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VITOSHA Park hotel Es un  punto destacado del espíritu moderno del sur de Sofía. La posición geográfica del hotel esta en consonancia con el lujo de su categoría  y con su perfil de centro internacional de conferencias y de negocios.

Mantiene una rica gama de servicios fundamentales, en comodidades adicionales y en elogios individuales hacia cada visitante, pero hacemos un mayor éénfasis en 5 objetos principales:  el alojamiento, los restaurantes y los bares, las salas wellness y deportivas, las actividad de conferencias y en las actividades comerciales y personales. 

Park hotel recibe a cada uno de sus visitantes con el deseo no solo de asegurarle una total agradable estancia, sino y de aumentar el efecto positivo de esa estancia por un periodo mas largo.  



Últimas noticias

07.07.2016 With no analogues in Russia and Europe “ Flexx BALLET Russia” represents an incredible balance between contemporary music, dance and amazing 3D light show from a new generation.

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11.05.2016 On 13 May 2016, together with Sport Management Bulgaria, we celebrate European No Elevators Day by racing up the stairs. The race will start at 6:00 p.m.

03.02.2016 MVJ dance & aerobic studio is the largest studio for dancing classes and aerobic sports in one of the most dynamic areas of Sofia - Students Town.

06.10.2015 The 29th edition of the Men's European Volleyball Championship, hosted by Bulgaria and Italy, will take place between 09 - 18 October 2015.

01.10.2015 How much do you weigh on Mars? Do you want to see the people through the eyes of a grasshopper? Can you make a volcano erupt or cause earthquakes?

18.09.2015 One of the biggest events this September in Sofia undoubtedly is the concert of Eros Ramazzotti in Arena Armeec on 26 September.

03.08.2015 World elite in rhythmic gymnastics gathers in "Arena Armeec" from 14th to August 16th!

11.05.2015 CHAMBAO is returning to the scene of Bulgarian on 3 and 5 June 2015 respectively in Varna and Sofia (Summer Theatre and Hall 1 of NDK 20:00) to delight his many fans and offer part of the new album.

28.03.2015 Today, on a presentation organized by "Sport Solutions", sports agency Volley Trend Serbia has presented the upcoming international summer camps Volley Trend Camps and a free open lesson for athletes (girls and boys from 10 to 18 years) to Volleyball Club Volley Trend in Kosjeric , Serbia.

21.03.2015 Vitosha Park Hotel and PFC CSKA are successfully developing their business relations for almost 4 years. As self-respecting company, we are dedicated to maintain all of our partnerships with loyalty and responsibility.

12.02.2015 Inter Expo Center in Sofia is the preferred venue for the 32nd International Tourism Fair "Holiday and Spa" 2015. Ministry of Tourism in partnership with industry organizations and Sofia Municipality are the auspice of the event.

09.02.2015 On 07.02.2015 Wellness Center Vitosha hosted a swimming competition for children aged 5 to 13 years. All participants were children who regularly attend the swimming pool and take lessons with swimming instructor.

05.02.2015 Vitosha Park Hotel celebrated 10 years since its establishment on February 4 with an exquisite cocktail in Toscana restaurant.

26.01.2015 In the month of love and wine, on February 1, Vitosha Park Hotel is celebrating its anniversary! We would like to thank you for your trust, for the successful partnerships and good friendships that we have created! Thank you for being together and successfully passed the first 10 years!

08.12.2014 The tradition of Christmas fairs occurs in Germany and Austria even 500 years ago. This year German Christmas market in Sofia is located in Central Park on the Square. "Al. Battenberg ".

01.12.2014 Vienna Classic Orchestra will perform for the first time in Bulgaria bringing the spirit of the traditional Vienna Christmas concerts in several Bulgarian cities. He will tour Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna and Dobrich between 5 and 17 December.

14.11.2014 Today in Grand Slam Bar & Dinner Sofstok exclusive representative for Bulgaria of Lavazza presented Kafa. Clean, natural and authentic coffee Kaffa is the precursor of all coffees.

04.09.2014 Seven Bulgarians start of the main draw in the 24th edition of the international tournament.

12.08.2014 The world elite of rhythmic gymnastics was in Sofia last weekend for the participation of Dundee World Cup 2014.

28.07.2014 Most innovative place for fitness - E Fit won the title "Innovation in the gym" - try in Wellness Center Vitosha!

11.06.2014 In last weekendfootball team of Vitosha Park Hotel took part in a charity tournament to raise funds for the campaign Save Niki.

04.06.2014 Spanish group CHAMBAO is in Bulgaria for their new concert. On June 6 in Hall 1 of NDK will sound their exotic blend of flamenco rhythms, jazz and electronic music.

28.05.2014 Professor. Lubomir Stoykov marked 60 years anniversary with a new book - "World fashion icons"

20.05.2014 World Premiere of "Tears of the Rose" in "Bulgaria" - choral works by classical and contemporary composers from the USA and Europe, African-American spirituals; original arrangements by Georgi Andreev female choir and folk instruments.

08.05.2014 Come and support the Bulgarian athletes and enjoy the wonderful performances!

08.04.2014 Castings are from 8 to 11 May in Vitosha Park Hotel. The beautiful contestants for the three titles will be our guest for a month, during which all will be part of an exciting reality show.

09.09.2013 American filmmaker , author of visual arts and actress, Shannon Plum is the new face of I Can Too. She is famous with her short films and conceptual visualizations that are presented in leading galleries in America, Europe and Asia.

