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I've been ordering a bit of Christmas fabric lately and thinking about what to make as I want to do a Christmas market or two before the year is out. I found one of these coasters as I was unpacking last week and I have to say that it's still one of my favourite Christmas projects and you can start now making the little hexagon flowers while watching TV. Instructions can be found here.......and another favourite that is super easy are these santa sacks that double as a pillowcase. You can …

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We are now living in Melbourne but the packing and moving took up all of my time so I’m a little late with this post all about my new kitchen but here it is. This was a budget friendly renovation so that we could rent out of our house for as long as we are […]

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Well I’ve shared a few things on social media and a new kitchen is coming. Not for me to enjoy but to rent out our house easily and update our very tired and falling apart kitchen. If we weren’t moving I’d probably still be cooking in my original kitchen for a few more years. So […]

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This year I decided to re-open my etsy store, you’ll find some lovely charm square packs in there. I’m itching to start making some quilts with them but am also halfway through packing up a few rooms that are being painted and having the cork flooring replaced. So enjoy some of these pre-releases, if you’d like […]

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Just when I started to get comfortable with everyone settled at their schools and starting to get a bit more time to study….boom……someone went and got a job down in Melbourne! And as big a job as it is to move everyone in our family down there it really was a prayer answered. At first […]

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We love movies at our house and especially on weekends. Going to the cinemas though does cost us an arm and a leg since there are so many of us and even with the cheapest tickets I expect to pay close to 0 with a popcorn thrown in there. And then the popcorn ends up […]

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These are super popular in our house at the moment. They don’t take too long to make and we just bag them up and keep them in the freezer until the morning they are needed for lunchboxes. If you don’t have a thermomix just use any pizza dough recipe. You can add a variety of […]

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Brought to you by Westpac, who is proud to offer Mathspace Essentials free to all Australians Congratulations to Rebecca Lee-Metcalfe who was chosen as the winner of the giveaway. Thank you to everyone who entered. Next year is going to be a big year in our house. My eldest starts high wedding school (I still don’t believe it) […]

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Brought to you by Westpac who is proud to offer Mathspace Essentials free for all Australians The funny thing about being a homeschooler is that people have a lot of questions and/or misconceptions. When someone asks where your children go to school and you say the name of the school they  might say ‘oh I’ve […]

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