Versace perfume yellow diamond 2018

Fragrance Review For Versace Woman

Top Notes: Bergamot Rose Jasmine

Middle Notes: Raspberry Plum Cedar Wood Lotus

Base Notes Amber Musk

First of all I don't like it when they give a gender specific name to a fragrance: HOMME, HOMME NOIR, FEMME, POUR FEMME, WOMANITY, lol So the name turns me off. But I won't let trivial things get in the way of my enjoying a fragrance. Versaces I own: Versace Blonde, Versace Blue Jeans, are among my favorites. Woman is actually not a fitting name for this perfume. This does not smell of a woman, that is a mature complex woman, but a young girl ages 17 to 21. She is either ending high school and discovering perfume or has newly discovered perfume and wears fruity floral and candied floral scents, including fragrance mists. I don't know why they'd call this Woman when it wears more like GIRL, but again let's not debate any of this. It's just a perfume, right?

The raspberry diamond jumped out at me and it reminded me of the scent coming out of girl's hairs after gym class when they would spritz some body mists on after the shower in junior high. The rose and raspberry scent smell like candy, although I would maintain that this is still a sweet floral. It's just not a green or herbal floral, more of a candy-floral. The plum note is sweet and fruity and gets bigger as the fragrance develops. The jasmine leaf is actually a soft jasmine which in turn smells more girly than womanly.

There is meant to be a wood note in this fragrance but for the life of me, I don't get any wood. Once the fruit scents of plummy juiciness and delicious raspberry candy dissipates, and the rose is also disappearing, you get a lotus which matches up with rose, and it, too, fades. The dry down is a pure amber. The amber is warm, not resinous, but warm and with the additional touch of musk, it's like a vain attempt to smell a tad more mature or womanly. Many perfumistas would tell you that musk is a mature woman scent as opposed to raspberry which is considered more youthful. In the end there is no balance or enough contrast between youth/maturity. All I get is a sweet girly girl fruity rose.

That being said I do enjoy raspberry scents from time to time. I also love my roses in perfumes no matter what form they come in: herbal green rose, tea rose, Bulgarian rose, aromatic rose, cold rose, candy rose, gourmand-rose, sugary rose. This is all about the rose. It's like a pretty raspberry in the shape of a rose. I would recommend this to any female of any age group who loves rose fragrances and raspberry. This is sweet and very summery, easy to wear and pull off, a fragrance for parties and informal get togethers. Longevity is an issue for me. It doesn't last as long as it would like it to. It would have been interesting if they had prolonged this rose's life with more woodsy notes and patchouli in addition to the amber, but no. Not bad though.


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