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Other photos of Kearns and Virginiatown are on my


  • klcvi 1973klcvi 1964klcvi 1962klcvi 1955 In this collection of yearbooks I've scanned all of the text and photo pages (not including advertising pages). All names have been transcribed as published, but I'll gladly correct errors if you tell me about them. In a terrific response from website users, I've been offered, or have on hand waiting for transcription, all yearbooks from 1956 to 1978, but it will be some time (possibly years) before they are done. If you have the skills and the time to spare, I would welcome some help.
  • Many thanks to Ron Ross for sending me this book to scan.
  • Many thanks to Peter Jovic for sending me this book to scan.
  • Many thanks to Peter Jovic for sending me this book to scan.
  • 1965 KLCVI Yearbook. -- Paul LaDuke emailed me this: "... I was on the yearbook committee that year, and in subsequent years. As I recall it the publishing company had a sales rep going around to schools all over Ontario collecting manuscripts and photos. The rep also began collecting money in advance on the sales of the planned book. Apparently the company was not aware of this money being collected. The school year ended and everyone expected the books to be available in the fall. When we inquired about them the company informed us and several other schools that the sales rep had absconded, apparently out of the country, with a ton of cash, their car and all the photos and manuscripts. I believe they returned the money but could not provide the books as the pictures and pages were gone. "
  • Many thanks to Jo Anne (Pedersen) Ahronson for allowing me to scan this programme. It contains the names of the graduates, scholarship and bursary winners and the teaching staff.
  • Many thanks to Jo Anne (Pedersen) Ahronson for this photo. It would have appeared in the 1965 KLCVI yearbook if one had been published. Can you identify the grads?
  • Many thanks to Mike Molotkin for sending me this yearbook to scan.
  • Most photos were taken at the dance in the V-Town arena and others at a private residence. Eighteen photos so far.
  • former teacher at KLCVI, died Oct. 22, 2009. Obituary, two photos and details of the celebration of her life on Nov. 7, 2009.


  • 95 photos posted so far, and counting -- mostly taken at the Kiwanis BBQ. Better check because you may be there with your face hanging out.


1921 CENSUS :

  • Transcription of 153 people listed as living in Larder Lake and McGarry Township at the time of the 1921 census. Plus 25 people living in Arnold, Ben Nevis, Katrine, Ossian, and Pontiac Townships. Trans­cribed more or less accurately by Charles Dobie, from the micro­films which are free for anyone to view on Corrections are most welcome. The listing should display properly on your hand-held device. (Revised April 16, 2018)


  • Thanks to Rick Larmond for these photos and to his mother Germaine Larmond for a short reminiscence of her time in Cheminis. She was postmistress there from late 1950 to 1956.
  • Six photos. Surnames are Dobie & Hawkes. But who is the other family?
  • Thanks to Vicha (Ostapiej) Hajdamowicz for this photo.



  • Thanks to Penny (Reddick) Nann for this photo, purchased by her father sometime before September, 1939. Virginatown-Kearns welcome sign. Photo by Bob White
  • The occasion was the pouring of the first gold brick, July 29, 1939. Surnames are: Barkley, Cross, and Johnston.
  • Kenny Walker, Donald Cook, Ron Ross. Thanks to Ron Ross for this photo.
  • Thanks to Gary Denny for these two photos. One was taken at their house on Cheminis Road and the other at a house they rented in town.
  • This bus took the Kearns and Cheminis kids to school in Virginiatown. Thanks to Ed Owens for this original photo.
  • Thanks to Bill Croshaw for these two photos. One features Turcotte's Garage and the highway leading up to Chesterville, and the other is of the Ritz Hotel.
  • This building has been completely renovated and is now Cheminis Lodge. However, this photo shows it as I remember it as a child in the 1940's and early 1950's.
  • Thanks to Jo Anne (Pedersen) Ahronson for this photo. Six men at some sort of function probably related to Chesterville Gold Mines. Can you help? Names so far: Helge Byberg, Bill Dobie, Val Pedersen, Wilfred Mayhew.
  • This is a link to my genealogy website.
  • Earl Turcotte, Ojar (Peter) Bikaunieks, Kit Dobie, Jim Row, Wayne Moline. This is a link to my genealogy website.
  • Hope McCrea, Dora Dobie, Carol & Betty Comisky. This is a link to my genealogy website.
  • Surnames are Brown, Comisky, Dobie, Nickerson, and Robinson. Three more names needed. This is a link to my genealogy website.
  • Surnames are: Dobie, Gervais, Grozelle, and Judge.
  • Three photos -- two of the removal of Bill Dobie's new boat from the garage where he built it and one of Dora Dobie on her tricycle. Men carrying the boat are Bill Dobie, and possibly George Hammond and Vic Monette. One other is unidentified.
  • Photo from a postcard postmarked August, 1950. The original route of Hwy. 66 is still in still use and it looks like the new route (the present route) has only been logged out.
  • Many thanks to Ferio Pugliese for these six photos. Ralph, Guy & Flora Pugliese ran Ralph's Superette grocery store in Kearns from the 1940's until 1986 when the business was sold.
  • Brian McEwen, Geordie Hammond, Kit Dobie. Can you identify the others?
  • about 1952.
  • about 1952.
  • Christine & Jean Nickerson, Ruth Berard, Lois & Marian Brown, Betty Comisky, Patsy Robinson, Dora Dobie, Brian Mayhew, Marian Gillis, Sonja Kucyk. This is a link to my genealogy website.
  • Thanks to Ann Aaviku for this photo. Group of seven people at Kearns beach. Six are identified: Endel, Jaan, and Linda Aaviku, Paul and Ella Reimer, Hilja Rannala.
  • Gallina Family I received photos and a query from Giuseppe Gallina in Italy who is researching his grandparents (shown in the photo at right). His father was born in Kearns in 1958, and his grandfather was killed in a mining accident only six months later. Giuseppe says: "I know my grandfather only from these photos, so it's very important for me know something about the places where he lived."
    Amazingly, two of the photos were taken on Kearns Avenue, in front of the house where I lived between 1947 and 1953.
  • The blue house with the cut-off tip on the roof was our house, 1947-1953. Compare this view with the top photo in the Gallina family photos, above.
  • With a boy on the porch staring at the weird photographer.
  • With several children trudging up the hill with their lunch buckets.
  • To me, this was the big tragedy of my 1967 trip to Kearns -- in only 14 years our boathouse had disappeared and the one next to it was a ruin. Don't people put their boats on the river anymore?
  • John St. Pierre sent this photo. The hotel has since been turned into an apartment building.
  • This one and the three below taken by Peter Bikaunieks.
  • Nine photos taken by Ron Ross. Shown are: a panorama of Kearns Avenue; downtown Kearns; the Kearns Arms Hotel; Lynch Ave.; Bear Creek; Kearns Beach.

