Thune and Dr. S.L. Haridas Optimized ACSU Design for Trellis Coded Modulation (TCM) Decoder Registered Prof Neeta N. Thune Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 416 416 Rajesh R, Geena Prasad, Soumithri Sreekumar, Anoop Murali and Aravind Vasudevaru Pollution Reduction Using Hydrogen as a Catalyst in Combustion Chamber of IC Engines Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 417 417 Asif Khan and Mohd Arif Henry Classification of Latent Fingerprints Using Convolutional Neural Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 418 418 Arun Sharma Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Roof Tiles Prepared Using Fly Ash Registered Arun Kumar Sharma Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 419 419 Krishna Das and Smriti Kumar Sinha Centrality Measure Based Approach for Detection of Malicious Nodes in Twitter Social Network Registered Krishna Das Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 421 421 John Bruce and Sasi Prabha A Survey on Techniques Adopted iIn the Prioritization of Test Cases for Regressing Testing Registered Sasi Prabha - 21st Feb. 2018 422 422 Mahesh Prasanna K and Shantharama Rai C Video-Based Face Recognition Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 424 424 Sreehari Peddavarapu, Jayendra Bharathi R and Raghuraman S Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of AA6082-5%SiC AND AA6082-5%TiB2 Metal Matrix Composites Registered Sreehari Peddavarapu Waiting Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 426 426 Bhajneet Kaur, Laxmi Ahuja and Vinay Kumar ISM and TISM: Model building techniques and their Applications Registered Bhajneet Kaur Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 427 427 Vinh Nguyenvan and Nguyen Phuong Hoa Optimal Power Allocation and Power Constraint in OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio Systems Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 428 428 A Siva Krishna Reddy and Pothula Sujatha Online Dynamic Data Placement in Heterogeneous Hadoop Cluster Registered A. Siva Krishna Reddy Pothula Sujatha - 21st Feb. 2018 429 429 Neelima Sayana and Brindha R a review on hardware implementations of sha3 Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 430 430 Syed Muzamil Bash, Dharmendra Singh Rajput, Ravi Kumar Poluru, S Bharath Bhushan and Shaik Abdul Khalandar Basha Evaluating the performance of Supervised classification models: Decision Tree And Naïve Bayes Using KNIME Registered Syed Muzamil Bash Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 431 431 Deepak Kumar and Kalpana Chaudhary Design of a Compact circular polarized printed rectenna for satellite solar power station array construction Registered Deepak Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 432 432 Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa An explicit integrals for calculating stiffness matrix by generalized Gaussian quadrature rule Registered Shivaram Kengeri Thayappa Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 433 433 Lakshmi Janardhana R C A Note on Convexity of the Inverse Contra Harmonic Mean Waiting Waiting - - 434 434 Dr.T.Arumuga Maria Devi Predictive Analysis of Supermarket Basket Mining on Association Rules R Studio for Frequent Item Set Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 435 435 Ramya Swetha Ruddaraju, Venkataramana Gedela and Anusha Haddssa Koppoli Experimental study on concrete with rice husk ash under sulphuric acid solutions Registered Ramya Swetha Ruddaraju Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 436 436 Dr.T.Arumuga Maria Devi and Subha Kumar Diagnosis of Breast Cancer on Decision Tree Modeling with R Packages Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 437 437 Indra Reddy M, Brahma Raju K, Rama Bhadri Raju Ch, Anil Kumar M and N V S Swamy Ch Study on Mechanical properties of jute/ Pineapple leaf fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 439 439 Salina Adinarayana and Ilavarasan E. A Machine Learning approach to extract Opinions from Social Media Content Registered Salina Adinarayana Ilavarasan E. - 21st Feb. 2018 440 440 Praveena Talupunuri, Lakshman Talluri, Sai Krishna Mundra and Tanooj Kumar M Optimised and Secured Data Collection and Recovery for IoT Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 441 441 Prajakta Sanap and Santosh Kumar Analyzing Healthcare Big Data with Automatic Prediction of Patient Health Condition Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 442 442 Fancy Chelladurai, Geetha G and Safa M Enhancing Security Features for Data Uploading in Public Cloud Registered Fancy Chelladurai Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 443 443 Gowrishankar Jayapalan, Balasundaram Gajendran and Jaya Kishore R Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Cascaded Multilevel Inverter for Photovoltaic system Registered Gowrishankar Jayapalan - 21st Feb. 2018 445 445 Ajay Shelorkar and Dr.Pradip Jadhao Determination of Mechanical Properties of Slurry Infiltrated Steel Fiber Concrete Using Fly Ash and Metakaolin Registered Ajay Pandurangji Shelorkar Dr.Pradip Jadhao - 21st Feb. 2018 447 447 Avijit Mondal, Anoy Chowdhury and Subrata Paul An Approach to Signature Generation using Worms Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 448 448 Ch. V. Prasad and K. Mallikarjuna Rao Study of Mechanical and Wear Characteristics of Al380 Composite Fabricated by Introducing B4C Using Compo Casting Method Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 449 449 Shambhabi Chatterjee, Kamalika Ghosh and Debashish Das An approach towards feasibility survey to overcome the Electric Power Deficiencies at various states of India Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 450 450 Beulah Kondapalli, Narasimha Rao Gudikandhula, V Krishna Raja Penmetsa and K. Subba Rao P A Study on Cloud Services with Internet of Things in Real World Complications: Geo-Tagging Approach Registered Beulah Kondapalli Narasimha Rao Gudikandhula - 21st Feb. 2018 S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 451 451 Sunil Sharma, Gunjan Sahay and Abhas Mathur Design of Rectangular Silica Photonic Crystal Fiber To Minimize The Total Dispersion Registered Gunjan Sahay Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 452 452 Rahul Chakule and Sharad Chaudhari Recent Trends in Lubricating and Cooling Techniques for Green and Sustainable Manufacturing: A Review on Grinding Process Registered Rahul Chakule Sharad Chaudhari - 21st Feb. 2018 453 453 Varaprasad Rao M and Srujan Raju K Metaphor Applications in Extreme Programming (XP) Planning and Practices Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 454 454 Dr.T. Arumuga Maria Devi, D. Muthukumar and Dr.P. Kumar A systematic review on PC Based Digital Signal and Image Processing of Bio-electrical signals using Hyperspectral Analysis Registered D. Muthukumar Dr.T. Arumuga Maria Devi - 21st Feb. 2018 455 455 Jayashri Nair and Ajay Kaviti Investigation of Tamarind Methyl Ester Blends on Performance and Emissions Characteristics on single cylinder Compression Ignition Engine Registered Jayashri Nair Ajay Kaviti - 21st Feb. 2018 456 456 Bachchu Sk and Shariful Alam Co-existence Dynamics of Three Species Food Chain Model under Herd Behavior of Intermediate Predator Registered Bachchu Sk Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 457 457 Richa Yadav and Ajay Goyal AN Optimal Matrix Approach For Virtual Load Allocation And Data Sharing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 458 458 Raj Gandhi, Aniket Jayawant and Ameya Bhalerao Applicability of Composite Polymer Gear in Low RPM Applications – A Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 459 459 Harsh Mathur and Veenadhari Suraparaju Robust Multi-Level Distinct Frequency Based Chaotic Approach with Blended Vector Matrix on Different Channels Image Encryption Registered Harsh Mathur Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 460 460 Kannadhasan Suriyan Design of C-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Various Wireless Applications Using HFSS Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 461 461 Anand Pratap Singh Sengar and Aman Dahiya Reconfigurable Smart Antenna for Wireless Communication Devices Registered Anand Pratap Singh Sengar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 462 462 Ravali Kamboji, Pavani Velivala and Prathyusha Bijjam Measuring and Maintaining Acceleration Records Obtained from 3D MEMS Registered Ravali Kamboji Pavani Velivala and Prathyusha Bijjam - 21st Feb. 2018 464 464 T.R.Saritha Kumari and M.Xavier James Raj Effectiveness of KS Elements in Orbit Prediction Using Earth's Gravity, Drag and Solar Radiation Pressure Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 465 465 Venkateswara Rao N and Challa Ram Grandhi Synthesis of Linear Array Antenna with Wide Range of Beamwidths using DE Algorithm Registered Challa Ram Grandhi Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 467 467 Shreyas Jinadatta and Meghana Ashok Ma-Tab: A Journey into the World of Unexplored Mathematics for the Visually Impaired Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 468 468 Ch V K N S N Moorthy. and V. Srinivas Discretization Analysis of a Composite GFRP Cylinder Registered Ch. V. K. N. S. N. Moorthy Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 469 469 Siva Kumar.P.V and Padmavathi Guddeti A report on Progress in Quantum computing Registered Siva Kumar.P.V Padmavathi Guddeti - 21st Feb. 2018 470 470 Anjali Saini An Advanced Algorithm for Finding Tandem Repeats in DNA Sequencing based on Text Mining Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 471 471 Nagamani Gonthina, Amandeep Singh and Parneet Kaur Multistage Classification Of Cancer Using Machine Learning Techniques Registered Nagamani Gonthina Parneet kaur Vohra - 21st Feb. 2018 472 472 Gayathri G, Dr. K.M Mini and Sruthy S Seismic And Blast Loading Performance Of A Gypsum Panelled Prefabricated Building Registered Gayathri.G Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 473 473 Gani Pllana and Hyzri Hyseni Algorithms and the Application of Autocad Mechanical Power Pack Software for Selection of Standard Transmission Elements Registered Gani Pllana Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 474 474 Anjali Sebastian, Sruthy S and Jayadeep Thuvasseri Design Of Floatable Monolithic Breakwater Structure To Ensure Tranquility In Port And Harbour Basins Registered Anjali Sebastian Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 475 475 Drishya.P and Sruthy.S Investigation on the Boundary Column Demands of Steel Plate Shear Wall with Perforations Using Non-Linear Seismic Analysis Registered Drishya.P Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 476 476 Ajay Kaviti and Jayashri Nair Optimized aerofoil profile of vertical axis wind turbine Registered Jayashri Nair Ajay Kaviti - 21st Feb. 2018 477 477 Kiran Kumar Namala and Bala Murali Krishna Vanka Analytical Review on MHD Power Generation Trends Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 478 478 Anil Kumar.D and Hariprasad S A Design and Implementation of Pd Based Controller for Accurate Tracking/Heading Angle Registered Anil Kumar.D Hariprasad.S.A - 21st Feb. 2018 479 479 Rajashree Dash, Anuradha Routray, Rasmita Rautray and Rasmita Dash Gold Price Prediction using an Evolutionary Pi-Sigma Neural Network Registered Anuradha Routray Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 480 480 Ravi Kumar B. and Hariharan Sankara Subramanian Investigation on Flow-Field of a Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Registered Ravi Kumar.B Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 481 481 Ramakanta Jena, Shaswat Chirantan, Saratchandra Swain and Prafulla Chandra Panda Power Flow Simulation & Voltage Magnitude Control By