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It’s been a busy stressful three days. I’ll tell you about Rick’s appointment in another post with pictures to explain.

Yesterday was Daryl’s funeral, attended by 375 people in a church that holds 300. What a tribute to this nice man! Margaret and I were very nervous playing for such a large crowd and we had to play for 50 minutes straight. My nerves settled down and it was fine – until Pastor came and told us to play the last song, How Great Thou Art. For some reason I had a brain fart and started the introduction in 4 flats instead of 2 flats! It sounded horrible! Once Margaret started playing with me, it was fine – back to two flats. Now what in the world possessed me to do that?

When I got home I went to the shop where I had left Hazel and Telly in a kennel with a small outside pen. Hazel was the only dog in there! What????? I called for Telly and she came out of the house! I honestly think she climbed over the 6′ fence.

On with the story of yesterday – it was a pretty nice day and since our yard looked like this – with sticks everywhere

I decided I’d better start the cleanup. The greenery was still out front, too, so I hauled that to the goats.

So with my load of sticks, I headed out to the grove where I saw Hazel jumping up and down by the north fence, the closest to the highway.

That could only mean Telly was outside the fence and sure enough she was. I guided her to the gate and got her inside and started my search for the spot where she got out and I believe this is it.

There was white hair in the mud and if in fact she got out there, she managed to separate the 6′ fence and the 8″ section that is in the ground although I swear it wasn’t wide enough. Maybe she climbed over?

So back to the golf cart. You gotta know the mud is deep around here and as careful as I was, it wasn’t careful enough. I got it stuck and it’s going to have to stay there until the ground dries up so I can drive it out!

My anxiety level is high – I do not know another person who would spend as much money as I have for fencing to keep my dogs safe and I guess I’ll have to accept the fact that I cannot keep Telly from getting out. I don’t want her to teach Hazel however – I’m not sure I can survive scraping her off the highway. So last night I did nothing except drink beer and I have a headache this morning. It’s raining and I see a glimmer of hope in the grass – can you see a little. It of green grass? I can!

Tonight and tomorrow we have 6-8″ of snow predicted so the golf cart will be covered. Right now I’m going to the store to buy chips to eat with my beer when I get snowed in – again. This time I am prepared because I was able to move Rick’s pickup to the parking area in case the gate can’t open due to a snow bank.

Everything will be fine – thanks for listening.


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