Joe Nickerson JOE NICK­ER­SON, FOLK ARTIST Joe Nickerson has lived all his life on the same street in Kearns. Formerly a railway worker, he is retired and took up sculpture in the mid 1990's. His medium is white PVC tubing....

Photos by Peter Bikaunieks, Lloyd Hart and Andy Ross. On the evening of August 21, 2007, Joe Nickerson's house was destoyed by an arsonist and he barely escaped with his life. I'll let Peter Bikaunieks tell it...

"... we visited Kirkland Lake Aug. 20/07 and stopped at Joe's place in Kearns Aug. 21.... Stayed an hour and had a good chin wag. Interestingly, Joe loves tropical birds and lets a number of them fly free around the house. He also has a large aquarium where he keeps several large, green turtles. After leaving Joe's we climbed Mount Cheminis and drove home next day. That evening we learned Joe's house had been torched while he slept. He had, it seems, barely escaped alive. According to an on-line news item, police were, and still are, investigating the fire. Ironically, the day before, Joe had remarked how well some of his neighbours treat him. I noted that because Joe is a bit of an eccentric, as you well know. Both the house that was burned and his studio across the street, which was not burned, were extensively decorated with his PVC art objects. Though every one in Kearns seems friendly, I always sensed, and likely Joe also sensed, that some folks might be irked by his eccentricity. Our immediate difficulty was that there was no way to contact Joe. We finally called the McGarry municipal office in Virginiatown. While Joe had survived the fire all right, he had simply vanished.....

" Finally, early in October, Joe called us.... We learned he was staying with friends in Quebec. He said that on the night of the fire he was awakened by a loud explosion near his head and quickly learned the house was on fire. He had just enough time to save himself and a couple of his birds. The rest and the turtles perished in the fire. He got out with the clothes on his back, a bird cage, and a suitcase of his important documents which he kept packed for an emergency. Otherwise everything was lost in the fire, which also engulfed the abandoned house next door.... He's thinking of returning to Kearns after the winter with the view of rebuilding his place. I asked if he had any suspicions about how the fire was started. He said many suspicions but no proof. Still, he plans to come home to Kearns where he has lived for 60 years. "


  • Fifty photo­graphs by Louie Palu, an award-winning doc­u­mentary photo­grapher whose work has appeared in festi­vals, publi­ca­tions and exhi­bitions inter­na­tionally. Many of these photos were taken at Kerr-Addison and Cheminis. The above link takes you to his website. Click on the "Galleries" link on his website to see hundreds more of his extra­ordinary photos.

  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for this photo which was taken about 1936-37.
  • Office & core shack and a group photo. Surnames: Healy, Hotchkin, Lynch, McPhee, Muir, Ogryzlo. Photos submitted by Joe Joyner.
  • Closing in No. 3 Headframe, 1938. Photo submitted by Joe Joyner.
  • Thanks to Eleanor (Malane) Balleny for this photo of 13 men in front of the old office building. Only five are fully identified. Surnames so far: Anderson, Baker, Bennett, Chapman, McIntyre, Malane.
  • Thanks to Carol Keely for this photo of eight miners waiting for the underground cage. The only one identified so far is Ken Keely. (Added February 11, 2018)
  • Thanks to Penny (Reddick) Nann for this early hand-coloured postcard photo of surface miners at Kerr Addison.
  • Thanks to Penny (Reddick) Nann for this photo of 13 players plus three coaches. Only Gerry Reddick is identified.
  • Thanks to Penny (Reddick) Nann for this group photo of 28 miners dressed for underground. Only Gerry Reddick is identified.
  • Thanks to Eleanor (Malane) Balleny for this group photo of seven mining men, probably staff. The only one identified is Ray Malane.
  • Thanks to Penny (Reddick) Nann for two aerial photos, plus a photo of the shaft house.
  • Thanks to Ed Peicheff for this photo which was taken underground at Kerr Addison.
  • Thanks to Bill Croshaw for this photo.
  • Ed Owens sent me a nice collection of photos:
    • Ed says he thinks they were taken when the mill was being expanded to 4000 tons per day. Surnames: Hart, Macklem, Martin, Simmons.
    • Community Hall, Curling Club, Imperial Bank, Jeffrey's Hardware.
    • Surnames are: Cesnek, Desrosier, Laporte, Lasseline, Mulligan, Peloquin, Pigeau, Rivet.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for this photo. Only 11 men out of 25 are identified. Surnames so far: Armstrong, Bannister, Fredeen, Hele, Hill, Hurst, Lane, MacDonald, Raney, Slater, Smith.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for this undated news clipping with a large photo. Surnames: Beggs, Breithaupt, Cooper, Ramsell, Smith, Spooner.
  • Thanks to Leo Reichmanis for three items: a photo of the Kerr-Addison heating and roasting plant; a news clipping with two photos (was this the same visit as in the news clipping above?) and a photo of himself on a recent visit to Virginiatown. Surnames: Buchanan, Hawkes, Kelly, Nixon, Reichmanis, Slater, Spooner.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for this photo of the "Underground Fish" plaque with at least 102 signatures of Kerr-Addison employees, their spouses and other Virginiatown residents. Surnames which could be deciphered: Armand, Armstrong, Baker, Belanger, Bjarnason, Bourke, Bourne, Braithwaite, Braughton, Brewer, Budd, Byberg, Campbell, Caverley, Cleland, Clendenning, Darragh, Drummond, Eagle, Fisk, Fredeen, Fulkerson, Gardiner, Gemmell, Gray, Greer, Hagerman, Hamilton, Hargrave, Hart, Hawkes, Hele, Hilder, Hill, Hrushoway, Hurst, Jacko[?], Jeffery, Jewel, Johnson, Karlovich, Keeley, Kenrick, Lamb, Latimer, Levine, Lish, Locke, MacDonald, MacLeod, Macpherson, Mangotich, Mann, Mateor[?], McLennan, McPherson, Murphy, Newton, North, Olson, Potvin, Ramsell, Raney, Rasmussen, Robinson, Ross, Row, Simpson, Smith, Teal, Thudham[?], Valentine, Weeler, Weiler, Wilcox, Yule.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for these two photos. Surnames: Anderson, Baker, Beggs, Cutler, Fredeen, Fulton, Gardiner, Hargrave, Hawkes, Malane, Yule.
  • October 9, 1958. Surnames are: Andersen, Baker, Barstead, Bousquet, Cavin, Chartrand, Curtis, Dorfman, Gardiner, Gravelle, Hart, Hilder, Latimer, Little, Malane, McWaters, Morrison, Row, Sagin, Slater, Sudol, Wickham, Yule.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for this photo. Twelve people with ten identified. Surnames so far: Baker, Beggs, Cutler, Gray, Hargrave, Hawkes, Yule.
  • The occasion of the banquet is unknown. Thanks to Doug Beggs for these four colour slides owned by his late father, R.J. Beggs. Photographer is unknown. Many people are unidentified -- surnames so far are: Baker, Beggs, Bosquet, Byberg, Gardiner.
  • Thanks to Eleanor (Malane) Balleny for this photo. Names are: Harvey Anderson, Ray & Eleanor Malane, and possibly Phil Amyotte.
  • Surnames: Curtis, Doria, Gusmanis, Haggerman, Morrison, Smith. Group photo submitted by Joe Joyner.
  • Surnames: Charlton, Cross, Kowbassa, Little, McDonaugh, Merhar, Morrsette. Group photo submitted by Joe Joyner.