Firing-Angle Model Based SVC Registered Ramakanta Jena Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 483 483 Bala Tripura Sundari B and Arya Raj K Compact Single and Dual Gated Graphene FET Model and its Applications in Mixer, Tripler Circuits Registered Bala Tripura Sundari B Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 484 484 Dr. Jayant Giri and Kartik Pandit Machine Learning Approach For Prediction Of Quantity Of Zinc Sulphate Hydrate Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 485 485 Nadeem Khan Review on wastewater treatment using Nanoparticles Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 486 486 Anu Raveendran and Elizabeth Sherly Cost Evaluation of Virtual Machine Live Migration through Bandwidth Analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 487 487 Syed Umar WSN based Alter system to save life in Mines with High Security System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 488 488 Syed Umar Virtual Machine Monitor [VMM] with usage of Cloud computing to Manage High Alerting systems[HAS] Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 489 489 Syed Umar Designing of Recuperate the Pursuance and Collateral System for TOR Network Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 490 490 Pramod Kumar and Sandeep Joga Performance analysis of a building ventilation solar chimney Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 491 491 Zakir Hussain, Rakesh Kumar and Deepa Meghavathu Kinetics & thermodynamics of adsorption process using spent-FCC catalyst Registered Zakir Hussain Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 492 492 Vadim Shpenst Methods for optimal selection of operating areas for multispectral devices for remote inspection of overhead power lines Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 493 493 Harshal Misalkar, Umesh Nikam and Anup Burange Implementation of Security Algorithm and Achieving Energy Efficiency for Increasing Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network Waiting Waiting - - 495 495 Nilesh Dubey and Hardik Mandora A Survey on Techniques to Protect Video files Using Watermarking Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 496 496 Pranav Lapsiwala Optical Sensor for Analysis of Amonia, Iron and Manganese Nutrients Registered Pranav Lapsiwala Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 497 497 Sundar Singh Sivam S.P., Rajendrakumar S., Sathiyamoorthy K, Saravanan K. and Thirugnanam A Function Of Taguchi Grey Relation Analysis for Influencing the Process Parameter for Getting Better Product Quality and Minimize the Industrial Pollution by Coolants in Turning of Ti–6al–4v Alloy Registered Sundar Singh Sivam S. P. Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 498 498 M. Princy and D Sivakumar An Optimal Model for Energy Efficiency Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Netorks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 499 499 Santhi Kuraganti and Rama Mohan Reddy Ambati A Comparative Study of Critical Big Visual Analytics : A Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 500 500 Zakir Hussain, Deepa Meghavathu and Rakesh Kumar Effect of quaternary ammonium salt addition to conventional biodiesel production process Registered Zakir Hussain Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 501 501 Megha Jain and Dr. Kk Pathak Thermal insulation material used in buildings of hot climatic regions: applications and characteristics Registered Megha Jain Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 502 502 Zakir Hussain, Rakesh Kumar and Deepa Meghavathu Glimpses of dynamic biodiesel product pricing model Registered Zakir Hussain Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 503 503 Dr. A. V. Kale, Dr.Jayant Giri and Harshalkumar R. Mundane Findings of Performance Evaluation of EDM for Different Materials of Electrodes and Workpieces- A Review Registered Harshalkumar R. Mundane Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 504 504 Nayan Yenurkar, Dr.Jayant Giri and Rajkumar Chadge Integration of Robo-Analyzer for Forward and Inverse kinematics of 6 DoF Robot to Check Flexible DH Parameters Registered Nayan Yenurkar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 505 505 Sudhakar.K Identifying Feature Stock Price by Considering Most Influential Parameters using Prediction Methods in Indian Stock Exchange Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 506 506 Sarath Chandra Dangeti, Dr.K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy and Dr.Omprakash Hebbal.Dr Fabrication And Mechanical Characterisation of Glass And Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composite’s Used For Marine Applications Registered Sarath Chandra Dangeti Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 507 507 Sundar S.P, Rajendrakumar S., Sathiyamoorthy K and Prakash M A Study of Mechanical Properties and Multi Response Optimization Of Process Parameter For Showing Signs Of Improvement Product Quality In Drilling Of Alsi7cu4 Utilizing Grey Relation Analysis In Taguchi Method Registered Sundar S.P Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 508 508 Hanumantha Rao Sama, Vasanta Kumar V and Srinivasa Rao T Analysis of batch arrival two-phase MX/M/1 queueing system with impatient customers and unreliable server Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 510 510 Amit Mankar, Rakesh Shrivastava and Jayant Giri Open Architecture Control for CNC System – An Approach Registered Amit Mankar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 511 511 Prince Kumar and Atma Ram Gupta A Study on Flux Compression Generator and its Application Registered Prince Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 512 512 Vaibhav Hiwase and Avinash Agrawal Review On Application of Data Mining in Life Insurance Registered Vaibhav Hiwase Avinash Agrawal - 21st Feb. 2018 513 513 Pooja Pawar and Avinash Agrawal Developments for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection and Classification: A Review Registered Pooja Manohar Pawar Avinash Agrawal - 21st Feb. 2018 515 515 Kalyani Dakhare and Avinash Agrawal Optimizing Information Search using Graph Analysis Registered Kalyani Dakhare Avinash Agrawal - 21st Feb. 2018 516 516 Basavaraj Hosamani and Vadiraj Katti Investigation of Physico-Chemical Properties of Simarouba methyl ester and diesel blends Registered Basavaraj Hosamani Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 518 518 Bhagyashree Bhongade and Ashwini Zadgaonkar A semi-supervised approach for opinion mining using online product review Registered Bhagyashree Bhongade Ashwini Zadgaonkar - 21st Feb. 2018 519 519 Rohit Samkaria, Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot and Sushabhan Choudhary Cloud based Agricultural field Parameters monitoring using ESP8266 and Zigbee Registered Sushabhan Choudhary Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 520 520 Shubhangi Katti and Nitin Kulkarni OCR system for Recognition of Used Printed Electronic Components for Recycling Registered Shubhangi Katti Nitin Kulkarni - 21st Feb. 2018 521 521 Satyavarapu Naga Parameswara Gupta Frequency shifting in electromagnetic radiation near gravitating masses in Dynamic Universe Model Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 522 522 Kaviya M and Latha L A Survey on Various Communication Systems for Hearing and Speech Impaired People Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 523 523 Kusum Grewal Dangi, Mohit Yadav and Shubham Malhotra Health Care Monitoring System an Application of Iot using Wi-Fi Registered Kusum Grewal Dangi Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 524 524 Pathinathan T and Mike Dison A New Approach to Rotational Fuzzy Set Model Registered Mike Dison Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 525 525 Arshdeep Kaur Unity in Togetherness: A Review on Clustering Algorithms in Vehicular Ad- Hoc Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 527 527 Arpita Deshmukh, Bhargavi Rao, Pravin Ghorpade and Dr. Himangi Pande Energy Efficient Dynamic Street Lighting System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 529 529 Zainab Q. Salih, Jasim M. Rajab and Ali M. Al-Salihi The assessment of Troposphere Carbon monoxide Variability and Trend in Iraq using AIRS during 2003-2016 Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 530 530 Ravi Shankar Performance Analysis of Dual phase Multiple Relay C(0) Cooperative Communication Protocol over Time Selective Fading with Node Mobility and Imperfect Channel state Information Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 531 531 Chada Sastry, Majeti Ramesh and Ramesh Kocharlakota Structure and Dielectric properties of Dy3+substituted BT BKT-20 lead free ceramics Registered Chada Sastry Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 532 532 Sushree Sangita Rautray and Manas Ranjan Das Experimental Study on Potential Use of Fly Ash and GGBS from Jajpur Alumina Plant in Developing a Self Compacting Concrete Registered Sushree Sangita Rautray Manas Ranjan Das - 21st Feb. 2018 533 533 Srinivasa Rao Pundru and Mohan Rao Nalluri Spatial Three Degree of Freedom Parallel Manipulator Forward Kinematic Position Analysis Registered Srinivasa Rao Pundru Mohan Rao Nalluri - 21st Feb. 2018 534 534 Nallagatla Raghavendra Sai and K Satya Rajesh A Novel Technique to Classify the Network Data by using Occ With Svm Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 535 535 Vivitha Varshini R.J, Naskath J and Paramasivan B High speed realistic mobility model for TN-Multi lane Highway Environment Registered Vivitha Varshini R.J Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 537 537 Harzawardi Hasim and Suhana Mohamed Sultan Temperature Analysis of ZnO/p-Si Heterojunction Using Thermionic Emission Model Registered Suhana Mohamed Sultan Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 538 538 Padmini N and Anupama Prakash Reduction of Ripples in a Three Phase Dc-Dc Converter using Pi Controller Registered Anupama Prakash Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 539 539 Khatri Chandni, Mrudang Pandya and Sunil Jardosh Deep Learning Approaches for Protein Structure Prediction Registered Khatri Chandni Suryakant Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 540 540 Priya.P and Sariga Raj A Tool for Suggesting Ayurvedic Remedies from Curated and Classified Clinical Trial Reports Registered Sariga Raj Priya.P - 21st Feb. 2018 541 541 Ravi Sekhar Yarrabothu, Sivaji S and Lakshmi Gutha Performance Analysis of 5G Waveform – Bi-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing under Real Fading Condition Simulations Registered Ravi Sekhar Yarrabothu Waiting - 21th Feb. 2018 542 542 Lina Baviskar and Pramod Gosavi Sequential Classification by using interesting patterns Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 543 543 Rohini Hallikar, Uttarakumari M and Padmaraju K Modified Turbo and SDROM method for speech processing for Cochlear Implants Registered Rohini Hallikar Uttarakumari.M - 21st Feb. 2018 544 544 Aqsa Manzoor and Zahoor Tanoli Political Alignment detection framework Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 545 545 Md Irfan Ahmed, Devendra Goyal and Pallavi Soni Impact of Indian Electricity Market Blackouts Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 546 546 Pallavi Chaudhury and Sikata Samantaray Mathematical & Numerical modeling of the input parameters for Powder mixed EDM Process of Be-Cu Alloy Registered Pallavi Chaudhury Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 547 547 Jagadis Chandra Misra, Biswajit Mallick and Aniruddha Sinha Numerical simulation of Cattaneo-Christov heat flux impact on electro-osmotic transport of third order fluids in a magnetic environment Waiting Waiting Waiting - - S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 551 551 Talha Ahmed Bhatti and Samiya Zafar Effect of Distributed Generation Penetration on Protection Coordination of IEEE 30 Bus System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 552 552 Vijay Sardar and Suresh Shirbahadurkar Application of MPEG-7 Audio Descriptors for Speaker Identification of Whispering Sound Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 553 553 Deepna U, Arjun S Menon and Balamurugan S A Comparative Study On Shear Wall Concept In Accordance To Its Seismic Behaviour Registered Deepna.U Arjun.S Menon and Balamurugan.S - 21st Feb. 2018 554 554 Sandhya Swami, Yuvraj Ghugal and Surekha Bhalchandra Linear Thermal Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates by Using Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory Registered Sandhya Kashinath Swami Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 555 555 Durga Prakash Design and Simulation of Low Actuation Voltage RF MEMS Shunt Capacitive Switch Registered Durga Prakash Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 556 556 Kazi Abu Taher, Kazi Afsara Taher and Satya Prasad Majumder BER Performance of PDM 4-QAM Optical Transmission System Considering the Effects of PMD and GVD Using Exact Probability Density Function Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 557 557 R. Thirukkumaran and P. Muthukannan An effective Solution to select Cluster Head using TOPSIS for Heterogeneous Network in IoT Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 559 559 Macherla Padmavathi and Shik. Mahaboobbasha Innovative Cloud Computing Load Balancing Algorithm by using Enhanced Firefly Approach Registered Macherla Padmavathi Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 560 560 Srinivasa Rao Kosuru and Chandrashekar Rao Tanimiki Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Concrete using various Mineral Admixtures and Short Carbon fibres Registered Srinivasa Rao Kosuru Chandrashekar Rao Tanimiki - 21st Feb. 2018 561 561 Pratik Kamble and Suchitra Khoje A Study on Recent Technological Development In 3D Printing: Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 563 563 Pradnya Vikhar and Pravin Karde Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) System using Threshold based Color Layout Descriptor (CLD) and Edge Histogram Descriptor (EHD) Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 564 564 Sachin Kumar Mahajan and Ravi Jain Raman Spectra of Lithium Tungsten Tellurite Glass Containing Ag Nanoparticles Registered Sachin Kumar Mahajan Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 565 565 Pooja Basayya Hiremath and Pooja Hiremath Detection Of Pests And Diseases In Chilly Plants Using Machine Learning Registered Pooja Basayya Hiremath Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 566 566 Maduraipandian Malaidurai and Rajalingam Thangavel Structural analysis by Rietveld method and high temperature magnetic study of α-Fe2O3 Nanocrystals Registered Maduraipandian Malaidurai Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 567 567 Moses Farrell Luka and Ertan Akun Noise Exposure and Induced Hearing Loss to Workers in Small and Large Scale Industries Registered Moses Farrell Luka Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 568 568 Hemant Kulkarni and Vasudeo Virulkar Wind Energy Scenario in India–Current Status and Scope Registered Hemant Kulkarni Vasudeo Virulkar - 21st Feb. 2018 569 569 Elżbieta Szafranko, Joanna A. Pawłowicz and Jolanta Harasymiuk Variant Plans of Development Projects in the Construction Sector, Inclusive of Environmental Protection Requirements Registered Elżbieta Szafranko Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 570 570 Sanjay Kumar Singh Detection of Lung Cancer Cells using Image Processing Techniques Registered Sanjay Kumar Singh Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 571 571 Kreethika.G, Sai Shruthi.S, Priyanka S and Ananthi.M A witty relief ailment based on the integration of IoT and Cloud Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 572 572 Monika Bharadwaj, Sujata Pandey and Neeta Pandey Design and Implementation of high performance phase frequency Detector for CMOS PLL frequency Synthesizer Registered Monika Bharadwaj Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 573 573 Dinesh Sharma, Harshavardhan Kayala, Devi Sree Vaddi, Bhagya Surekha Patnala and Sai Bhavana Yandrapu Living Plant or Tree as a Long Lasting Battery Registered Harshavardhan Kayala Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 574 574 Edgar Rico, Carlos Vergara and Sebastian Correa Development of a multi-motor power system for vehicles converted to electric Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 575 575 Tapas Singh and Dr. H. L. Tiwari Soil Stabilization by Geogrid – A Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 576 576 Harinath.Sp Frequency Evaluation for Mechanical Integration of Laced HP Turbine Blades in a Gas Turbine Rotor Registered Harinath.S.p Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 577 577 Rajesh Mothe Challenges, Open Research Issues and Tools in Big Data Analytics Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 578 578 Mohan Singh Panwar and Dr.Ajay Kumar Bansal Power Quality Management using STATCOM for Grid Interfaced Wind Turbine Controlled by Microcontroller Registered Mohan Singh Panwar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 579 579 John Paul.M The efficacy of CRM applications as a device of electronics Communication system in Indian Digital Banking Services Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 580 580 M. R. Kumar, C. K. Behera and S. Mohan Drop Calorimetric measurements on Binary Bi-In System Registered M. R. Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 581 581 Sarada Bantakunta, Dr.M. Vinayaka Murthy and Dr. Udaya Rani V Analysis of large volume data processing using Clustering Algorithms Registered Sarada Bantakunta Dr.M. Vinayaka Murthy - 21st Feb. 2018 582 582 Divya Vani Yarlagadda Scrutinizing of cloud services quality by exerting ultimatum response method, miscegenation cryptography, proximate approach and PFCM clustering Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 583 583 Amardeep Boora, Sahil Singh Deshwal, Himanshu Gauba and Gaurav Singh Use Of Industrial Waste In Rigid Pavements Registered Amardeep Boora Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 584 584 Kv Daya Sagar and Satyala Narayana Secure Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System and Detection of Accidents using Internet of Things Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 585 585 Krushnadeo Belerao and Dr. S. B. Chaudhari Mapreduce Framework based Summarization using Hidden Markov Model and DBSCAN Registered Krushnadeo Belerao Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 586 586 Vadim Koronovskyy and Yuri Vakyla Manipulation by Micromagnetic Structural Elements in Ferrite Garnets Films by External Electric Field Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 587 587 Shivam Bharti and Aparna Arunkumar Gautam Hardware Design and Implementation of Multiconverter Module Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 588 588 Anup Burange, Harshal Misalkar and Umesh Nikam Security for MQTT and Coap Protocols of Application Layer in Iot Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 589 589 Gani Pllana and Hyzri Hyseni Algorithm for Computer Calculation of Kinematic Sizes of a Cam Mechanism Registered Gani Pllana Hyzri Hyseni - 21st Feb. 2018 590 590 Patel Rupal Ishvarbhai and Jitisha Patel Data Security in Cloud Computing Registered Patel Rupal Ishvarbhai Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 591 591 Vishwanath M M, Dr Lakshamanaswamy N and Meenakshi Devi Parre Devi Parre Computational Studies on the Heat Transfer behavior during the Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium Alloy Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 592 592 Anilkumar Ambore and Dr. Udaya Rani.V Smart Parking System On Smart Phones With IoT Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 593 593 Saravanan Devaraj and Dr. Dennis Joseph Image Content Extraction Using Data Mining Clustering Technique Registered Saravanan Devaraj Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 594 594 Saleem Shaik and Abhinav Varshney Enhanced Mechanical Strength of Very High Pure and Optically Transparent Nanoporous Anodic Alumina Membrane Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 595 595 Shobha Y.K Gowda and Rangaraju H.G Performance Analysis of PAPR, BER and SNR of OFDM for Different Modulation Techniques:A Survey Registered Shobha Y.K Rangaraju H.G - 21st Feb. 2018 596 596 Shyam Tekade, Pankaj Patil, Akshay Nikam, Himansh Ojha and Amar Pawar Waste Plastic Pyrolysis In Presence of Zinc Oxide Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 597 597 Abhijit Arvind Patil, Dr. U.C. Kapale and Dr. P.B. Gangavati A Review on Enhancement of Heat Transfer by Using Passive Heat Transfer Techniques of Twisted Tape Inserts Registered Abhijit Arvind Patil Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 598 598 G Neha Mallika and T Bala Narsaiah Treatment of Pharmaceutical Wastewater by Using TiO2 And N-TiO2 Nanoparticles Registered G. Neha Mallika Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 599 599 Vijayatha D, Chandrashekaraiah G, Viswanatha R and Narayanareddy C Ultrasound velocities and elastic properties of LiCl doped zinc –borate glasses Registered Vijayatha D Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 600 600 Hari Kamalasree, Chandrashekaraiah G, Viswanatha R and Narayanareddy C Elastic properties of sodium diboro-vanadate glasses Registered Hari Kamalasree Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 601 601 Ishan Garg and Sanmeet Kaur Ensemble Technique based on Supervised and Unsupervised Learning approach for Intrusion Detection Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 602 602 Dikshit Kumar, Agam Kumar and Archana Patel An Online Dictionary and Thesaurus Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 603 603 Giuseppe Cantore, Enrico Mattarelli, Carlo Alberto Rinaldini and Tommaso Savioli Dual Fuel Combustion (Natural Gas–Diesel) for a New Generation of Compression Ignition Engines Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 604 604 Madhavi Vaidya Experimental and Analytical Study of Performance on Real Benchmarks on Distributed File Systems using MapReduce Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 605 605 Subhashini Muthukrishnan Quantum Dot Cellular Automato Process in Image Processing Techniques Registered Subhashini Muthukrishnan Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 606 606 Dinesh Reddy Meka, Surya Vamsi Vakalapudi and M V S Ravi Karthik A Survey on Twitter Sentimental Analisys with Machine learning techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 607 607 Ravinder Reddy Ramasani A Review on Location Aware Keyword Query Suggestion Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 608 608 Sandip Mandal and Rama Sushil Distributive Energy Efficient Adaptive Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 609 609 Ratnesh Litoriya, Mamta Pandey and Prateek Pandey An empirical investigation of Bug position in mobile apps vs. conventional apps Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 610 610 Karam Chand Gupta Civil Engineering Tool Kit for Making Perfect Ellipses of Desired Dimensions on Very Large Surfaces Registered Karam Chand Gupta Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 611 611 Karam Chand Gupta KC's Sextant - A Sextant with wide Range Registered Karam Chand Gupta Waiting - 21th Feb. 2018 612 612 Sujaya Dasgupta IoT based Portable Water Quality Monitoring and Notification System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 