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updo Just because you have fine hair doesn’t mean it can’t possess some thickness as well. This is called combination hair (or that’s what we like to call it anyway!).

Even though you might have a very (where it could be classified as thick), the texture of it and size may be on the smaller scale (a.k.a. fine hair).

It can all get a little confusing when we’re discussing these things, but not to worry because we’ve come up with 3 hairstyles for thick (if you should fit our above description!).

Thick Fine Hair-

are simply the epitome of easy and foolproof because they truly work for any hair type (and look great!).

If you’re looking to add some definition to your thick fine hair, adding some works to frame the face while getting rid of some of that extra bulk underneath (that naturally comes along with having thick hair).



If you’re on the hunt for a universally flattering look that works with any hair type, this may be the perfect one for you!

By adding in a wispy bang that falls prom hairstyles pinterest updo 2018 right below the eyebrow with layers throughout really allows for thick fine hair to open up and have some movement.

To create even more movement and texture, spritz in to further emphasize your bangs and beautiful layers!


Shoulder length hairstyles with side swept bangs is also a great option for thick fine hair due to their versatility.

For this look, simply ask your hairstylist to add a long side swept fringe as well as some easy layers to the bottom to help create texture and movement.

For an ultra sleek look, after you’ve dried your hair try going in with the , one of the, for super straight ends.

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