In this section some people have put their writing skills to the test and written their recollections of their childhood in Cheminis and/or Kearns and/or Virginiatown. Please keep these items coming in!

by Mance (Potvin) Delahunt who, with her parents and three siblings, lived in V-Town from about 1938 to 1953. She started Grade 1 at V-Town Public School in 1941. Many people are noted in passing, but specially mentioned are: Laura & Enid Durham, Dr. Hagerman, John Porter, Joan Rebelski, Rosalie St Aubin. Other surnames mentioned: Austin, Bury, Greer, Malane, McCann, Muck, Neville, Perron, Phillips, Weiler.


by Graham (Glen) Bromley. Born in 1934 on a farm near Pembroke, Ont. Glen's family moved to Kirkland Lake where he attended Grade 1 in 1941. By 1942 they were living in Kearns and then later on Coville St. in Virginiatown. After finishing school in V-Town Glen went to KLCVI, graduating in 1953. Surnames mentioned: Aceti, Bolduc, Brewer, Bromley, Buskey, Cameron, Cutler, Del Bosco, Foley, Golden, Hamilton, Herd, Judge, Latimer, Mann, McCall, McCauley, McCurdy, McMorin, Moore, Oehring, Palmer, Radakovich, Ramsey, Rebelski, Stratford, Turner, Whalen, Wilkie, Young.


A wonderful document by Kathleen Anne Palmer-O'Neil who was born in Virginiatown in 1942. The Palmers lived there from 1938 until 1948. Several photos are included. Surnames: Green, McKenna, Oehring, Palmer, Pollock, Prentice, Stewart.

  • Written a year and a half after the article above. The response was (and continues to be) tremendous and Kate has a few thoughts on this.


Written by Mike Jewell, this is partly a response to Kathleen Palmer's article above. But Mike carries on the story after the Palmers left Virginiatown in 1948. Families given more than passing mention are: Bouchard, Carter, Charlebois, Cox, Joyce, Lamoureux, Palmer, Pollock, Scott, Spencer, Wilkie.


Written by Art Brown who lived in Virginiatown in the early and mid-1940's and then in Kearns until 1956. A great many families are mentioned in passing but details are given about the following: Allan, Bolger, Guerin, Judge, McCrea, McLennan, McMorin, Nelson, Nugent, Portelance, Turcotte, Wilkie.


By Germaine Larmond who was postmistress in Chemins from late 1950 to 1956. Surnames mentioned: Francoeur, Landry.


A short biography and reminiscence by Mike Molotkin who lived in Virginiatown from 1958 to 1978. Surnames mentioned: Adam, Bordin, Clouthier, Croteau, Eastman, Kirby, Klimov, Kowbassa, Paquette, Spack.


An article by Mike Molotkin. What was it like to leave the surface and head underground? Mike worked underground at Kerr Addison from January 1977 to April 1978 as a motor crew operator, lumber journeyman and in a stope as well. Names mentioned: Otto Bock, Lou Bougie, Harry Curtis, Steve David, Hans Kneiremen, Stan Materny, Michel Paquette, Paul Ranger, Bill Reynolds, Frank Sacher, Donald Veinot, Richard White, Ron Wollner, John Yargeau.

  • This second article by Mike Molotkin, gives more details of drilling, blasting and slushing in a stope underground.



This section has mostly class photos of Virginiatown Public School, with only one of Kearns Public School. They are arranged by year, then by grade within year, to help you find your class. This is a very popular section of this website, so if you have photos of any of the missing classes I would love to get a copy from you. It doesn't matter if you've forgotten everyone's name, website users will identify most students very quickly.

Margaret Stratford Margaret Stratford

Margaret Bernice (McClung) Stratford, former teacher and principal of Kearns and McGarry Public Schools, passed away on Tuesday, March 22, 2016, in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

1936-1986. This list of about 3,800 names was transcribed from the McGarry Township 40th Anniver­sary booklet. The students listed are from Virgin­ia­town Public School starting in 1936, Kearns Public School starting in 1950 (although this is an error, as Kearns classes started in February, 1955), and Ecole St-Louis starting in 1956. Names are listed alpha­bet­ically with all three schools combined. Click on a letter below to find a surname. (Revised Sept. 5, 2018)

1939-1990. Thanks to Ellen Watson for transcribing from various sources. There are only a few classes listed for each year and all classes may not be complete. Included are the adult students of an English as a Second Language class given about 1946-47.
  • Thanks to Mance (Potvin) Delahunt for this photo. Twenty-three girls and teacher Miss Wright. Only three are identified: Frances Lauren, Joanne Postal, Lorraine Potvin.
  • All but one are identified. Surnames: Clark, Denduck, Didyk, Farrell, Francoeur, Gravelle, Johnson, Laroque?, Manchellanko, McGrath, Miers, Musial, Nault, Oehring, Oreskovitch, Palmer, Proctor, Ross, Sampson, Slater, Storie, Walker, Wilcox.
  • Thanks to Penny (Reddick) Nann for this postcard photo of McGarry Public School.

A 32-page booklet published by the Public School Area of McGarry. Includes class photos of all grades. Many thanks to Brenda Belmonte for sending me the page scans.

