Second marriage wedding dresses color 2018

Whether it's your first marriage, or more, it’s still a moment to celebrate. And you should celebrate it with a wedding, of course! If it’s not your first time walking down the aisle, you might be inclined to shake things up — or even feel like a traditional wedding isn’t the way to go. Not sure where to start? Our experts have a few ideas you might want to consider!

The most important thing to remember is second marriage wedding dresses color 2018 that it’s your wedding. If you want to stick to tradition, from wearing something blue to having your dad walk you down the aisle to cutting a cake, go for it! Create a celebration that’s worthy of your love and commitment, no matter if you’ve.

That being said, there are a lot of ways to personalize and update your to reflect the stage you’re at in your life. Here are a few ideas:

Plan TogetherFor a couple where one (or both) partners has been married before, the planning process can come with an extra challenge: Trying to create an event that is unique from your prior wedding. This is the perfect opportunity to turn wedding planning into a team event, not just a responsibility that falls to the bride. Spend time talking about how you celebrated last time, what you wish you’d done differently, and what you’d like to see at your upcoming wedding. Use it as an opportunity to really personalize your celebration and kick off your marriage in style!

Include Your FamiliesIf one — or both — of you has children, honor the role they play in your relationship by including them in your ceremony. You might ask your son to walk you down the aisle, include your daughter as a bridesmaid, or invite your children to do a reading. We love when couples take their kids for a spin around the dance floor for the second half of the first dance, and kids (no matter what age!) make some great toasts!

Think Outside the BoxEspecially if your first wedding was more traditional, now’s the time to get creative. If you wore a classic white dress, or choosing a less-traditional style. If your first wedding was smaller but you have more of a budget to work with now, invite a larger group of friends. Or, skip the formal sit-down dinner in favor of a cocktail-style reception, complete with your favorite drinks and a larger variety of hors d’oeuvres and food stations.

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Reword Your InvitationsInstead of having one of your sets of parents invite guests to your wedding, consider phrasing like “Together with their families” — this will frame the two of you as the hosts instead of merely guests of honor. You could also keep the wording more casual, opening with “Joe and Susan are getting married!” and following with the details of your celebration.

Register DifferentlyThere’s no rule against having a registry for your second wedding. However, you may want to go a non-traditional route (especially if your home is fully stocked!). Look into a (or a family-moon if you plan on taking your kids with you) or a home improvement fund instead of traditional china and cookware. Or consider a charitable registry, where guests can make gifts to a cause you love.

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