613 613 Diogo Brito, Lionel Marcon and Sara Paiva Server-based Positioning System using Bluetooth Low Energy Technology for Tracking Assets in Hospitals Registered Sara Paiva Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 614 614 Renu Madhavi, Ananth Alavoor and Harsha Herle Spectral Entropy Estimation and Application of Hrv Data of Depression and Thyroid Subjects for Prediction of Cardiac Risk Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 615 615 Grantej Otari and Vijay Ghorpade TMSNSGA: Trust Management System Using Non dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 616 616 B.G.Prasanthi Balaji and J.Charishma Vishnu Auotmated Guided ROBOT navigation using MATLAB Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 618 618 Akansha Arora and Atul Kumar Srivastava Detection of the Title of a Document through Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 619 619 Priya Goel and Atul Kumar Srivastava Comparative Analysis of Symmetric Algorithm Registered Priya Goel Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 621 621 Sundar Singh Sivam.S.P, Rajendrakumar.S, Sathiyamoorthy.K and Saravanan.K Comparision of Manufacturing Data Analysis for 5 & 3-Axis Vertical Machining Center for the Time and Tool Benefits of Industries Registered >Sundar Singh Sivam.S.P Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 622 622 S.P. Sundar Singh Sivam, K.Saravanan K, S.Rajendrakumar S, Shubhang Mathur Sm, Usama Dingankar Ud, Anurag Arora An and K. Sathiyamoorthy K Development of Vibrator Feeding Mechanism using Two Sets of Rollers for the Seperation of Ball Grading for Industry Benefits Registered S.P. Sundar Singh Sivam Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 624 624 Archana Jethava and Megha Desai Optimizing Multi Objective Based Dynamic Workflow Using ACO and Black Hole Algorithm in Cloud Computing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 625 625 Pratibha Chaudhary, Ritu Gupta and Abhilasha Singh Analysis and Comparison of Various Fully Homomorphic Encryption Techniques Registered Pratibha Chaudhary Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 626 626 Pavana Kumara and G K Purohit Further Improvements In Surface Roughness Of Burnished Components Using Abrasive Particles Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 627 627 Ram Murthy Garimella, Damodar Reddy Edla and Venkatanareshbabu Kuppili Energy Efficient Design of Wireless Sensor Network: Clustering Registered Ram Murthy Garimella Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 628 628 Shreedhar R and Harish Rakaraddi Comparative Study of Rcc T-Beam Girder using Finite Element Mehod and Grillage Analogy Registered Shreedhar.R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 629 629 Samriddhi Jain and Vijeta Shah Survey of two different Approaches for Named Entity Recognition Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 630 630 Tinashe Chamunorwa, Marime Mudzinge and Munyaradzi Charles Rushambwa Process parameter optimization in brewing using Internet of Things Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 631 631 Sangita Jaybhaye and Vahida Attar Resource Allocation and Optimization in Cloud for workflow based applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 632 632 Katta Padmaja and Dr.Nagaratna P.Hegde Katta Padmaja and Dr.Nagaratna P.Hegde Registered Katta Padmaja Dr.Nagaratna P.Hegde - 21st Feb. 2018 633 633 Anuradha Purandare and Rakesh Jain Parametric Study on Liquefaction of Sand with Fines Using Design of Experiment Method Registered Anuradha Purandare Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 634 634 Amel Iles, Smain Femmam, Lyes Baït and Abdelhafid Bessaid Regularization Parameter for GRAPPA Reconstruction Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 635 635 Rexline S J and Albertwilliam Manuel Effective Storage of Source Code of the Student’s Projects in Digital Libraries Registered Rexline S J Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 636 636 R. Manohar Babu, M. Lava Kumar and Dr. Y. V. Mohan Reddy Thermal Performance of Screen Mesh Wick Cylindrical Heat Pipe using Cuo (Copper Oxide) Nanofluid Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 637 637 Manish Suroliya and Aditya Agarwal Quantative Prevention of Cyber Terrorism on SCADA Architecture Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 639 639 Tinashe Chamunorwa, Emmanuel Mberi and Munyaradzi Charles Rushambwa Field Programmable Gate Array based low power multipurpose display board using 3 Dimensional LED Cube Registered Munyaradzi Charles Rushambwa Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 640 640 Shweta Kolhe and Smita Kapse Review on secure MQTT protocol for embedded IoT Device Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 641 641 Mojisola Usikalu, Temidayo Omotosho, Amanda Ndubuisi, Justina Achuka and Temitope Abodunrin Ultraviolet Radiation Index Over Ota, Nigeria Registered Mojisola Usikalu Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 642 642 Hind Khalaf, Noor Al-Mashhadani, Hanan Salman, Ahmed Khalid and Nagam Khudhair Estimation and clinical significance of serum concentration levels of Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, and Chloride in patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Ramadi City Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 643 643 Vara Lakshmi G An Analysis Of Crop Yield Prediction By Data Mining Techniques Using Optimal Parameters Registered Vara Lakshmi G. Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 644 644 Manish Rathod and Jay Patel Numerical Investigation on the Phase Change Process of Different Shaped Macro Encapsulated PCM Registered Jay Patel Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 645 645 Sukhamrit Kaur and Dr. Vijay Kumar Banga Hybrid Fuzzy and Support Vector Machine based Blur Detection Technique Registered Sukhamrit Kaur Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 646 646 J. V. Tirkey and Rishi Ram An experimental investigation of the performance and exhaust emission of a CI engine using producer gas and diesel fuel in dual fuel mode Registered Rishi Ram Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 647 647 Ishwarappa Kalbandi, Pratap Halkarnikar, Mohana Mohana and Hriday Khandagale Optimization and Analysis of Information Using Business Intelligence Techniques and Reporting Using Dashboards Registered Ishwarappa Kalbandi Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 648 648 Susil Kumar Bisoi, Kunja Bihari Sahu, Swarup Kumar Nayak and Purna Chandra Mishra Influence of Storage Period on the Thermal and Oxidation Stability of Jatropha Biodiesel and their blends Registered Susil Kumar Bisoi Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 649 649 Dr. Ajay Tomer, Dr. Ramji Singh and Dr. Savita Tamata Effect of seed biopriming with different isolates of Pseudomonas fluorescens on growth of rice plants Registered Dr. Ajay Tomer Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 650 650 Fahamidakhatun Khan, Dhanshree Kadam, Sainath Shetty, Anand Patil and Sneha Revankar Smart Railways safety systems Waiting Waiting Waiting - - S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 651 651 Ganeswar Sahoo, Anupama Routray, Mamata Kumari Padhy and Pradipta Kumar Senapati Effect of additives on rheological behaviour of coal-water slurry Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 654 654 Dr.T.Arumuga Maria Devi Tourism Data Analytics using R Studio Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 655 655 Dr.T.Arumuga Maria Devi and Kathija Beevi Price Predictive Analytics of Share Market Transaction using R Studio Cluster Dendrogram Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 656 656 Vivek Kapadia, Mehali Mehta and Manisha Vashi Sustainable Energy from Canteen waste: A case Study Registered Vivek Kapadia Dr. Mehali Mehta and Manisha Vashi - 21th Feb. 2018 658 658 Voonna Swetha and Madugula Rithvik An Inquisition approach to Diabetes Diagnosis Registered Voonna Swetha Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 659 659 Larisa Ismailova, Sergey Kosikov, Viacheslav Wolfengagen and Julia Mazurova Means to Support the Object Traces in the Conceptual Modeling Systems Registered Viacheslav Wolfengagen Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 660 660 Madansing Golwal Bibliometric Analysis of Research Trends in Information Literacy with Special Reference to Scopus Database Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 661 661 Saifali Hanwat and Vivek Sharma A Load Balancing Task Scheduling Algorithm based on Using Job Routing and Graph Registered Saifali Hanwat Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 663 663 Ch V K N S N Moorthy. and V Srinivas. Design and Development of Composite Ply for a GFRP Cylinder Registered Ch V K N S N Moorthy Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 664 664 Ch V K N S N Moorthy. and V Srinivas. Relative Investigations of Various Parameters of Steel with a Composite GFRP Cylinder Registered Ch V K N S N Moorthy Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 665 665 Maha Kaiser and Amjad Ali A Novel Multi-epitope peptide vaccine construct against Influenza A Virus and Streptococcus pneumoniae co-infection: an in silico approach Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 667 667 Gonçalo Marques and Rui Pitarma Improving Occupational Health Using Social Networks and IoT Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 668 668 Víctor Echarri Iribarren, Ginés Gómez Castelló and Carlos Rizo Maestre Large format ceramic panels versus recycled aluminum casting panels: improvement of the thermal behavior of the Museum of Fine Arts of Castellón Registered Carlos Rizo Maestre Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 669 669 Madhukumar K Gowda and Dr. Deepak. K. V. V Indian Banking Strategies and Transitioning Socio-Demographics: CRM Approach Registered Madhukumar K Gowda Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 670 670 Venkata Naga Baji T An Expedient Domino Click Approach to The Synthesis of Face ‘A’ 1,2,3-Triazolo Annulated Analogues of 1,4-Benzodiazepines of Medicinal Interest Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 671 671 Mayank Tenguriya Placement of Furniture in public Interaction spaces (Streets) Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 672 672 Raghunadh Yakkala Mk, Neeluri Suresh, Mohd Mujtabaahmed and Konduru Ashok Investigation of energy values in tender coconut by various methods Registered Raghunadh Yakkala Mk Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 673 673 Shubhangi Gajbhiye and Sachin Pande Sentiment Analysis of Minglish Language Using Hybrid Method Waiting Waiting - - 674 674 Khatri Chandni Suryakant and Mrudang Pandya A Comparative Study:Importance of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the Field of Artificial Intelligence Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 675 675 Swasti Sthapak User Movement in Public Places Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 676 676 Sarita Rathi, Shyamalendu Niyogi and Jasvinder Kaur Challenges and Issues Faced by IT Industries to maintain Environmental Sustainability Registered Sarita Rathi Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 677 677 Sarang Kulkarni and Neha Rai A 0.25μm SVCL Based 4T DRAM Design for Minimizing Leakage Current Using CMOS Technology Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 678 678 Gauri Chandra, Lini Mathew and Richa Negi Designing Controller for Single Area Power Plant using Model Order Reduction Method Registered Gauri Chandra Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 679 679 Bageshree Pathak, Shriyanti Kulkarni, Aditi Karandikar and Anaya Kharwadkar Speaker Recognition System for Home Security using