  • An original of the photo which appears in the 1945 Public School Yearbook (see box above). Surnames: Brewer, Ford, Heard, McMorine, Nelson, Seaborn, Stratford, Whalen, Wilkie.
  • An original of the photo which appears in the 1945 Public School Yearbook (see box above). 21 students, all but two names needed. The only surnames so far are Denny, Felesco.
  • An original of the photo which appears in the 1945 Public School Yearbook (see box above). 38 students, several names still needed. Student surnames so far are: Bake, Barnard, Bassett, Buckovetsky, Collison, Denny, Duguay, Evans, Francoeur, Frazer, Gavin, Gervais, Gray, Gunsinger, Hanlin, Lamoureux, Laporte, Moses, Nelson, Peicheff, Poulin, Radakovich, Rodeleau, Sampson, Spack.
  • An original of the photo which appears in the 1945 Public School Yearbook (see box above). 26 students, most names needed. Surnames so far are: Brown, Collison, Denny, Laporte, Little, Nickerson, Pollock, Poulin, Slater, Stewart, Walker, Withers.
  • Thanks to Eleanor (Malane) Balleny for this photo of teacher Margaret Stratford with 31 students. All but four are fully identified (two with first names only). Surnames so far: Andrews, Bake, Barstead, Bell, Bromley, Cadieux, Camden, Clark, Del Bosco, Didiyuk, Durham, Fulkerson, Gauthier, Golden, Gravelle, Hamelin, Little, Malane, Miner, Mondville, Moore, Myers, Payne, Sabourin, Speck, Storie.
  • Thanks to Bill McGrath for this photo which was taken outside in the schoolyard. Can you identify any of the kids? The only surnames so far are Fulkerson, McGrath.
  • Three photos. Jean Robinson and another woman had a kindergarten class, possibly for just one year, in the basement of the Anglican Church in Virginiatown. Most of the kids are unidentified. The only names so far are: Dobie, Mayhew, Robinson.
  • 37 students, many in western costume. Most are identified, but there are still one or two names missing. Surnames so far: Arthur, Basich, Cyr, del Bosco, Cadieux, Croshaw, Dobie, Draper, Eagle, Esser?, Fenton, French, Hilder, Innis, Little, MacAulay, Moline, Nickerson, Nugent, Oehring, Patterson, Pederson or Peterson, Pollock, Radakovich, Row, Russell, Sampson, Sauer, Stewart, Szabuna.
  • I snapped this photo of my class because we were moving away and I knew I would never see these kids again. I've forgotten most of their names. Surnames so far are: del Bosco, Hilder, Little, MacAulay, Moline, Nugent, Oehring, Row, Sampson.
  • Thanks to Dave Miner for this photo of 33 students and their teacher, Miss Carlson. Five are yet to be identified. Surnames so far are: Armstrong, Blair, Budden, Carlson, Curtis, Davies, Draper, Graham, Hall, Jedyk, Kukulis, Locke, MacIntyre, McLellan, Miner, Minion, O'Reilly, Skanes, Smith, Soon, Stanga, Straford, Swetlowsky, Watson, Wirzman, Yandeau.
  • Thanks to Teresa Bagyan for this photo. Most of the students are not identified so your help is needed. Mrs. Hunter was the teacher. Student surnames so far: Brown, Dasovich, Gillis, Lees.
  • Miss McMorin is the teacher. Surnames are: Aspinal, Audziss, Baker, Caverly, Hyatt, Kirby, Lowe, MacAulay, MacIntyre, McLenachan, Owens, Pacey, Patterson, Paulina, Pender, Prest, Skorey, Stevens, Williams, Wilson, Zendroy.
  • Mrs. Michiel is the teacher. Surnames so far: Caverly, Chalifoux, Cox, Croteau, Hagerman, Hederson, Hums, Jacko, Knieriemen, Locke, Lopata, Main, McLenachan, Owens, Prest, Smith, Sue, Tabaka, Theriault, Vieglais, Weis, Willard, Wilson, Zendroie.
  • Thanks to Jean (Bock) Tennant for this photo. Surnames: Able, Abramson, Audette, Bock, Budden, Chalifoux, Crocker, Croteau, Girbig, Gramoli, Gubala, Gutmanis, Hedderson, Hums, Locke, Main, Mann, Markowich, Morrison, Sear, Stoughton, Sue, Tabaka, Wilson, Wright. Teacher was Miss Mackie.
  • Thanks to Jean (Curtis) Speed for this photo of 36 students plus their teacher, Miss Musial. Surnames: Aaviku, Audziss, Baker, Curtis, Devereux, Doherty, Fischer, Garvin, Gauthier, Gerbig, Gibb, Gray, Gusmanis, Hart, Hrushowy, Hums, Innes, Jacko, Kirby, Kowbassa, Lopata, Lowe, Markovich, McWaters, Michiel, Owens, Pacey, Patterson, Stevens, Teal, Thomas, Tugwood, Turnbull, Weiss, Yule. (Added September 14, 2018)
  • Thanks to Mike Molotkin for this photo of this class of 15 students plus their teacher, Mrs. Ella Nelson. All students are identified. Surnames: Chalifoux, Dolpins, Gutmanis, Klimov, Matt, Molotkin, Nelson, Owens, Primeau, Reynolds, Smith, Sue, Teal, Thorpe, Vosdingh, Willard. Also shown is a photo of Mike's Grade 1 report card from this same year.
  • Photo is undated, but classes started in 1955.
  • All students are identified. Surnames are: Acton, Beaton, Bellrose, Campbell, Czura, David, Gillis, Godmaire, Greaves, Jeffery, Johns, Johnston, Kozak, Laframboise, McMillan, Moses, Pascoe, Pugliese, Spadetto, Turcotte, Vaudry, Yakimczuk.
  • Thanks to Ann Aaviku for these two photos. Surnames: Aaviku, Baker, Bugiel, Culhane, Denner, Doria?, Hart, Hums, Lamont, Lowe(?), Massicotte, McLenachan, Moses, Neill, Reynolds, Richer, Sampson, Schultz(?), Spack, Sue, Turner, Zubernick. Teacher was Miss McMorin.
  • Mrs. Michiel is the teacher. Surnames are: Acton, Allen, Baker, Caverly, Gibson, Hopkins, Hyatt, Jugulis, Kellington, Kirby, Kirky, Kneirman, Kobassa, Lowe, MacAulay, MacIntyre, McClennahan, Owens, Pascoe, Patterson, Prest, Quinton, Reynolds, Sear, Smith, Stevens, Theriault, Thomas, Vosdingh, Weiss, Wilson, Yule.
  • Thanks to Jean (Bock) Tennant for this photo. One surname is missing. Surnames so far: Abramson, Audette, Baker, Bock, Crocker, Croteau, Gauthier, Girbig, Gramoli, Gubala, Gutmanis, Hums, Leclair, Lowe, Main, Mann, Morrison, Owens, Pascoe, Sear, Teal. The teacher was Marilyn Byers.
  • Thanks to Dianne (Poulin) Bush for this photo of 33 students. Mr. Aceti was the teacher. All but one student identified: Aaviku, Aceti, Acton, Baker, Bugiel, Cook, Curtis, Davies, Doherty, Gillis, Gusmanis, Hrushowy, Hums, Hutchinson, Innis, Jacko, Kirby, Kowbassa, Lafrance, McWaters, Michiel, Patterson, Poulin, Prest, Skorey, Spadetto, Stevens, Thomas, Turnbull, Vaudry, Weiss, Yakimchuk, Yule.
  • Taken in September, 1967 or 1968. A link is also provided to a panorama of the three photos which is about three screens wide. Also a link to a closeup of the students playing outside. Can you recognize any of them?
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. Surnames so far: Archibald, Armstrong, Cookish, Culhane, Girbig, Kellington, Kirby, Kitty, Lacroix, Laframboise, Neal, Orlando, Owens, Pugliese, Reynolds, Rusak, Salvona, Shepherdson, Stransky. The teacher was Joan Massicotte.
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. One student is unidentified. Surnames: Aaviku, Adam, Armstrong, Bergeron, Byers, Chalifoux, Culhane, Curtis, Daoust, Dunne, Godmaire, Hums, Jeffery, Johns, Ludgate, McLaughlin, Moses, Owen, Owens, Pang, Prest, Riche, Richer, Rose, Salvona, Smith, Stransky, Vosdingh, Zielinski. The teacher was Mrs. Michiel.
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. Surnames: Baker, Beaton, Daigle, Gillis, Godmaire, Hyatt, Kirby, Laframbroise, Massicotte, McAulay, McIntyre, Moses, Noel, Noyes, Pascoe, Prest, Stevens, Vieglais, Vosdingh, Willard, Wilson, Yarkie. The teacher was Margaret Stratford.
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. Surnames: Hums, Isich, Prest, Reynolds, Shepherdson, Turcott, Zapotochny. The teacher was Miss Manseau.
  • Thanks to Ann Aaviku for this photo. Surnames: Aaviku, Adam, Byers, Chalifoux, Chilinski, Culhane, Curtis, Daoust, Godmaire, Harney, Hums, Laframboise, Ludgate, Masching, Molotkin, Moses, Owens, Pang, Prest, Riche, Richer, Salvona, Smith, Spack, Stransky, Sue, Teal, Tiedke, Zielinski. Teacher was Miss Winger.
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. Surnames: Baker, Chalifoux, Corbeil, Gibson, Harney, Hopkins, Johns, Kiernieman, Kowbassa, Kozak, Ludgate, Owens, Patterson, Prest, Pugliese, Reynolds, Salvona, Smith, Stratford, Theriault, Thomas, Tiedtke. But who was the teacher?
  • Mrs. Manseau is the teacher. Most students are identified but a few names are needed. Surnames are: Baker, Brown, Callahan, Cookish, Derion, Francoeur, French, Hachey, Kirby, Sampson, Sheehan, Spack, Vaudry.
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. Surnames: Chalifoux, Cookish, Culhane, Daoust, Doria, French, Gelinas, Girbig, Kirby, Kitty, Lacroix, Laframboise, Moses, Orlando, Ramsay, Rusak, Steige, Thompson, Turner, Vanalstine, Vaudry, White, Woods, Young. The teacher was Mrs. Michiel.
  • Thanks to Ann Aaviku for this photo. Surnames: Aaviku, Armstrong, Baker, Bugiel, Chalifoux, Chilinski, Culhane, Curtis, Hart, Hums, Jenson(?), Jenson, Johns, Keith, Lauzon, Masching, Massicotte, Molotkin, Moses, Nadon, Neill, Owens, Richer, Rose, Smith, Stransky, Sue, Teeple, Thompson, Zielinski. The teacher was Mr. Sheehan.
  • Thanks to Teresa (Sowinski) Bagyan for this photo. Teacher is Jaan Lees, and Margaret Stratford is also in the photo. The class list, supplied by Ellen Watson, is included, but the names haven't been matched to more than two or three of the students.
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. Surnames: Begin, Boucher, Chalifoux, Daoust, Dougan, Edge, Effenberger, French, Isich, Kitty, Lamb, Lauzon, Levesque, Little, McVicar, Owens, Ramsay, Reynolds, Richer, Rusak, Sampson, Sarapuk, Shepherdson, Smith, Spencer, Teeple, Tiedke, Turcotte, Turner, Vanalstine, White, Woolner, Yerkie, Zielinski. The teacher was Margaret Stratford.


