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This post is another in my How To series – this time focusing on Pandora’s range of string leather charm bracelets. You can find here a complete guide to the ins and outs of Pandora’s leather bracelets, including choosing the right size leather bracelet and how many charms you can wear on your leather.

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What are the types of leather bracelet?

Leather bracelets come in two types: braided or smooth leather.

pandora leather bracelet types

The braided leathers are available in single, double, or triple wrap – meaning that they either wrap around your hand once, twice, or three times.

The smooth leathers, on the other hand, are only available in triple wrap. They also sport the new spherical Pandora clasp, instead of the traditional Pandora barrel clasp.

What size leather bracelet do I need?

Leather bracelets come in just three sizes: small, medium and large.

As a rule of thumb, you can judge what size leather bracelet you will need if you already have a classic Pandora bracelet.

  • If you wear 16-18 cm regular Pandora bracelet, you will most probably want the small leather bracelet.
  • If you wear a 19 cm regular Pandora bracelet, you will want the medium leather bracelet.
  • And if you wear a 20-21 cm Pandora bracelet, you will most likely need the large leather bracelet.

For example, I wear a 19 cm classic silver Pandora bracelet, and I wear a 19 cm/medium single leather bracelet, which fits perfectly!

If you don’t already have a Pandora bracelet, in order to determine which size is for you, measure your wrist with a piece of string and then measure the string against a ruler. Add 2 cm to your wrist size, and then choose the leather bracelet size closest to it. Of course, these methods may not work for everyone: you should try on your bracelet in store for size to get the best results.

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How many charms can I wear on the leather bracelet?

Leather is by nature a more fragile material than silver and, consequently, Pandora’s leather bracelets simply cannot support as many charms as the classic metal bracelets. If you overload your leather bracelet with charms, it is likely to stretch, or simply break.

As for precisely how many charms you can put on the leather, it depends entirely on the type of leather bracelet.

  • For single leather bracelets, it is recommended that you have no more than 5-6 charms.
  • For double or triple leather bracelets, it is recommended that you have no more than 7-9 charms.

How can I stop the charms sliding around on my leather bracelet?

You can’t use clips to stop charms moving around on the leather bracelets, as the leather bracelets have no threads. However, Pandora now offer silicone stoppers. If you place one of these underneath your clip, it will remain in place on the bracelet, and you are free to distribute your charms as you please! Alternatively, you can simply place the stoppers directly on to the bracelet without a clip, although they will be visible. You should be able to obtain these stoppers from your local Pandora store: if not, you can always order them from .

silicone stoppers

How do I care for my leather bracelet?

A key principle: keep your leather well away from water. It can discolour and damage the leather. 

Instead, if you wish to maintain your leather bracelet, Pandora recommend using a very soft and dry cloth for cleaning it. Leather conditioner can be applied and will serve to protect the leather from spills or stains, and helps keep it soft and supple by restoring essential oils. Using professional leather conditioners is a great way to improve the overall lifespan of the leather, making it resistant to water and humidity.

In the case of staining, remove the substance causing the stain immediately before it has a chance to soak in or dry on to the leather. The cleaning of leather should be done gently, by hand. It is recommended that you use a mild professional cleaner (without chemicals).

You can also clean leather with a mild soap such as soap flakes or a saddle soap. Create suds in a bowl and apply the suds to the leather surface with a soft lint-free cloth. Do not use the soapy water. The suds are safer to use as they reduce the risk of bleach type marks and streaks. Be careful to keep the cloth barely damp – not wet. Use a dry soft cloth to wipe up any remaining moisture and let it dry completely. Use the damp cloth on the entire piece to avoid areas, which will seem lighter after cleaning.

When you use this method, Pandora recommends that you keep your leather bracelet away from heat, as this can cause the leather to shrink or become brittle. Finish up by rubbing a leather conditioner into the bracelet.


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