04.07.2012 The FIVB Volleyball World League enters its 23rd year in 2012, with the tournament unlike any other global competition in the world.

06.06.2012 The official premiere of the book took place on 5th June in Vitosha Park Hotel Prof. Stoykov presented a few of the funniest anecdotes and maxim from the book with the help of the charming host of the event – the actress Desi Bakardzhieva.

01.06.2012 The most successful Spanish singer of all times Julio Iglesias will perform in Sofia again on 13th June in Arena Armeec Hall. The artist is invited by ART BG Production Company.

07.05.2012 Bulgaria is a host of an Olympic Volleyball qualification for the Olympic Games in London this summer. The tournament will take place in Sofia Arena Armeec Hall from 8th to 13th May 2012 and 8 European teams will compete for only 1 quota.

20.03.2012 The most successful string quartet in the world Bond will perform for the Bulgarian audience in Hall No. 1 of the National Palace of Culture. The quartet is invited by our partners ART BG Producer company.

20.02.2012 From the beginning of February Vitosha Park Hotel relies on the services of a different taxy company – Green taxi.

06.02.2012 The 50th jubilee international fight tournament Dan Kolov – Nikola Petrov was held in Universiada Hall between 3rd and 5th February 2012.

28.01.2012 This weekend Vitosha Park Hotel hosted guests from 44 countries, who were participants in the Judo World Cup, Sofia, 28 -29 January 2012.

18.01.2012 A meeting between the National Youth Centre (NYC) and the USA ambassador in Bulgaria h.o. James Warlick was held in Vitosha Park Hotel conference centre on 18.01.2012. Its aim was to present the biggest youth organization in Bulgaria and to set the main lines of cooperation in the fields of youth activities and politics between Bulgaria and USA.

06.12.2011 The famous symphonic Strauss Orchestra Vienna is coming for the first time in Bulgaria on 9th December as a part of the New Year’s music festival in the National Palace of Culture. The promoter of the event is ART BG and Vitosha Park Hotel will be pleased to accommodate the guests during their visit.

04.12.2011 The emblematic Serbian diva performed in the newly opened Arena Armeec hall on 3th December. The event was noted as her glamorous return on Bulgarian stage 21 years after the legendary concert at Vasil Levski National Stadium.

14.10.2011 Имаме удоволстието да сме партньори на АИЕСЕК, ТУ и третото издание на проекта „Единство в различията”, което тази година е под наслов „Отвъд хоризонта” и се провежда от 19 до 31 декември 2011г.

03.10.2011 On 30.09.2011 Vitosha Park Hotel hosted the participants in the final stage of the national contest “The school – welcoming territory for the students”.

07.09.2011 From 8th to 10th of September Vitosha Park Hotel hosts the training for doctors and nurses from the whole country. The training is part of a program sponsored by the Global AIDS, tuberculation and malaria fund. The seminar will be opened by the vice minister of health Dr. Kiril Dobrev.

08.08.2011 The Teams of Bulgaria, Czech Republic and France will meet at the newly opened Arena Armeets Sofia.

01.07.2011 The 9th Comparative Education and Teacher Training Scientific Conference took place in Sofia in the period 5 – 9 July 2011. The conference was organized by the Bulgarian Comparative Education Association that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Vitosha Park Hotel had the honour to host the event.

18.06.2011 The stars of the Balkan music Dragana Mircovic and Vesna Zmijanac performed for the first time together on the 17th of June 2011 in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. The ladies were our dear guests during their whole visit in Sofia.

07.06.2011 The Israeli pop diva Ishtar was our dear guest for the second time this year. The star was here for her 5 concerts - 2 in Sofia and 1 in Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv.

21.03.2011 From 17 till 20.03.2011 Vitosha Park Hotel hosted the participants in the European Cup Winter Throwing Sofia 2011, that took place on the stadiums of the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski".

02.02.2011 On 1st of February, Vitosha Park Hotel celebrated its 6th anniversary with an exquisite cocktail.

15.12.2010 For a second year, Vitosha Park Hotel hosted the fashion show BG Fashion Icon. At the exquisite ceremony, the prestigious award was given to the most elegant Bulgarian Celebrities of 2010.

25.06.2010 El 24.06.2010 el Restaurante Toscana de Nuevo volvió a ser una atracción de la pasarela de la moda por el grandioso secular show Martini – estilo veraniego. El concurso se desarrollo bajo el lema – la belleza como una experiencia, y fue inspirado

13.03.2009 Del 11 al 13 de Marzo del año 2009 el Park hotel VITOSHA ha sido escenario para la competencia internacional de ámbito regional "[email protected]" Challenge, От 11 до 13 март 2009 г. Парк хотел ВИТОША е арена на регионалното състезание "[email protected]" Challenge bajo el lema – Un desafío hacia el empresario joven.

25.02.2008 El Park hotel VITOSHA recibió el prestigioso galardón "Medalla de Oro", también en el mismo año fue declarado como « Hotel con mayor desarrollo dinámico del año 2007».

Comodidades clasicas con lozanos cumplidos. La concepcion del diseno se corresponde con las necesidades de la comodidad emocional y con la carga creativa

Dear Guests, please be advised that the pool won`t be accessible during the following hours:

Monday - from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm

Tuesday - from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm

Wednesday- from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm

Thursday - from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm

Froday - from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm

For more information  - +359 2 816 8777 or email .

Enjoy the summer with delicious food in the quiet garden!


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