Please note that school class photos are in a separate section immediately above.

Did you know J. (possibly Joseph) Piwowarczyk in Virginiatown? He was Ukrainian and lived in Virginiatown at least in 1949 & 1950, and probably worked at Kerr-Addison.

1930's to 1940's PHOTO ALBUM, with photos from KERR ADDISON & DOBIE TOWNSITE.
  • was found in a Toronto bookstore in the mid or late 1980's. The photos span about 15 years -- the first 30 pages were taken at Cassumit Lake (about 120 km north-west of Red Lake) in northern Ontario, and record the construction of one or more mines there and the transfer of heavy equipment to them by aircraft. Subsequent pages seem to consist of photos of friends and/or relatives of the album's owner and range from Ontario and Winnipeg to Nova Scotia, with one photo seeming to be of a mountain town (in Alberta or BC?).
  • Photos of aircraft with the following registration numbers were taken at Cassumit Lake: CF-AAT, CF-ABK, CF-AQW, CF-ARM, CF-AWV.
  • The following locations are identified: Cassumit Lake (ON), Deep Brook (NS), Dobie Townsite (ON), Halifax, Hatt Cove (NS), Kenogami (ON), Kerr Addison (ON), Temagami (ON), Winnipeg -- but most of the photos have no location given.
  • The following names are identified: Donnie Baird; Briden; Nancy & Brian Buckles or Bucklis or Buckus; the Cassidy children; Peter & David Chillas; Allyn, Nancy & Tommy Clarke; Connors; Mary Cooks; Ann Cooks; Jane Dewar & sister; May deWitt; Mrs Gaudore or Gadaure; the Goddards; Janet Goodman; Heather Jakeman; Mrs Matthews; Miss McAlpine; Mary McDonald; Miss McMillan; Peter McPeak; Keltie Munroe; Miss Penton; Eleanor Perkins; Charlie Putnam; Belle Roberts; Carol Simm; Bill Smitheringale; Frankie Stanley; Tyrrell; Patsy Webster; Williams; Peter, Grace & Charlotte Woodbury. Note that there are more people identified only by their given name or by initials.
  • Names of specific interest to the Virginiatown & Kearns area are on Page 34: Dewar (Kerr Addison). Other names on the same album page are Putnam and Smitheringale. On Page 39 are photos of houses at the Dobie townsite occupied by Briden, Connors and Williams. All of these photos are from the 1930's or early 1940's.

