Scarf knitting patterns uk 2018

While knitting this knitting scarf, the way the yarn caught the light reminded me of liquid silver, thus earning the name. 

I scarf knitting patterns uk 2018 absolutely had to have this yarn the moment I saw it in Michaels. Shiny and silver= yarn I MUST have. 

Made with one skein of Patons Metallic and size 7 needles, this scarf works up quickly. The design of the pattern also makes it work up on the bias, giving it a parallelogram shape. 

Co 53 stitches

Row 1: Knit 

Row 2: K1, yo, K2tog repeat to end of row

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until scarf reaches desired length, or until you run out of yarn. 


Xoxo, Alyssa

Thanks to everyone enjoying my pattern, I have been chosen as a 2013 All Free Knitting Top Blogger!

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