Teal and grey 2018

WOW. Ok so I mentioned that my site got hacked and it has just been a draggggggged out issue. Redirecting my site to another site, my host shutting down my site, etc.  And then the affiliate company for bluehost wanted to charge 0/year to clean my site and protect it. LMAOOOOOO YEAH RIGHT OK.

Anyways. I have it fixed enough that I was able to login to make this post. Small victories.

If you follow me on instagram, you already know: I got chicks! They were at our local hardware store and so cute and I let my daughter pick out 3.

Since they won’t start laying eggs for several more months, I’m thinking of adding 2 more ‘mature’ ladies to my brood.

But you know what chickens mean?


And we all know how excessive I am. I am in the middle process of building them a palace.

I will write a post when I am done with it (if I ever actually finish). Idk how much of an instructions post it will be though, because I am shit blogger and keep forgetting to take pictures.

Hope you’re all well!

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