thumbnail photothumbnail photothumbnail photo Thanks to Eleanor "Pidie" (Malane) Balleny for this collection of 15 photos spanning the years 1938 to 1952. In addition to Malane family members, there are photos of: John & Jimmy Baker, David & Elizabeth Beggs, René Cadieux, Ann & John Cutler, Jane Dewar, Enid Durham, Ronald Gauthier, Julia Golden, Dick Guerin, Brenda Jarvis, Wendy McIntyre, JoAnne Postle, Jim & Mary Row, Jane Wickham. Only one girl is unidentified. Other Malane photos are posted in the school class photos and the Kerr-Addison sections.
  • He was an engineer at Kerr-Addison 1938-44. Four family photos.
  • Thanks to Penny (Reddick) Nann for these four photos, purchased by her father sometime before September, 1939. Buildings/stores shown include: Coney Island Restaurant, Hotel McGarry, Imperial Bank of Canada, Rexall Drugs, Ritters Family Outfitters, Tilly's Beauty Shop, T and W Stores (groceries).
  • View from a different perspective from the photo in the group above. Complete with Halloween witches on the side! Many thanks to Carol Keely for this photo from her grandparents' album. (Added February 12, 2018)
  • Thanks to Mance (Potvin) Delahunt for this photo which was taken in front of the McGarry Public School. Thirty-one people, mostly unidentified. Surnames so far: Cochrane, Fraser, Gravelle, Judge, Malane, Oereskovitch, Potvin.
  • At a picnic on Larder Lake.
  • Thanks to Mance (Potvin) Delahunt for this photo. Thirty women and girls with many identified. Surnames so far: Brewer, Cutler, Durham, Fulkerson, Gravelle, Greer, Hamelin, Latimer, Lauren, Malane, Muck, Potvin, Ross, Storey, Turner, Wickham.
thumbnail photothumbnail photothumbnail photo Thanks to Leona (Collison) Belmonte for this collection of 10 photos taken from about 1945 to 1953. Surnames: Aceti, Allen, Bell, Burke, Cameron, Collison, Eagle, Farrell, Garvin, Gray, Hamelin, Jewell, Lacoeux, McLennan, McPhail, North, Oehring, Palmer, Robinson, Ross, Scott, Stori, Stoss, Turner, Webb, Wilcox.
  • Thanks to Mance (Potvin) Delahunt for this photo. Thirty-four women and girls, some in costume, with a few identified. Surnames so far: Brewer, Caverley, Cutler, Gravelle, Lauren, Potvin, Watson, Wickham.
  • 15 children, most names needed. The only surname so far is Peicheff.
  • Thanks to Bill Croshaw for these two photos of Remembrance Day ceremonies.
  • Thanks to Bill Croshaw for these three photos. Two photos feature high showbanks lining the street with the Capitol Hotel the only visible business sign. The other photo is of houses on Waite Avenue, again with snowbanks.
  • Surnames are: Armstrong, Bannister, Barnard, Bassett, Bousquet, Brewer, Brown, Caverly, Cottrell, Curtis, Emerson, Fulkerson, Hart, Hrushowy, Hubbard, Locke, Mann, Mayhew, McEwen, McWaters, Montgomery, Paterson, Perron, Ross, Sampson, Stewart, Woodrow, Yandeau.
  • Johnny, Michael, and Norine Jewell, as well as Dinny (Ross) Nelson.
  • A full house, but the photo was taken from the back of the church the perron family 1971 2018 so it will be very difficult to identify anyone. Photo submitted by Joe Joyner.
  • Two boys are unidentified. Surnames are: Brown, Cook, Draper, Eagle, Felesko, Fulkerson, Larocque, McGrath, McLennan, McLeod, Moore, Ross, Sauer, Slater, Turner, Webb.
  • Twelve players with eight identified. Surnames: Fish, Gray, Hawkes, Malane, McCall, Taylor, Weiler(?). An undated news clipping mentions Mrs. Georgina Gray, Janet Hawkes, Ted McCall. Photo & clipping submitted by Joe Joyner.
thumbnail photothumbnail photothumbnail photothumbnail photo Thanks to Richard Lamoureux for this collection of 23 photos, taken from about 1945 to the 1960's. Surnames so far: Bock, Channing, Darragh, Lamoureux, Locke, Lopata, Mann, McIntyre, Morrison, Stratford, Tabaka. Richard's grandfather, Cliff, and father Edward, were barbers in Virginiatown for 40 years or more.

Richard Lamoureux is the grandson of Cliff Lamoureux, (see the photo collection above). Raised in Virginiatown, he is the author of two books of very personal poetry.

