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Hi everyone,
I'm heading out to the Georgia Aquarium today with my daughter and our friend from France.  She leaves tomorrow to go home after being here since July 1st.  We've had a wonderful time while she was here.  Sarah, my darling daughter, gets to go to France next year to stay with her family for a month.  This has been a wonderful experience ;)
Do you have a fabulous find to share?

Grab the picture above and link up your finds....
Here's my fabulous find.

Now, let me tell you why I chose to buy these suckers. 
I know you have all been inspired (Pinspired) by all of these beautiful crates that everyone is making.-Just like 's below:
But here was my theory:
But the time I buy the crate, the wood, the foam, the fabric and the blood, sweat and tears...I've spent the that the one above cost me.  Right?  I'm sad that mine aren't customized, but I've got so much going on in my room that has been crafted by me, that I can sit back on this one, right?
The storage ottoman, by the way, came from Hobby Lobby (no doubt).  It was originally .99, but you know I bought it when it was 50% off.  I bought 6 of them.  I know that was a lot to spend on chairs for my guided math table, but, they look good and they fit my classroom.
I'm investing.  At least that's what I'm reminding myself as I am getting my room ready.  I won't have to do another over-haul for at least 5 more years.
OK, link up your fabulous finds below :)

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