Raspberry Pi and Python Registered Aditi Karandikar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 680 680 Abhijit Borah, Sukumar Pati, Shantanu Dutta and Arup Biswas Analysis of Natural Convection in a Rhombic Enclosure with Undulations of the Top Wall Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 681 681 Farzaneh Haghighat Nia and Hossein Niavand The effective factors on agricultural insurance in Iran Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 682 682 Smita Mane and Dr. Leena Ragha Energy Efficient Optimal Path Routing For MANET Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 683 683 Vladimir Kondratyev Superferromagnetic Sensors Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 684 684 João Crisóstomo, Rui Pitarma and Luis Jorge Infrared Thermography Applied to Wood - Emissivity of Pinus pinaster species Samples Registered João Crisóstomo Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 685 685 Sainath Malisetty and Vasanthi Kumari.K Exploring Entrepreneurship as Deviant Behaviour Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 686 686 Manish Kumar Enhancement of Power Transfer Capability of Existing Transmission line using HTLS Conductor Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 687 687 Pranav Rawat, Divyanshu Sahu, Mukul Varshney and Sujata Pandey System Design and FFT spectrum for multiple radio frequency and phase control Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 688 688 Avar Pentel Comparing Different Feature Sets on Age-Based Classification of Short Estonian Texts Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 689 689 Sarfraz Khan A Critical SWOT Analysis of S-Commerce by SMEs in Oman Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 690 690 Rohini Rajpal and Sanmeet Kaur An efficient hybrid approach using misuse detection and genetic algorithm for network intrusion detection Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 691 691 Razaz Elamin E-readiness Assessment for E-government in Sudan Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 692 692 Nduka Ekene Udoye and Ojo Sunday Fayomi Modelling of Steady State Heat Conduction in A Rectangular Slab using Shrinking Boundary Monte Carlo Method Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 693 693 Rinki Dev and Madhuri Rao A Comparative Study of Cat Swarm Optimization & Grey Wolf Optimization Registered Rinki Dev Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 694 694 Valentina Loganina and Yerkebulan Mazhitov Research of inter-phase interaction in zol-silicate paints Registered Valentina Loganina Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 695 695 Mojisola Usikalu, Amanda Ndubuisi and Idara Umoren Construction of a Carbon Monoxide Detector Registered Mojisola Usikalu Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 696 696 Purnima Bajpai, K.C Iyer and Shubham Bansal Identification of key challenges associated with the implementation of Renovation & Modernization (R & M) projects in India using factor analysis Registered Purnima Bajpai Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 697 697 Susmita Ghosh and Ankita Pramanik Image Saliency Detection Methods: A Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 698 698 Samba Siva Nayak R and Dr R P Singh A Brief Review on Performance of Antenna Designs In Modern Wireless Communication System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 699 699 Rashmi Singh and Anuj Kumar Umrao K, T Proximities on Soft Sets Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 700 700 Rupesh Sushir Image Partitioning Techniques : A Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - - S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 701 701 Chayapathy Venkataraman, Anitha.G.S and Sharath.B Security design for automobile applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 704 704 Swarup Kumar Nayak and Purna Chandra Mishra Experimental analysis of a DI diesel engine fuelled with Jatropha biodiesel and coir pith producer gas operated in dual fuel mode Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 705 705 Dhanaselvam Jayamohan and Rukkumani.V Doubly Fed Induction Generator based wind turbine control system design using Neuro-fuzzy controller Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 706 706 Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Rohit Samkaria and S Choudhury Algorithm to Read Various Sensors to Detect the Hazardous Parameters in Industry Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 707 707 Kanchan Mahajan, Rohan Pagar, Roshani Sonawane, Gayatri Deshmukh and Ketana Bhamare Road Traffic Fatal Accidents Analysis and Black Spot Detection using Data Mining Techniques Registered Kanchan Mahajan Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 708 708 Arumugaraj.K, Dinesh Kumar.G, Santhosh Kumar.D and Mareeswari.V Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithms Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 709 709 Srinivasa Rao Pundru and Mohan Rao Nalluri Three Degree of Freedom Spatial Parallel Manipulator Inverse Kinematic Position Analysis Registered Srinivasa Rao Pundru Mohan Rao Nalluri - 21st Feb. 2018 710 710 Vijay Arputharaj and Dr.Sheeja Ajize Correlation Based Clustering and the Modified Naïve Bayesian Classification for Gene sequence data analysis Registered Vijay Arputharaj Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 711 711 Taouli Sidiahmed and Bereksi Fethi The QRS Complex detection using morphological filtering Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 712 712 Abishek Rajagopal, Mukundhan Lakshmanan, Kowshikkumar Arulpragasam and Aarthi Gopalakrishnan Viswanathan Online Compiler with Plagiarism Checker Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 713 713 Suguna Sundaram Analysis of Various Fault Tolerance Techniques and Tools in Cloud Computing - Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 714 714 E. V. Naga Lakshmi and Dr. N. Siva Sankara Reddy Estimation of Power for Reversible Subtractors Registered E. V. Naga Lakshmi Waiting - 21th Feb. 2018 715 715 Boddapati Kamesh Srikar, Jupudi Durga Venkata Satyanarayana, Srinivasan Raghuraman, Ramamoorthi Venkatraman and Pichumani Sivachidambaram Cause & Effect, Pareto and Scatter Analysis to Achieve Defects Free Copper Components During Vmc Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 716 716 Jupudi Durga Venkata Satyanarayana, Boddapati Kamesh Srikar, Srinivasan Raghuraman, Ramamoorthi Venkatraman and Pichumani Sivachidambaram To Improve Process Capability through Causes & Effect Analysis on Vmc with Aluminium Component Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 717 717 Sahayaraj Infant Joel, Venugopal Harish, Srinivasan Raghuraman, Ramamoorthi Venkatraman and Pichumani Sivachidambaram Tapping Tool Cost Analysis in CNC Vertical Milling Centre Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 718 718 Krutika Hampannavar, Vijay Bhajantri and Shashikumar Totad Prediction of Crop Fertilizer Consumption Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 720 720 Nikhil Azza, Nikhil Alladwar, Yash Nagpurkar and Shadab Khan Design & Fabrication Of Biocrude Extraction Machine Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 721 721 Anton Nikiforov, Olga Panfilova, Ilnur Fayzullin, Nataly Okhotina, Roman Rinberg and Svetoslav Volfson Investigation of lubricant effect on glass fiber reinforced polyamide 1010 composites Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 722 722 Veerparkash Sethi, Mankaran Dhiman, Biswajeet Singh and Ashwani Sharma Use of Paddy Straw Bale Combustor Coupled with Flue Gas Heat Exchanger System for Greenhouse Heating Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 723 723 Manu Sharma Review Paper on RSA algorithm implementation on various values Registered Manu Sharma Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 724 724 Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury, Uttam Kumar Debnath and Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman Analysis of the process parameters of solid particle erosion of copper using Grey Rational analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 725 725 Ishrat Meera Mirzana Fabrication and Analysis Pneumatic Quadruped Robot Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 726 726 Harsha Bantawal and D Krishna Bhat Hierarchical porous BaTiO3 nano-hexagons as a visible light photocatalyst Registered Harsha Bantawal Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 727 727 Dr. Shridhar Krishna Acharya Hukkeri, Dr. Kamalakar Jadhav and Dr. Ramchandra Kulkarni Structural, Morphological and Electrical Study of Mixed Spinel Nial2xcrxfe2-3xo4((X = 0.0, 0.1, 0.2 And 0.5)) Registered Dr. Shridhar Krishna Acharya Hukkeri Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 728 728 Tripurari Das Gupta, Kalpana Chaudhary and Deepak Kumar Analysis of Fuel Cell based Power Generation System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 730 730 Anuradha.M.G and Basavaraj.L Architecture Formulation And Analysis Of Graph Based Clustering Algorithm Registered Anuradha M.G Basavaraj L - 21th Feb. 2018 731 731 Ronak Patel and Sanjay Patel Process Development for Bio-butanol Steam Reforming for PEMFC Application Registered Ronak Patel Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 732 732 Sudarshan Vhatkar and Pradip Jadhao Steel Plate Shear Wall – A 20th Century Review Registered Sudarshan Vhatkar Pradip Jadhao - 21st Feb. 2018 733 733 Saurabh Tripathi, Krishna Murari Pandey and Pitambar Randive Computational Study on Effect of Obstacles in Pulse Detonation Engine Registered Waiting Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 734 734 Nitesh Varshan and Ravi Kumar Design Optimization of an Automobile Car for drag Reduction Registered Nitesh Varshan Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 735 735 Harnek Singh, Maneet Kour and Prakash Kumar A Review on Shunt Active Power Filter Control Strategies Registered Harnek Singh Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 736 736 Mahesh Emmi, Dr. Aravindrao Yadwad and Dr. Vinay Kuppast Survey on Bagasse Cogeneration in Sugar Plants of Karnataka Registered Mahesh Emmi Dr. Aravindrao Yadwad and Dr. Vinay Kuppast - 21st Feb. 2018 737 737 Svetlana Pavlova, Margarita Kotvanova and Irina Sologubova Physicochemical Properties of Nanopowders of Oxide Titanium Bronzes Registered Margarita Kotvanova Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 738 738 Adel Abou El-Ela, Sohir Allam, Shimaa Spea and Mohamed Said Ahmed Optimal Long Term Planning of Hybrid Generation System for A Part of Egyptian Network Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 739 739 Padmanabhuni Chandra Babu and B. Pradeep Kumar Reddy A Review: Need of RES Utilization and (SWT) Small Wind Turbines Interconnection Topologies Pertaining to Distribution System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 740 740 Namrata Ghildiyal, Geeta Joshi and M. S. M. Rawat Dibenzo-15-crown-5 (2,3,8,9-dibenzo-1,4,7,10,13-pentaoxacyclopentadec-2-ene): Fluorescent Macromolecular Sensor for Potassium Ion Registered Namrata Ghildiyal Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 741 741 Veni Madavan.R Facial Pain Analysis by Robot Therapist for Dementia Patients Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 742 742 Saravanakumar Subramanian, Dr.Gopalakrishnan.S, Dr.Kalaiselvan.K and Dr.Sathiskumar.R Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Copper Matrix Surface Composite Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 744 744 Mudita Banerjee and Anita Khosla Comparison and Analysis of Magnetizing Inrush and Fault Condition for Power Transformer Registered Mudita Banerjee Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 745 745 Chetan Somani and D. I. Lalwani Experimental