  • Three, including the coach, are unidentified. Surnames are: Bjarnason, Brown, Collison, Dasovich, Fulkerson, Hargraves, Lamoureux, Monette, Poulin, Swirza(?), Wilkie.
  • Coach & 5 players are unidentified. Surnames so far: Collison, Eagle, Fulkerson(?), Gore, Hart, Jewell, Little, Pollock, Radakovich, Sauer, Scott.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for this photo. Three players are still unidentified. Surnames so far: Allen, Beggs, Farrell, Felesko, Gardiner, Gunsinger, Judge, McClennan, Soutar, Turner.
  • All but one are identified. Can you identify the remaining player and/or date the photo? Surnames, including the coaches, are: Ayotte, Brown, Carmichael, Draper, Eagle, Hart, Jeffery, MacAulay, Murphy, Peicheff, Poulin, Russell, Turcott.
    • Heinrich was born in 1928 in Konitz, Germany. He immigrated to Canada in 1951 and worked at Kerr-Addisson. He was married in Toronto in 1955 and his address was listed as Virginiatown. A grandchild in Germany is trying to find him.
  • Surnames, including the coaches, are: Basich, Brown, Byberg, Draper, Fulkerson, Hargraves, Hart, Kenrick, Lacroix, Little, Pearson, Peterson, Wilkie.
  • Surnames, including the coaches, are: Arthur, Basich, Benoit, Brown, Byberg, Draper, Eagle, Fulkerson, Hargraves, Hart, Kenrick, Lecroix, Little, Pearson, Peicheff, Peterson, Poulin, Radakovich, Rodgers, Shelp, Walker.
  • Two still unidentified. Surnames, including minister and choir director, are: Bjarnason, Brown, Byberg, Cameron, Collison, Del Bosco, Draper, Eagle, Fulkerson, Hill, MacAulay, Pollock, Russell, Sauer, Soutar, Webb, Withers.
  • Two still unidentified. Surnames are: Arthur, Brown, Caverley, Jewell, Lamoureux, Little, MacAulay, Peterson, Poulin, Withers.
  • One still unidentified. Surnames, including coaches, are: Bassett, Brewer, Croteau, Darragh, Del Bosco, Farrell, Felesko, Gunsinger, Judge, MacLennan, Murphy, Radakovich, Turner, Vincent, Walker.
  • Surnames, including coaches and manager, are: Beggs, Brewer, Cook, Farrell, Felesko, Gardiner, Gunsinger, Judge, Lacroix, Lamoureux, MacLennan, Poulin, Radakovich, Turner, Walker.
  • Thanks to Derek Curtis for this photo. He says: "The boys are 4 or 5 years older than me so I don't have a lot of names but I am sure there are others out there to help". Surnames so far (some of them uncertain): Beggs, Budden, Campbell, Curtis, Del Bosco, Draper, Nugent, Poulin, Smith, Szabuna.
  • Shown also is a list of the charter members. Surnames are: Aceti, Bjarnson, Bourne, Brewer, Campbell, Cooke, Cutler, Davies, Davis, Dobie, Draper, Durham, Faragher, Forrest, Fredeen, Gauthier, Glendinning, Gray, Grozelle, Hilder, Hill, Hunter, Innes, Jewell, Lowe, MacPherson, Mayhew, McMorina, McNabb, Murphy, Oliver, Olson, Raney, Robinson, Ross, Row, Verity, Weber, Wilke.
  • Thanks to John Baker for this photo of six V-Town boys who have somehow managed to kill a partridge. Surnames: Arthur, Baker, Hargraves and one unknown.
  • Thanks to Norine Jewell for this great photo. Surnames (positive id's): Bullock, Jewell, Scott, Watson. Possible id's: Downey, Furlong, Minion, Murphy, Wilkie.
  • With fire truck, ambulance and OPP cruiser parked in front.
  • Thanks to Mance (Potvin) Delahunt for this photo which was taken January 1953, a few weeks before Medard Potvin suffered a fatal stroke.
thumbnail photothumbnail photothumbnail photothumbnail photothumbnail photothumbnail photo Thanks to Dianne (Poulin) Bush for this collection of 34 photos. They were taken between about 1953 and the 1970's in both Kearns and Virginiatown. Most people are identified but some, especially school students, are not. Surnames: Ayotte, Beltrame, Breen, Briand, Camden, Cameron, Cook, Coté, Daviau, Drummond, Falardeau, Fortin, Gauthier, Grimard, Gusmanis, Hull, Lavoie, Lemire, Locke, Lowe, Malane, Malloy, Morin, Oehring, Poulin, Prest, Roy, Sagin, Spadatto, Stratford, Sudol, Tardif, Timmerman, Turnbull, Vieglas, Young.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for this photo. Located possibly at the arena or the curling rink. Much info is needed on this photo. Nine women shown but only five are positively identified. Surnames so far: Beggs, Bousquet, Fulton, Nugent, Soon, Stewart and Ramsell or Yule.
  • Thanks to Ed Peicheff for this photo. Of 22 people only six are identified. Surnames so far are Brewer, Croshaw, Czestiakow, Felesko, Gilbutowicz, Pearson.
  • Thanks to Art Brown for this photo. Surnames so far are: Ayotte, Bagyan, Beggs, Brown, Dasovich, Guerin, Lafrance, Laporte, McCrea, Musial, Nugent, Slater.
  • Can you identify anyone? Two photos submitted by Joe Joyner.
  • Mr. Murray MacAulay was the coach. Still one player is unidentified. Surnames are: Brown, Budden, Dasovich, Hart, McLennan, Murphy, Rogers, Sauer, Shelp, Slater, Yandeau.
  • Thanks to Mary Lane for this photo which looks down Webster Street, across Connell Ave. and up Reddick Ave., with McGarry Public School in the distance.
  • Thanks to Mary Lane for these two photos. Her father Harry Lane was a geologist who worked at Kerr Addison from about 1950 to 1955. Her mother, Gladys Patterson, taught grade school in Virginiatown from about 1945 to 1950.
  • Thanks to Marty Budden for these four great hockey photos, and to my handy list of "old-timers" who have identified many of the players. But two kids are still without names; can you help? Surnames so far: Aaviku, Arthur, Baker, Berard, Bourne, Budden, Campbell, Cousins, Doran, Draper, Fulkerson, Gore, Goulet, Graham, Henderson, Jacko, Jeffery, Khume, Lafrance, Little, Noel, Owens, Patterson, Poulin, Raney, Russell, Shelp, Smith, Stevens, Thomas.
  • Thanks to Gaetan Dallaire for this photo. Shown are Yves Dallaire, his wife Veronique (Tanguay) Dallaire, brother Guy and infant son Gaetan. They are standing in front of the Kerr-Addison gatehouse.
  • Thanks to Gary Denny for this photo. These cadets were based in Sudbury, Ont., but at least a couple of them, Denny and Chrapchynski, used to live in the Larder Lake - Virginiatown area. Can you identify any others?
  • Thanks to John Baker for this photo of him and his three brothers.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for these two news clippings which were published in the Northern Daily News on Friday, November 25, 1955. Surnames: Ames, Beggs, Cutler, Gardiner, Hill, Martin, Minion, Olson, Ross, Row, Thomson.
  • Thanks to Ed Peicheff for these three photos. These cadets were based in Kirkland Lake, but there are several Virginiatown and Kearns kids who were members. Most are now identified but a few are still without names, so help is still needed. Surnames so far: Algar; Allingham; Barker; Bolechowsky; Bourke; Bukowski; Butorac; Bynam; Carrie; Closs; Cook; Davidson; Davis; Dennis; Devereaux; Drummond; Dunn; Fong; Graham; Johnson; Krawchuk; Lees; Lemire; Linton; MacAlpine; Mason; Matson; McCann; McCarthy; McCarty; McCracken; Merrill; Mills; Mulholland; Nilson; Ohlman; Peicheff; Pysklywec; Richter; Russel; Simms; St. Jacques; Stefanich; Sylvester; Walker; Wellsby; Williams; Wilson.
