Purple wedding flowers 2018

Why Buy Wholesale Flowers?

Our Wholesale purple Flowers have been a desire for thousands of brides and event planners for several years now. We know that your wedding or event is meant to purple wedding flowers 2018 be special and immortalized in photographs. When You Order Flowers Online, it helps to fully understand our process and how it works. Before our flowers arrive on your doorstep, with a Cheap Flower Delivery plan that involves free shipping on almost every order, they have an amazing story to be told. All of our flowers are grown in the most pristine farms from all around the world. Your flowers are always cut within 24 hours before they are scheduled to arrive at your house, so they are incredibly fresh. If you have ever bought from the local markets, their flowers are considerably older. This is important to know because when you buy from us, your flowers are going to have a much longer vase life. It’s also important to know that all of our flowers travel through a cold chain system which will significantly allow your flowers to travel safely to your home without any damage. This is also important because of the drastic temperature changes during the traveling process. We ensure quality assurance for the freshest flowers on every order.

We ensure the most premium quality and offer a satisfaction guarantee on every order.

Our Guarantee With Your Wedding Flowers

We also offer a 100% Event Day Guarantee when you buy our Bulk Flowers Online. Buying Wedding Flowers is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Having this promise will allow you to be at ease with your upcoming event. Wholesale Wedding Flowers Online ensures that you will have replacement of flowers at no additional cost if by some unforeseen reason the flowers you ordered are not available. In an unfortunate event where they are unavailable, then will offer a substitute of equal or higher quality, just for your consideration. Sometimes shipments cannot be made due to time constraints. If this happens then Whole Blossoms will contact someone in your area for a similar product available for a local pickup. To receive this benefit you must contact us IMMEDIATLEY upon the reception of your flowers. Once you get a hold of one of our representatives, then you can allow them to help you with any issues. If this is not done immediately, then this policy will not qualify. We need you to understand that when you Buy Wedding Flowers, understanding all the benefits will help to ensure you with the greatest confidence of our services. When you from our website we also offer a replacement or refund on any damage made on the flowers during the shipping process. This damage can either be total or partial. Again, you must contact us IMMEDIATLEY on the day of delivery to qualify.


Wholesale Wedding Flowers Online

When you buy Wholesale Flowers Online you are guaranteed the ultimate service and care in both our professionalism and quality of product. When you Order Flowers from us it's also exciting to understand the all the pluses when you Buy Flowers Online. We promise and guarantee the best pricing as we are able to manage large clients. We truly care about all of our customers and treat everyone as if they were the only one we were dealing with. Please never hesitate to call, email, or chat, because we are ready to serve you. Remember the following:

Why Buy from Whole Blossoms

1. We offer free shipping. This only applies to the continental US and Canada. Orders shipped outside the continental US, and rush orders, will have surcharges applied

2. We offer free advice. If you would like to communicate with us, we will be glad to thoroughly explain the process and help you with scheduling, planning, and so much more.

3. We require a signature to ensure you flowers do not sit unattended by your front door.

4. Free tracking is available for the status of your order.

5. No Additional charges will be given for orders placed over the phone. We really want to help you.

6. We offer points for every dollar spent that can be redeemed for future orders. Please call for more details.

7. We offer extra value for any product substitutions. There are rare cases when flowers need to be substituted due to certain growing conditions and slower growth seasons during the year. There are also times when the weather plays a major factor. If this should ever happen, don’t worry, we will work quickly to make sure you get a replacement and one that is of same or better value at no extra cost. We strive for perfection and do not want to concern you with any kind of inconvenience.

8. We offer a reward program for churches, retailers, local wholesalers, event planners, florists, schools, government institutions, and businesses that need larger orders. Also, if they need flowers on a more frequent basis. These rewards help you for future purchases. Please contact our support team for more details.

9. We also assist with last minute rush orders. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

10. We offer free customization of orders. For example, if you need a special color variety that is not found on our website, we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for to customize your order.

11. We have special offers. When you register with us, you will be the first to hear of any upcoming specials and exclusive offers. We will send a newsletter with valuable information.

12. We offer all of our Wholesale Flowers at competitive prices. We provide premium, fresh cut flowers with a lower cost than you will find anywhere online or in the market. We are able to bypass the importer, which saves you a great amount of money.

Bulk Flowers Online

Please enjoying our array of over 2,000 varieties and significant amount of DIY supplies to help you plan the best wedding or special event of the season!

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