investigation of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process using developed articulator Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 746 746 Saravana Kumar.S Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Copper Matrix Surface Composite Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 747 747 Brahmananda Rao Kotipalli, Ramesh Kocharlakota and Tejeswara Rao Ponnada Dc Electrical Properties of Semiconducting Cobalt Substituted Lead Vanadate Glasses Registered Brahmananda Rao Kotipalli Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 749 749 Bhanu Radhika G and Praveen B.V.S Estimation of mass transfer parameters and development of a mathematical model for microwave thin layer drying of untreated and osmotic-pretreated Indian gooseberries (phyllanthus emblica) Registered Bhanu Radhika G Praveen B.V.S - 21st Feb. 2018 S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 751 751 Kanthimathi.M and Vijayakumar.D An Enhanced Approach of Genetic and Ant colony based Load Balancing in Cloud Environment Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 752 752 Katyayani Jasti and Sireesha Kosaraju Intelligent Monitoring and Controlling of Tool Room by using Internet of things Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 753 753 Raj Mamarde and Suchitra Khoje Review of Hardware Accelerators – A push in machine learning Waiting Waiting - - 754 754 Arshpreet Kaur, Amol P. Bhondekar and Ajay K Sharma Classification of Colorimetric Patterns on Chemically Sensitive Substrates Using Quadratic Discriminant Analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 755 755 Shreenidhi Bhat and Preetham Kumar Optic Disc Detection and Segmentation by Localized Active Contour model in Retinal Fundus Image Registered Shreenidhi Bhat Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 756 756 Kumar Shashvat and Rikmantra Basu Implementation of Generative Models for Odor Classification by using Electronic Nose Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 757 757 Sreenivasulu Setlem and Katyayani Jasti Operational and Managerial Practices in Power Plant Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 758 758 Aarthi.V, Sasireka Devaraj, Parveen Sulthana.I, Shailaja Murugan and Noor Fahmitha.M An Internet-of-things Enabled Transport Trailing And Mishap Disclosure System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 760 760 Sneha Mishra, Rahul Pandey and Rahul Baghel Performance Analysis of Vegetable Oils With Mineral Oils by Creating Fault Conditions Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 761 761 Abhishek Rai, Arun Jindal, Pulkit Goyal and Sheelam Misra Performance improvement of solar panel using Bi-convex lens Registered Pulkit Goyal and Arun Jindal Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 762 762 Gokul Sivaraman and Bharath K.R. Composite Braking Module for an Electric Vehicle Registered Gokul Sivaraman Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 763 763 Rishabh Dev, Rajesh Kumar Yadav, Tushar Mann and Tarun Verma IoT based Irrigation System Registered Rajesh Kumar Yadav Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 764 764 Yanita Shrimali, Janki Ballabh Sharma and R.S. Meena VHDL Implementation of Low Power Turbo Coded OFDM Physical Layer for Wireless Communication Registered Yanita Shrimali Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 765 765 Pitchaiah Telagathoti, Ravi Sekhar Yarrabothu and Sushma Koganti Performance Analysis of OQAM Based GFDM under Real-time Fading Conditions Registered Pitchaiah Telagathoti Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 766 766 Anshuman, upendra kumar The Significance of Vedic Science for Artificially Intelligent Systems Registered Anshuman upendra kumar - 21st Feb. 2018 767 767 Ganeswar Sahoo, Anupama Routray and Mamata Padhy Effect of particle size and its distribution on rheological behaviour of coal-water slurry Registered Ganeswar Sahoo Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 768 768 Partha Sarkar, Saradindu Panda, Bansibadan Maji and Asish Kumar Mukhopadhyay Study the Effect of Optical Extinction Improvement in Plasmonic Thin-film Solar Cell Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 769 769 Abdelhalim Elbasset and Salahddine Sayouri The incorporation of strontium in the cationic sites of BaTiO3 and the study of its effects on the structural properties Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 770 770 Asya Ovsepyan, Alina Zimovets and Yuri Fedorov Features of Accumulation and Distribution of Mercury in Bottom Sediments as an Indicator of Anthropogenic Influence on Water Objects Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 771 771 Deepa Kalaimani and Dr.Meenakshi Khurana Routing in Smartgrid using Intelligent Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 772 772 Arijit Das Time Economic Innovative Mnemonics In Chemical Education - A Review Article Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 773 773 Rajesh Singla A Brief Review of Nature Inspired based Techniques and its Applications Waiting Waiting - - 774 774 Rajesh Singla Modelling and Simulation of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell for Stand-Alone System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 775 775 Surabhi Thorat and Dr C.Namrata Mahender Domain Specific Opinion Mining Registered Surabhi Thorat Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 776 776 Reji M. Issac A Logical Symbol for Cybernetics Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 777 777 Radhika Daakshayini Experimental investigations of methane hydrate in sediment suspensions Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 778 778 Mohamed Tarabay, Rami Elshazli and Ahmad Settin African vs. Caucasian and Asian difference for the association of interleukin-10 promotor polymorphisms with type 2 diabetes mellitus (a meta-analysis study) Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 779 779 Kavitha Rajan and Mukesh Kumar Investigation the pattern of thermal properties of nanofluids using machine learning techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 780 780 Chnader P and Prasad Kurhe VLSI Design of Area Optimized, Energy Efficient And High Speed Multiplier Using GDI Based Full Adder Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 781 781 Anupama Deshapande, Shantala Giraddi, Karibasappa G and Shrinivas Desai Fungal Disease Detection in Maize Leaves using Haar Wavelet Features Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 782 782 Tomina Thomas and Tomina Thomas High Frequency Disturbances Caused by Electronic Loads to Plc Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 783 783 Tomina Thomas and Tomina Thomas A review on high frequency disturbances-Supraharmonics Waiting Waiting - - 784 784 Satyendra Tripathi and Bharat Mishra Application of Vedic Multiplier in DWT for Image Compression Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 785 785 Satyanarayana Mathur, Aruna.T.M and Divyaraj.G.N Avoidance of Over Speed through intelligent Speed Breaking System Registered Satyanarayana Mathur Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 786 786 Suleiman Jauro and Raghav Yadav Review On Iris Recognition Research Directions-A Brief Study Registered Suleiman Jauro Raghav Yadav - 21st Feb. 2018 788 788 Satya Keerthi Gorripati Distributed Community Detection Based on Apache Spark using Multi Label Propagation for Digital Social Networks Registered Satya Keerthi Gorripati Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 789 789 Musavir Bashir, M. Ahmed Ali Baig and S. A. Khan Comparing the effect of different Turbulence models on the CFD predictions of NACA0018 airfoil aerodynamics Registered M. Ahmed Ali Baig Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 790 790 Musavir Bashir, M. Ahmed Ali Baig and S. A. Khan Experimental Investigation of the facility of micro jets as active flow control mechanism in suddenly expanded nozzles Registered M. Ahmed Ali Baig Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 791 791 Suman Bhatnagar and Prof. Prashant Sahai Saxena Evaluating Faculty Performance using Ensemble Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 792 792 Nalini Pasumarthi and Dr. B. L. Malleswari Optimal Features Selection for Content Based X-Ray Image Retrieval with Regular and Irregular Zoning Methods Registered Nalini Pasumarthi Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 793 793 Vidhu Kiran, Shaveta Rani and Paramjeet Singh Defending Against Ddos Attacks in Rpl using Subjective Logic based Trust Approach For IOT Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 794 794 Lokesh S, Anand S, Srikeshav A.D and Pratibha Nalini Nylon 6,6 – Epoxy Composites – A Study Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 795 795 V Manjunath, Dr. N. Nanda Kumar Reddy, Dr. C. Yuvaraj and M. Gunasekhar Reddy Impact of rapid thermal annealing process on electrical properties of Ni Schottky rectifiers fabricated on p-type Si Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 796 796 R Tamilselvi, M Parisa Beham, A Merline and V Parthasarathy Detection and Classification of Exudates and Non-Exudates in Retinal Images Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 797 797 Sunil Dhal and Virat Chirania An Empirical Study to Evaluate the Impact of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga on Emotional Intelligence of Indian Youth Registered Virat Chirania Waiting - 21th Feb. 2018 798 798 Sugamya Katta SNAP and SPLIT: An ANDROID Application For Bill Payment Using TESSERACT OCR Registered Sugamya Katta Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 799 799 Sunil Dhal and Prabodh Pradhan A Meta Analysis of Natural Gas Consumption Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 800 800 Pooja Jha, R.P Singh and A.K Sachan Supplementary Cementitious Materials Registered Pooja Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 801 801 Saci Lynda, Mansour Farida and Boulmelh Salah Study of substrate temperature effect for undoped Zinc oxide thin films grown by Spray pyrolysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 802 802 Deepak Punetha, Rashmi Ranjan and Saurabh Kumar Pandey Numerical Modeling and Performance Analysis of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Thin-Film based Gas Sensor Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 803 803 Mourad Henchiri Cognitive radio for Satellite Geo-communication Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 804 804 Rahul Kumar Bansal, Alok Singh and Jitendra Sharma Numerical Simulation and Efficiency Improvement of Solar PV System using Surface Texturing and Temperature Dependent Loss Minimization Stratergies Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 805 805 Siti Aisyah Zulkefli, Farid Nasir Haji Ani and Zulkarnain Ahmad Noorden A Brief Review of Redox Deposition of Manganese Oxide – Carbon Materials for Supercapacitor Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 806 806 Nilesh Gawade and Sagar Shinde Comparative analysis of Internet of Things Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 807 807 G K Sirisha Pavuluri and Haritha Dasari Optimized Segmentation of Brain Images using Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm –Tabu Search Framework Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 808 808 Bharath Reddy and Himanth Manne Application of Extended Paden-Kahan Special Sub-Problem to the Serial Robot Manipulator Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 809 809 Mohammed F. M. Mohammed BIOMIMICRY ARCHITECTURE: NEW DIMENSIONS OF CREATIVITY: An exploratory approach in academia Registered Mohammed F. M. Mohammed Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 810 810 Dr.Sanjay Kumar S.M. S M Design and Analysis of Gantry Automation