  • Phil Oehring, Boyd Wilkie, George Oehring. This photo was taken about 1956 or 1957.
  • Three photos taken in V-Town and at Bear Lake.
  • Surnames are: Briand, Gusmanis, Jasutis, Valters, Valtins, Vieglais.
  • Thanks to Armin Kuhme for this photo of him with the family dog and 1950 Chevrolet.
  • Surnames are: Beatty, Turnbull, Tyrell, Wood.
    • Surnames are: Baker, Blaber, Elliot, Pullen, Tyrell.
    • A document written in 1958 by Don Tyrell.
    • Photo by Frank Aspinall. Surnames are: Blaber, Elliot, Locke, Pullen, Turnbull and Tyrell.
    • Photo by Frank Aspinall. Identified so far are Hugh Armstrong and Don Tyrell. Can you identify the two others?
    • written by Ken Blaber. This document gives the history of the Anglican community in Virginiatown from 1939 up to the dedication of the new church in 1958.
  • Surnames so far are: Caldwell, Skanes, Tyrell. Can you identify the other two children?
  • December, 1959. Two color photos, all but one person is identified. Surnames are: Darragh, Fredeen, Hrushoway, Kuhme, Kukulis, Male, Moline, Oliver, Olson, Rathwell, Schaetzler, Tyrrell.
  • Thanks to Peter Jovic for this photo, taken about 1960. Names: Jim Abramson, Fred Czestiakow, Peter Jovic. More photos are still to come, right Pete?
  • Thanks to Richard Goulet for these three photos of the Blackhawks, Bruins and Numbers. All but four are identified. Surnames so far: Armstrong, Audet, Bugiel, Caverly, Corbeil, Croteau, Francoeur, Gimache(?), Goulet, Jacko, Kneireman, Laframboise, Michaels, Noel, Owens, Patterson, Stevens, Wilson.
  • Two great photos, lots of names needed. Surnames so far: Chilinski, Cote, David, Daughtery, Graham, Larmond, Lopata, Morrison, Moses, Oehring, Turnbull, Vieglas, Zucs.
  • Seven players and Bob White, their coach. Surnames so far: Ayotte, Curtis, Gusmanis, Mann, Pedersen. One more name is needed.
  • Thanks to Jo Anne Ahronson for these two family group photos taken 25 years apart.
  • This undated clipping is probably from the Northern Daily News, November, 1964. Surnames mentioned: Aaviku, Baker, Budden, Caverly, Crocker, Curtis, Furlong, Hedderson, Reynolds, Savoie, Shelp, Sparks, Thorpe.
  • Thanks to Rob Thomas for these two great photos. Many missing names or missing first names. Surnames so far: Armstrong, Aaviku, Baker, Begin, Curtis, Daoust, Gibson, Johns, McIntyre, Owens, Quintin, Smith, Spack, Thomas.
  • Thanks to Doug Beggs for this photo. George Hawkes was Mill Superintendant at Kerr-Addison. A Christmas card photo showing them and their two children.
  • Thanks to Jo Anne (Pedersen) Ahronson for these three bowling award photos, one of which has now been dated 1964. Most people are unidentified. Surnames: Ayotte, Gauthier, Hyatt, MacIntyre, McIver, Mann, Pedersen, Pretty, Ryan.
  • Thanks to Armin Kuhme for this photo of his step-parents, taken February, 1965.
  • Thanks to Jean (Bock) Tennant for this photo of seven girls in skating costume. Surnames: Bock, Girbig, Gusmanis, Hums, Owens, Skory.
  • These two clippings from the Kirkland Lake Northern Daily News of June 24, 1965, were sent to me by Martin Budden. The photos were taken during preparation for a fire brigade competition to be held July 1 in Cochrane Ont. Names: Bill Budden, Bob Caverley, Butch Hart, Fern Legault, Tom Owens.
  • Two photos sent to me by Ann Aaviku. Surnames: Aaviku, Denner, Hums, Jacko, Lamontagne, Stransky, Zubernick.
  • Photo sent to me by Ann Aaviku. Surnames: Aaviku, Baker, Curtis, Eastman, Jacko, Lamb.
  • Thanks to Richard Goulet for this newspaper photo which is probably from the Northern Daily News. Everyone is identified. Names: Jaan Aaviku, Ron Acton, Tracy Arbuckle, Harry Curtis, Dennis Daoust, Richard Goulet, Terry Gregory, Roger Guitard, Bill Hrushowy, Billy & Bob Jacko, Derek Lalonde, David Murdock, Germain Noel, Phil, Tom & Tommy Owens, Tom Rosko, John Vaudry.
  • Thanks to Richard Goulet for this newspaper photo from the Feb. 13, 1968 Northern Daily News. Names are: Rick Acton, Eugene Audette, Terry Baker, Patrick Bigiel, Gill Corbeil, Richard Goulet, Martin Croteau, Bob Jacko, Terry Massicotte, Claude Noel, Tom Owens, Fred Prest, Robert Wain.
  • Thanks to Richard Goulet for this newspaper photo which is probably from the Northern Daily News. Surnames so far are Goulet, Hrushowy, Jacko, Lalonde, Mailloux, Rosco.
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. Possibly taken in the 1960's. All names and the location are a mystery.
  • Photo sent to me by Ann Aaviku. Surnames: Aaviku, Massicotte, Molotkin, Owens, Sampson.
  • Thanks to David Lew for this group photo taken in the spring of 1971. All players are identified. Surnames: Aaviku, Audet, Daoust, Gregory, Hart, Hrushowy, Jacko, Kowbassa, Lew, Mayhew, Michiel, Neal, Owens, Polson, Prest, Swayne, Williams.
  • This link is to a 2008 article by Michael Barnes on The Republic of Mining website. (Added July 13, 2018)
  • Thanks to John Tiedtke for these two colour photos of the V-Town Legion team, about 1971-74. Everyone is now identified. Surnames are: Clement, Clermont, Denner, Francoeur, Gray, Kowbassa, Laframboise, Lefebvre, Masching, Moses, Owens, Smith, Spack, Stransky, Teeple, Tiedtke.
  • Photo sent to me by Ann Aaviku. Surnames: Aaviku, Croxall, Francoeur, Gauthier?, Tardif.
  • Thanks to Ellen Watson for this photo. Names: Sylvia Chappell, Helen Gray, Jane Kitty, Kathy Mann, Susan Moses, Tommy Sheldon, Grace Stewart, Annie Watson.
  • In July 2006 a website user emailed me a set of aerial photos of Kearns, Virginiatown and Cheminis Mountain. The headers on the email made it plain that they had been forwarded several times. I enlisted the help of several people to identify the photographer, but the original sender could no longer be contacted. I hate using photos without permission, but I can't see how it can hurt to show these as no people are shown. I welcome info from users about who took these photos, and why. See others in the and sections above.
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Kerr-Addison site photo thumbnail
North V-Town photo thumbnail
V-Town photo thumbnail
Old School site photo thumbnail
North V-Town

Click on a thumbnail above to see a larger photo.

  • Nine photos taken by Ron Ross. Shown are: Jeffrie's Hardware; Joe's Cafe; Armories; site of Nugen't Drugstore; cenotaph; site of McGarry Public School; site of Pool Hall & Chinese Restaurant; site of Imperial Bank (CIBC); site of McGarry Hotel.


  • Thanks to Penny (Reddick) Nann for this photo, purchased by her father sometime before September, 1939.
  • This photo, dated May 9, 1947, shows men, women & children on the station platform. Can you identify anyone?

Other photos of Kearns and Virginiatown are on my

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