for Machining operation on Two Wheeler Engine Cylinder Head component Registered Dr.Sanjay Kumar S.M. S M Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 811 811 Shashidhar Virupaksha Anomaly Detection For RBAC Systems In UNIX/LINUX Environment With User Behavior Registered Shashidhar Virupaksha Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 812 812 Sreeshobha Eniganti Identification of Optimal Operating Condition of Telangana State Six bus system based on Reliability Evaluation Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 813 813 Dileep G Menon and Saswata Barpanda Impact of Ownership on Efficiency of Banks in India: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach Registered Dileep G Menon Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 814 814 Tsegaye Alemayehu Atiso and Venkatesan Meyyappan Testing the performance of Biodiesel-Diesel-Ethanol blend in Conventional diesel engine Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 815 815 Jyotsna Chauhan, Varsha Rani Mehto and Neeral Malviya Synthesis of ZnO Nanoparticles Using Different pH Values Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 816 816 Dr.Amrendra Kumar Singh Antifungal Activity Of Some Isomeric Spiro Pyrazolones Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 818 818 Giulia Forestieri Non-destructive mechanical characterization of building stones Registered Giulia Forestieri Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 819 819 Mobashera Saima Haque, Md Farabi Rahman, Mehedi Hasan, Mohammad Abdul Matin, M A Hakim and Md Fakhrul Islam A Facile Route to the Synthesis of Bismuth Vanadate (BiVO4) Nanoparticles Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 820 820 Yamunadevi M M Prediction of Lung Carcinoma A Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 821 821 Arshid Khan and Javaid A Sheikh A New Responsibility Domain Based Architecture for 5G Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 822 822 Dr Bhanu Radhika G and Venkata Sesha Praveen Bulusu Effect of pretreatment on microwave drying kinetics of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) samples - Estimation of mass transfer parameters and mathematical modeling Registered Dr Bhanu Radhika G Venkata Sesha Praveen Bulusu - 21st Feb. 2018 823 823 Durga Gurram and Pranay Tumma Intelligent Voice Controlled Home Automation System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 824 824 Jyotsna Chauhan and Akansha Mehto Preparation and Characterization of Polyaniline/ZnO Composite Sensor Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 825 825 Aparupa Shenoy and Jayendra Pratap Singh Comparitive Study on Properties of Fly-Ash Bricks with Conventional Bricks by Varying Material and Compositions - Review Registered Aparupa Shenoy Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 826 826 Sanket Jagadale, Aniket Phagale, Tv Sai Varun Sarathy and V S Kanchana Bhaaskaran Performance Comparison of SRAM Cells in 45nm Technology in the presence of a Cell Control Circuit Registered Sanket Jagadale Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 827 827 Vennapusapalli Shavali, G.M Sreerama Reddy and P Ramana Reddy Reduction of coupling Transition by using Half width Encoding Techniques in Data BUS Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 828 828 Farah Aqilah, Mazharul Islam, Franjo Juretic, Joel Guerrero, David Wood and Farid Nasir Ani Study of Mesh Quality Improvement for a CFD Analysis of an Airfoil Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 829 829 Ilnur Fayzullin, Nikiforov Anton, Ildar Musin and Svetoslav Volfson Glass-Filled Wood-Polymer Composites Based on Polypropylene Registered Nikiforov Anton Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 830 830 Manoj Kuamr Parida and Indira Routaray RSM analysis of In-cylinder pressure in a DICI Engine fuelled with Argemone Mexicana biodiesel-diesel blends Registered Manoj Kuamr Parida Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 831 831 Santosh Kumar Cryptographic Approach to Provide Security for Producer Consumer Communication System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 832 832 Sailender Mamunuri Prediction and Parametric Design of Submerged Arc Welding Process Parameters on Weld Characteristics of Low Carbon Steel Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 833 833 Aboli Kohale and Prarthana Deshkar A Review on various Classification Techniques in Educational Data Mining Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 834 834 Maltesh Haveri and Dr.Priyatam Kumar GPS and GSM based Accident Detection System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 835 835 Bhawana Gawande and Nilima Jichkar Review on Detection of Anomalous Cluster by using Similarity Measure for Text Processing Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 836 836 Amey Joshi and Jayesh Bute Review on study of different parameters affecting heat transfer in helical coil heat exchanger Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 837 837 Devendra Borse and Jayesh Bute A Review on Characteristics of Heat Exchanger using Helical Coil Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 838 838 Maddu Sireesha and Vurity Sridhar Patnaik Comparative Study on Straight Helical and Twisted Helical Tube Heat Exchanger Registered Maddu Sireesha Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 839 839 Maddu Sireesha and Vurity Sridhar Patnaik Experimental Investigation on Preparation and Analysis of Al2O3/Tio2-water Nanofluids Registered Maddu Sireesha Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 840 840 Prabhugouda S T and Dr.Priyatam Kumar Energy Consumption Reduction Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 842 842 Anita Gehlot, Rajesh Singh, Rohit Samkaria and S Choudhury Air Quality and Water quality monitoring using XBee and Internet of things Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 843 843 Riya Goyal, Amisha Singh, Kumar Shubham and Nishant Kumar Iot AND Xbee based Smart Traffic Management System Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 844 844 Mohammed Yaqub Improvement of Hybrid Heuristic Algorithm for Solving Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 845 845 Pooran Singh Dhakar, Premanand S Chauhan and Vasudev Singh Sengar Effect of shape of notch on twisting strength of EN 8 material Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 846 846 Ambika D and Radha V Robust Feature Extraction Method for Speaker Verification Using Extreme Learning Machine Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 847 847 Rajitha Bakthula Auto-Play Music System based on Real Time Facial Expressions Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 848 848 Palakuru Mahesh, Venkat Reddy K, Krishna Reddy Yv and Sirisha Adamala Hydrological Appraisal of Nariganipalli Watershed (India) Using Spatial Information Technology Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 849 849 Md Reyaz Arif,Nadeem Hasan Study of numerical boundary conditions in two-dimensional mixed convective flow of air past a square cylinder Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 850 850 Abhijit Sutar and Sagar Shinde ECU Health Monitor Using CANUSB Waiting Waiting Waiting - - S.NO Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Presentation Date 851 851 Govind Prasad Arya, Devendra Prasad and Sandeep Singh Rana An Improved Page Replacement Algorithm Using Block Retrieval of Pages Registered Govind Prasad Arya Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 852 852 Ilya Ovchinnikov, Olga Snezhkina and Igor Ovchinnikov The organization of strength monitoring of reinforced concrete structures, exploited in an aggressive environment Registered Ilya Ovchinnikov Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 853 853 Riki Chandra Wijaya, Damris M and Ira Galih Pollution Load Model Lake Sipin Jambi Using Software Hec RAS 4.0 Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 854 854 Dimpy Ghaswala, Harita Kundalia and Prashant Sawant Bon Vivant: An Artificial Intelligence Cooking App Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 855 855 R. Jaya,C. S. Pillai,R. JagadeeshKannan TYPE-2 Fuzzy based Artificial Neural Fuzzy Inference System for Query Processing in Ayurvedic Database Registered Jaya Raju Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 856 856 Kamaraj P and Jagadeesh Kannan R Design and Implementation of Micro Controller Zigbee based Wireless Network for Selection of Transmit Receive Module in Radar calibration Registered Kamaraj P Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 857 857 Subramanian Shanmugam, Dr.Jagadeesh Kannan and Arjun Vaithilingam Sudhakar Handwritten Optical Character Extraction and Recognition from Catalogue Sheets Registered Subramanian Shanmugam Dr.Jagadeesh Kannan and Arjun Vaithilingam Sudhakar - 21st Feb. 2018 858 858 Prakash C,Vijaysekar K.S Drilling Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminate With Solid Carbide Twist Drill - An Experimental Study Registered Prakash C Waiting - 22st Feb. 2018 859 859 Piyush Bhanushali, Paras Dama, Rahul Mange and Prof. Chitra Bhole Women Safety Android App Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 860 860 Shanthi.S, R.Jagadeesh Kannan, Santhi.S Fuzzified Graph Percolation Method for Ontological Data Waiting Waiting Waiting - - 861 861 Sathish Kumar.P.J a, Dr.R.Jagadeesh Kannan b Real Time Symptomatic Analysis for Efficient Disease Prediction Registered Sathish Kumar.P.J a Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 862 862 Dr Annaluri Sreenivasa Rao,. Dr Attili Venkat Ramana,.Dr..S.Ramakrishna Data Mining approaches for Visual Words Based Image Classification Registered Dr Attili Venkat Ramana Waiting - - 863 863 Mohitkumar Gabhane, Amarsingh Kanase-Patil Heat transfer analysis of double flow solar air heater with multiple C-shaped artificial roughness Registered Mohitkumar Gabhane Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 864 864 Shabari Girish K.V.S., Praveen R., Dipesh Nair, Dr.Debjyoti Sahu A Case Study on Solar Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System Registered Praveen R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 865 865 S.K.Verma, S.L.Sinha, D.K.Chandraker Experimental investigation of effect of spacer on two phase turbulent mixing rate under slug to annular flow regime in simulated subchannels of a natural circulation pressure tube type BWR Registered S.K.Verma Dr. S. L. Sinha, Dr. D. K. Chandraker - 21st Feb. 2018 866 866 Satish A J,Vignesh V,Hakesh P V,Aravind P N,Mini K M Influence of Boron Carbide Addition on Performance and Neutron Shielding Ability of Cement Mortar Mix Registered Satish A J Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 867 867 Prakash Kumar Hota,B.V.S. Acharyulu,Banaja Mohanty Automatic generation control of multi-area solar-thermal power system using fruit-fly optimization algorithm Registered B.V.S. Acharyulu Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 868 868 Prakash Kumar Hota,Sujeet Kumar Bhuyan,Bhagabat Panda Analysis and simulation of grid connected photovoltaic system using MATLAB/SIMULINK Registered Sujeet Kumar Bhuyan Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 869 869 Basharat Jamil,Naiem Akhtar Estimation of Monthly Average Diffuse Solar Radiation Using Empirical Models in Humid Subtropical Climatic Region of India Registered Basharat Jamil Dr. Vijay Rathod - 21st Feb. 2018 870 870 Sanjay Kumar Mishra,Loknath Tripathy,Sarat Chandra Swain A STATCOM Compensated Differential Relay Based Double Circuit Transmission Line Registered Sanjay Kumar Mishra Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 871 871 Sanjay Kumar Mishra,Loknath Tripathy,Sarat Chandra Swain A Discrete Wavelet Transform Based STATCOM Compensated Transmission Line Registered Sanjay Kumar Mishra Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 872 872 Nageswara Rao P,Franklin Issac R, Muvva Kalpana,Vamsi Krishna M Study On Structural, Mechanical And Wear Behaviour Of Aa 7075/Tic/Gr Composites Registered Franklin Issac R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 873 873 Vamsi Krishna Mamidi,Anthony Xavior M,Franklin Issac R Effect Of Sic Particles On End Milling Machining Behaviour Of Aa 6061 Composites Registered Franklin Issac R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 874 874 Joseph Raviselvan R, RamanathanK, Franklin Issac R Optimization Of Surface Property And Hardness For Magnetron Sputter Tin Coating On Ss 420 Using Genetic Algorithms Registered Franklin Issac R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 875 875 Saravanan I,Franklin Issac R,Elayaperumal C Study On Mechanical And Tribological Properties Of Uhmwpe Hybrid Composites Registered Franklin Issac R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 876 876 Hiral Parikh,Dr. Piyush Gohil Effect Of Fillers Concentration On Tensile Strength Of Cotton Fiber Polyester Composites Registered Dr. Piyush Gohil Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 877 877 Deepa T P IOT based Smart Surveillance System using Hyperspectral Imaging Registered Deepa T P Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 878 878 Vamsi Krishna Mamidi,Anthony Xavior M,Franklin Issac R Enhancement of Tar Cracking Efficiency Using Nano Ni/TiO2 Catalyst in Biomass Gasification Registered Franklin Issac R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 879 879 Vamsi Krishna Mamidi,Anthony Xavior M,Franklin Issac R Effect of Nano Pr with Ni composite on Tar Mitigation for Biomass Gasification Registered Franklin Issac R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 880 880 Ch. V. Prasad and K. Mallikarjuna Rao influence of improved wetting time on the tribological properties of Al-B4C composite Registered Ch V Prasad Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 881 881 vimalakumari DMF, MDBPTGMF and MDBUTMF Denoising Algorithms for Brain Image Registered vimalakumari Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 882 882 J. Madhuri Sailaja,N.Murali, V.Veeraiah Synthesis and Characterization of Ba1-xSrxCe0.65Zr0.25Y0.1O3- by Citrate-EDTA Complexing sol-gel Process for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Registered J. Madhuri Sailaja Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 883 883 Franklin Issac R,Vamsi Krishna Mamidi Effect of Nano Pr with Ni composite on Tar Mitigation for Biomass Gasification Registered Franklin Issac R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 884 884 K. Augustine Babu, P. Sherjin,L. Godson Asirvatham,K. Murali Enhancing the cooling storage for Traffic Police Booth – An experimental study Registered Augustine Babu K Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 885 885 Ansu Thomas,Dr. R. K Tripathi,Dr. L. K. Yadu Variation in Damping Ratio of Enzyme Treated Soil Registered Ansu Thomas Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 886 886 Sudhir M. Arali, Dr. T R Anil, Dr. Sanjaykumar S. Gawade Design and Development of Intake Device for Biogas operated 4-Stroke SI Engine Registered Sudhir M. Arali Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 887 887 Chandrakant Gurav,Md. Babar Shaikh,Yogita Patil GIS Based Morphometric Study of Jotiba-Panhala Hill Range Area in Kolhapur District, Maharashtra, India Registered Md. Babar Shaikh Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 888 888 Harmeet Singh and Amandeep Singh Sappal Performance Analysis of Free Space Optical System in AWGN Channel using Different Digital Modulation Schemes for changing Eb/No Registered Harmeet Singh Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 889 889 Abhijeet Chougule, Harshad Patil and Varsha Chougule Water Heating System using Compound Parabolic Collector with Convex lenses Registered Abhijeet Chougule Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 890 890 Jagannath Kamath, Nikhil Chandrasekhar, Rijeek K V and Nagaraja S R Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal System Registered Nagaraja S R Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 891 891 Lova Lakshmi Tamarana and Gopi Chand Naik M Small Signal Discrete-Time Modeling For Second- Order Bidirectional Charger and Discharger Registered Lova Lakshmi Tamarana Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 892 892 Ramesh R Shanbhog,Sadashivappa Kankuppi,Sharanaprabhu Lekhada Investigation Of Wear Behavior Of PF Based Wood Plastic Composite -A Taguchi Approach Registered R S Ramesh Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 893 893 Neelima, Priya Mishra, Pawan Kumar Graft copolymerization of Polyacrylonitrile on Moringa olifera: Initiated by ceric ammonium nitrate as the initiator-characterization by XRD and IR Registered Neelima Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 894 894 Ramesh R S Shanbhog,Sadashivappa Kankuppi,Sharanaprabhu Lekhada Experimental Investigation To Find Correlation Between Brinell Hardness And Tensile Strength Of PF Based Wood Plastic Composites Registered R S Ramesh Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 895 895 B. Magamai Radj,T.Senthilvelan Microhardness and microstructural analysis of friction stir welded AA5052-H34 joints Registered B. Magamai RadjComposite Angle Ply Laminates and Netting Analysis of Domestic Composite LPG Cylinder Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 896 896 CH V K N S N Moorthy,V Srinivas,V V S H Prasad Composite Angle Ply Laminates and Netting Analysis of Domestic Composite LPG Cylinder Registered Dr. CH V K N S N Moorthy Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 897 897 CH V K N S N Moorthy,V Srinivas,V V S H Prasad Stress Analysis of Domestic Composite LPG Cylinder Using Classical Lamination Theory (CLT) Registered Dr. CH V K N S N Moorthy Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 898 898 CH V K N S N Moorthy,V Srinivas,V V S H Prasad FEA and Comparative Parametric Analysis of Domestic Composite LPG Cylinder with Steel Registered Dr. CH V K N S N Moorthy Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 899 899 Mr.G.Srikanth, Mrs.G.Jhansi Rani, Mr.M.Sudhakar DG Placement For Maximum Loss Reduction In Radial Distribution System Using Abc Algorithm Registered Mrs.G.Jhansi Rani Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 900 900 Ajay D Jewalikar and Dr.Abhijeet Shelke Challenges for the Integration of standardized environmental and quality management systems audits in MSME units in Maharashtra Registered Ajay D Jewalikar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 901 901 Salina Adinarayana and Ilavarasan E A Novel Approach for Mining Opinions from Social Networking Apps Registered Salina Adinarayana Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 902 902 Manisha Chahande, Vinaya Gohokar Multiple Object Detection With Kalman Filter For Indoor And Outdoor Scenes Registered Manisha Chahande Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 903 903 V Naga Bushanam, CH Satyananda Reddy, B. Prema Sindhuri, Lakshmana Phaneendra Maguluri Quadratic Environment: a Dynamic Approach for Image Restoration Registered V Naga Bushanam Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 904 904 Srinivasarao Chintada, Kishor Kumar Bhupati Survey on Techniques and Algorithms in Data Science for BigData in Processing Aspects Registered Srinivasarao Chintada Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 905 905 Md. Tanwir Alam, Sajjad Arif and Akhter Husain Ansari Mechanical Behaviour and Morphology of A356/SiC Nanocomposites using Stir Casting Registered Md. Tanwir Alam Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 906 906 B. M. Angadi, A.Chennakesava Reddy, V. Auradi, V.V.Nagathan and S. A. Kori Effect of Al-5Ti- B Addition on Microstructure, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Hypereutectic Al-20Si Alloy Registered B. M. Angadi Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 907 907 M.Venkatesh, D.Sreeramulu, A.Satish Kumar, Y.Sagar Utilisation of Blending Karanja Oil with Methanol in a Diesel Engine Registered M.Venkatesh Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 908 908 Gottapu Santosh Kumar,K Rajasekhar Strength Characteristics of SIFCON using Manufactured Sand for Elevated Temperature Registered Gottapu Santosh Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 909 909 Gottapu Santosh Kumar,K Rajasekhar Genetic Algorithm Based ANN To Predict Compressive Strength Of SIFCON For Different Fibre Volume Fraction Registered Gottapu Santosh Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 910 910 M N V S S Kumar,G Sasi Bhushana Rao,L Ganesh A Heuristic 3D Construction Algorithm for Detection of Tumour in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Slices Registered M N V S S Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 911 911 Gottapu Santosh Kumar and K Rajasekhar Artificial Neural Networks for Prediction of Compressive Strength of SIFCON For Different Fibre Fraction Registered Gottapu Santosh Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 912 912 Chanamala Vijay, G Sasibhushana Rao, Vinodh Kumar Minchula X- Band Radar RCS estimation for various 2D flat shaped objects Registered Gottapu Santosh Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 913 913 Vinodh Kumar, G Sasibhushana Rao, Ch Vijay Multi Antena Correlation Effects on Closed Form MIMO System Capacity Registered Vinodh Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 914 914 G.Sasibhushana Rao and Sanjit Dash ECG Arrhythmia Beats Classification Using Conjugate Gradient Descent Algorithm Registered Sanjit Dash Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 915 915 Vinodh Kumar, G Sasibhushana Rao, Ch Vijay, V Lavanya and Rajkumar Goswami Performance Analysis of LTE Systems in T-F Dispersive Channels Registered Vinodh Kumar Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 916 916 Sri Sudha Tungana, Sasibhushana Rao Gottapu and Rajkumar Goswami Coverage and capacity determination of B3G cellular systems Registered Sri Sudha Tungana Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 917 917 Bharati Bidikar, Lavanya B, Sasibhushana Rao Gottapu and K V N M Prasad Ambiguity Resolution of DFGPS Receiver Measurements Registered Lavanya B Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 918 918 Chanamala Vijay, G Sasibhushana Rao, Vinodh Kumar Minchula and T Sri Sudha Improved Clipping and Filtering based PAPR Reduction Techniques Registered Chanamala Vijay Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 919 919 Deepti and Sukesha Sharma A comparative analysis of feature mapping techniques to enhance the performance of multiparameter patient monitoring systems Registered Pavithra Ganesan,Pradhana Vishnu Vardhan Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 920 920 Sudheer Ponnada Comparitive Microstructural Study on Hybrid Mortar Made with Quarry Dust, Fly Ash and Thermosetting Polymer Under different Curing Conditions Registered Sudheer Ponnada Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 921 921 Sudheer Ponnada Comparitive Microstructural Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Enhanced with Graphite and Graphene Compound Registered Sudheer Ponnada Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 922 922 M.Vasavi Uma Maheswari, Dr.P.V.Ramana Rao Active & Reactive powers Control of DFIG Placed with Wind Energy Registered M.Vasavi Uma Maheswari Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018 923 923 M.Vasavi Uma Maheswari, Dr.P.V.Ramana Rao Modified Perturbation and Observation Technique with Neural Registered M.Vasavi Uma Maheswari Waiting - 21st Feb. 2018

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